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  1. bale31

    Hobey Baker

    I mean....those were basically Dryden mckay's stats this year. 30-4-2...actually a better winning percentage .941 save percentage 1.31 GAA 10 Shutouts
  2. I'll say that I haven't seen or heard a single msu fan claiming anything. Everyone is either in the boat of a) upset that we still cant get the first tournament win or b) sick for the seniors that passed up pro contracts for the chance to win the tourney. This was probably the best of all the hastings teams. I would have loved to see msu and und square off one more time. It would have been a good one.
  3. Damn....3rd line center, but a team leader/energy guy that's developed into a good player. Plus a guy that a few peeps here like to keep an eye on. Spooner out
  4. bale31


    I'm pretty sure if we meet in the post season, it would be so far in that I'd be so happy that I'll be blasted enough that I won't be allowed to touch a computer or phone.
  5. bale31


    Ha, no worries. I just like needling people like they needle me. In all seriousness, MSU will get taken seriously when they can win a few in the Tourney. It's just as simple as that. If I didn't get to see the team on a regular basis, I probably wouldn't take us seriously either.
  6. bale31


    Man....you guys are rough on the Mavs. Up until this last week, we had the #8 SOS this year. Playing UAH dropped us to #15....granted, there were other results that caused that as well, but UAH was the big one.
  7. bale31


    I figured. I've heard some of the stories from that time. Apparently, the first year MSU was in the WCHA we played UND in the first round of the conference playoffs. The coaches were so convinced we were going to get swept that they didn't book hotel rooms for the night after the second game. When we won, they were scrambling to find hotel rooms. I know those teams weren't very good, but we were always a team that was a pain to play against at the very least.
  8. I hate to break it to people, but this was the inevitable conclusion when the Big Ten/NCHC/WCHA/CCHA power consolidation took place. There was zero possibility that 6 D2 schools and Bowling Green could prop up the Alaskas and UAH with the instability that they have. Yes, the Alaska schools partially subsidized travel for the other schools, but with the oil boom gone, the state budget of Alaska is failing and athletics are going to be hurt at universities. All of the potential to have big paydays from large D1 institutiions (and UND in hockey) are gone for these schools and that was able to prop them up for a long time. That's gone and if the larger schools weren't willing to step in, this was going to be the result. Look, I'm not blaming the Big Ten or NCHC for what they did. I'm saddened by it, but I don't necessarily blame them. Many of the WCHA schools were their own worst enemy. They didn't/don't make the financial commitment needed and the top schools got sick of it and said goodbye. It spurred on some schools like Mankato and Bowling Green and Tech to make some bigger investments, but it was too late. Any facade that "college hockey works together for the good of college hockey is gone". Once the initial split happened, it was not going to be possible for the smaller budget schools to continue the way it was. As for what happens going forward, I suspect at least one of the Alaska schools will shut down their program within 3 years. UAA has already broken bylaws of the conference (without approval from the other schools, mind you) and moved into an arena that has capacity of less than 2000 and UAF is considering doing the same thing. Those type of changes signify unhealthy programs. UAH has an outside shot of being invited to the group of 7 as they have approval on a new arena, but we've heard that song and dance from them before. Until there are shovels in the ground, I'm not sure anyone should believe anything that's being said. Atlantic Hockey will absolutely not take the Alaskas. They are a bus league and trips to Alaska would decidedly not be a bus trip. MAYBE they would take Alabama, but that's also doubtful as that's not really a bus trip either. It's sad. The one thing that all of the conference shuffling has made crystal clear is that it's every school for themselves. It's not necessarily right or wrong, it just is.
  9. bale31


    Really, we're going to bring up something from 2 coaches ago (and 20+ years)? That was honestly before my time, so I don't doubt what you say, I just never saw it. I've only been a fan from the Jutting era on. It's never been slow down, trap style hockey since Brose. Jutting's want to play up-tempo without the talent needed to play that way is part of why we were so god-awful for so long. He was very open about never teaching the trap in his career because no players wanted to play that way.Think about it we had a 10-24-5 record on a team that had Shane Joseph (All American), David Backes (very accomplished NHL player) and Travis Morin (scored 550+ points in his AHL career). Frankly, looking at a couple of those rosters from that time frame is depressing. They had so much individual talent, but they had no depth that it all got wasted.
  10. bale31


    They were pretty impressive a couple weeks ago in kato. Surprisingly, they weren't playing the stereotypical bemidji game of slowing it down, stalling and just striking when they had a shot. They still played a slower game, but much more offensive than I'm used to from them.
  11. Yeah...that was a pretty big egg. We seem to have one of those every year in big game. Hopefully, we got it out of our system and dont do it during the tourney this year.
  12. Very true.....I know hastings has been trying to do this so he can prop up that sos. It's not his fault that mn and but pissed down their legs the last couple years. Edit: and UND last year, I guess.
  13. I think that was kind of expected. I'd venture to guess that unless UND drops 3 of the next 6 games or something ridiculous like that, they have the #1 seed wrapped up. At the same time, MSU would need to sweep the next 2 series and sweep all the way through the conference tournament. Honestly, the thing that caught me off guard and I'm sure surprises most people is MSU's strength of schedule. It's #8 in the country. People can't really bitch and moan about MSU just piling up wins against horrible competition this year.....of course, they will, but they shouldn't. Of course, unless we move out of the first round, the perception isn't going to change.
  14. A couple of other things to point out. Last year Mankato had a Saturday game against MN which is as big or bigger of a game for the locals along with BU being in town. Each year has it's own positives and negatives. Also, the beginning of the year is usually not nearly as well attended as the end of the year games. Realistically, hs football, the ag sector in that part of the state and more activities to do outside in the fall versus winter plays a big part. I would actually expect the attendance numbers to creep up a little bit more at the end of the year. By the way, SCSU does not come to Kato, that's part of the Mariucci Classic In any case, Mankato is bucking the trend of decreasing attendance that most of the nation and state are seeing. That's a good thing. I know that 275 or 355 doesn't seem like that much, but that is approximately 7% of the buildings capacity. In that context, that's a pretty impressive increase. If any team could increase their % of capacity by that much, I'm reasonably certain that any AD would be ecstatic.
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