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  1. bale31

    Kato GDT

    I figured so, it was just worded in a way that I thought was funny. Yes, I finished soybeans on Friday night and started corn on Saturday. My second job gets quite exhausting at this time of year.....and gets in the way of seeing some of the best hockey series that we have all year.
  2. bale31

    Kato GDT

    Ha...no worries. I just thought the way it was put was funny. People are going to much worse to me than call me a troll to offend me. Honestly, I just need my fix of college hockey talk. I can only take so much on GPL of who the Gophers 4th line right winger should be against teams that are below .500 in the AHA. I just ignore that and come here. Of course, I ignore the stuff here that I don't find interesting too. I try not to be that !@#!$! that needs to tell everyone they are wrong. You're all probably just lucky that I was stuck in a combine all weekend and could go to the games. I may have had people sharpening the pitchforks otherwise.
  3. bale31

    Kato GDT

    From an MSU perspective, I understand why people that don't get to see this ream regularly are skeptical. Yes, we have a gaudy record since Hastings got here, but only one season was in the old WCHA. The new WCHA isn't as good as the old one, obviously. It's also not as bad as it seems. The traditionally worst three teams, UAA, UAH, and UAF, are historically bad. I don't mean to take digs at them, but it's a fact. Last year the WCHA went a collective 22-44-6 out of conference. Those 3 teams went 1-22-1. When you take those three out, the rest of the conference is basically .500. That's still not great by any means, but it does put a little bit of a different spin on where the conference stands in comparison to the rest of the conferences. Now, that does also mean that MSU is playing 3 very bad teams quite often. The WCHA schedule is a grind with potentially 2 or 3 trips to Alaska and Alabama. There are very long bus rides as the only ones that MSU flies to are the Alaskas. That means 9-12 hour bus rides are the norm and the closest conference game is Bemidji at roughly 5 hour drive. The next closest is Houghton coming in at a paltry 7.5 hour drive. I don't say any of that to make excuses, but there is a travel factor that comes into play. As to the MSU record from 2000-2012 to judge MSU's 2019 team on....I mean, really? That just doesn't make sense. Back in 2012, Miami (OH) was good, Christian Ponder was the Vikings quarterback, Zach Parise just signed with the Wild for 13 years, and Barack Obama was just elected for his second term. That was a long time ago. MSU, both as a team and a program, has changed a ton since then. From the new locker rooms to the arena to the style of play to the financial support to the types of players that are coming through are a ton different. Admittedly, it all comes down to what we do when in crunch time. 2 years ago, we lost on a goal that our own guy blocked from going in with his butt to the eventual national champion. Last year we got put in a regional with as a 1 seed with a 4 seed 7 miles from their campus and blew a big lead. This team has that monkey on their back and they need to prevail or people will question them....maybe rightfully so. Are they a #1 or #2 seed? In my mind there is no doubt. MSU has done well in the non-conference the last 2 years and there is no reason they shouldn't be able to in the tournament. Now, they just need to show it. Will they do it? I sure hope so. I think so, but we will see.
  4. Some highlights from MSU's last series for anyone that may be interested. Friday- https://youtu.be/l5HPw2z6kng Saturday- https://youtu.be/A8NSWIiVcPA
  5. You like teams that lose.... a lot?
  6. I've got a nice one with a bull on the front that I could loan you for about 3 hours.
  7. That's gone. Bww is gone. Downtown, you have rounders, blue bricks, loose moose (which is connected with mettlers) and pub 500 for bars with food. Pagliai's and ummies for food that will also serve some beer. Number 4 is the steakhouse down there. And there are a bunch of bars down there as well.
  8. I 100% get that. I don't necessarily blame you all. We didn't exactly set the world on fire when we previously were conference mates. My only point is that the exciting and sexy thing probably isn't the most realistic. College presidents and athletic directors don't have the luxury of doing the exciting thing over the thing that's going to make them money. In my opinion, the NCHC was a great idea in theory (for those in the conference, maybe not so much for the rest of the college hockey), but that theory kind of got blown up as soon as Notre Dame was who they've always been and got a big head about themselves and the conference ended up with St Cloud instead. The landscape changed when that happened and now the exciting idea isn't necessarily realistic.
  9. I guess, my point is being missed here. I'm gonna bow out.
  10. You say that, but my question would be why? This idea that bigger is better was disproven by the Big Ten. Name recognition in a niche sport doesn't change that it's a niche sport. What does ASU add other than name recognition? Being the "National" conference is good in theory, but it's not necessarily realistic to think it leads to anything productive. I acknowledge that ASU's rink was what caused everything to follow up. That does change everything, but things have changed in the last 4 years. ASU has to WANT to be part of the conference too. I'm not convinced they want to be part of anything other than the Big Ten or a new PAC-12 conference.
  11. Admittedly, I'm looking at this through purple and gold colored glasses, but I'm not sure that ASU really makes the most sense for the NCHC. I mean, the "big name school for tv purposes" theory has kind of been blown out of the water by the Big Ten, hasn't it? Everyone thought they would dominate the TV ratings because no one wanted to watch the little schools, but instead BTN has pulled back their programming. Do the big name schools make sense? From all I've heard, MSU was shocked when the NCHC didn't accept them. I've also heard that it had nothing to do with MSU and everything with ASU. If there had been a viable second school, MSU was a shoe in. It seems to me that UST and Mankato coming in to the NCHC make a lot more sense. In fact, I think it makes more sense than UST going to the WCHA. Just my two cents.
  12. Well, this certainly isn't good. Hockey in Alaska may not happen this year, let alone in 2 years. https://www.webcenter11.com/content/news/University-of-Alaska-Considers-Declaring-Financial-Exigency-512618201.html
  13. This is a question that has been batted around for years. I won't say it's impossible, but it's very unlikely that Mankato would go FCS in near future. And probably not in the long-term either. From a financial perspective, it's just not a good idea. There is too much Gopher loyalty in the area to expect that any of our teams would draw nearly well enough to make it financially viable. It's been difficult enough to pull hockey fans away from the Gophers when we were competing at the highest level let alone if we aren't in FBS. Add that to the way that the state budgets work just doesn't lend itself to and MnSCU school going D1 in all sports. The way it's set up is that MnSCU is the governing body of the the state colleges and universities (so Mankato and St. Cloud have nothing to do with the U of M) and the U of M system controls Duluth, Crookston, Morris and Rochester. The entire MnSCU budget is $2.0 billion (in 2019) for 30 state colleges and 7 state universities. Mankato's budget was $241 million in 2017. Meanwhile the U of M budget was $3.8 billion in 2017. Admittedly, I know there is a lot more that goes into the U of M like the hospital and research facilities, but their athletic department's budget was $114 million. That's 47% of the total budget or Mankato's entire university. The state government just isn't set up to allow for anyone else to jump up to D1. I suspect that St. Cloud is in the same boat and Duluth is always going to be having to get the blessing of the Twin Cities campus.
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