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  1. While true, both of them will be smaller than their current arenas. The universities are to the point where they are considering closing dorms. The schools and their budgets are shrinking, it's just a matter of how much.
  2. It may not be as easy of a ticket as it used to be. Kato fans have started showing up quite a bit better than in previous years.
  3. I'm with you on that. They have an advantage and they use it. I certainly believe it worked against my team this weekend (it still doesn't explain the implosion, but to act as though it had no effect is a bit of an insult to my intelligence). I don't like the system, but I don't see a way around it as long as the coaches and ADs insist upon having "neutral site" games. My bigger point is that, knowing those details, I'm not all that impressed with the attendance numbers. Could you imagine the numbers that UND would put up in that same scenario? I'm reasonably confident that half the student base would go to the games. Obviously, there is no way to prove that, but that's my suspicion.
  4. In fairness, there was a post on Twitter that said the administration of Providence subsidized student tickets so that students at PC only had to pay $15 for the regional. Seems to me that the deck is stacked in favor of Providence (talking about the city) when considering that. I'm reasonably certain that any of the cities would have performed as well, and probably better, if the arena was 3 miles from campus and the administration gave that sort of a deal to their students. EDIT....here's the Twitter link. Sorry if this doesn't work, I suck at the interwebs sometimes.https://twitter.com/NUHockeyBlog/status/1110669739624411136
  5. If I were a drinking man, I would be obliterated right now
  6. @sioux rube Thought you might find this interesting. http://www.mankatofreepress.com/sports/msu_mens_hockey/mavericks-center-spooner-plays-with-determined-spirit/article_5f6a51f2-46c0-11e9-be44-ab6b809498f2.html
  7. Agreed. I didn't even think there was intent. My thought is that it was a couple of guys skating hard for a puck and one guy got a little reckless, but that's what they're trying to take out of the game.
  8. It was mostly made up of homers. Both Tech homers and MSU homers. It just seemed that the Tech homers were so vehemently opposed to it being called anything. I posted the same thing on GPL and it was 75/25 in favor of a CFB, but there were a decent amount saying it wasn't. I just wasn't sure if my homerism was coming through.
  9. That's what has me questioning it. My gut reaction is that it's a major, but I'm just not sure if I"m missing something.
  10. OK all.....here's a hit in the Kato-Tech game this weekend. What say you? CFB? Boarding? Major? Minor? I'm still not sure I know. Sorry, I'm not sure if there is a better way to post Twitter posts.
  11. Ha! Again, I'm not saying that would be a guarantee or would be easy. It would be interesting to see what MSU in the NCHC would look like. Maybe we'd get our asses kicked on a weekly basis, I don't know.
  12. I don't disagree, but it depends on what you consider "success". My spidey sense tells me that the majority of fans would be happy to take 20-22 wins a year in the NCHC rather than 26-28 wins in the WCHA. I know that's not a guarantee, but that would be the expectation from fans. It is what it is at this point. I'm content with whatever ends up happening. I hope, though, that if we end up staying in the WCHA that the rest of the league continues to improve. Right now there is such a small margin for error that we can't afford to not have 26+ wins and expect to make the tourney. Personally, it's fun to see MSU going up against UND, UMD, SCSU and MN. It's much more exciting to see those teams (regardless of how good they are at any given time) than it is seeing a steady stream of the Alaskas, Huntsville, or Michigan schools.
  13. Yep, unfortunately, Mike wasn't hired until the season before the conferences actually split up. The decision had already been made and, I think, the administration saw that the lack of resources for years is what cause us to not be included. I believe they realized that a larger commitment was needed from the day that St. Cloud was chosen to join over MSU. The difference in Mankato now from where it was 5 years ago is, frankly, astonishing as I look back to where we were. Between the arena upgrades to the recruiting commitment to the locker room changes, it's like night and day to what it was when you all last saw us. In Hastings first season, he took a 12 win team to a 24 win team in the old WCHA. That's why there are a lot of MSU fans that want in to the NCHC and think we would be very competitive. In any case, that first year makes one wonder what might have been....
  14. Yeah, but that's what MSU did and we have egg on our face and are not very well liked by the rest of the schools in the conference we play it. It's easy to say that's what they should do, but it's pretty difficult to actually do it and live with the consequences.
  15. Again, I'm confused by that. I'm not doubting it necessarily, but someone doesn't know what they're talking about then. The scuttlebut when MSU was applying to the NCHC was that BG said no to applying. I know Schloss said there was no "official" on the record conversations, but there is more than a little bit of conflicting details on this stuff. Again, that's why I think there was some context missing or someone isn't or hasn't been getting the whole story all along. For what it's worth, the blogger that had the conversation with Bergeron had this to say over at USCHO:
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