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  1. I dont buy it. I don't know any inside info, but I would be very surprised. They did a study less than 10 years ago and decided to stay d2. Add to that, the university president is less than 6 months into his tenure. That would be a very quick to make that big of a financial move. I could be wrong, but I think right now they are happy being a very big fish in a small pond.
  2. Darren Blue, MSU-M assistant coach, resigned to enter the private sector. Rumor has it that this had been in the works and they already have a replacement in mind. https://www.keyc.com/2021/07/27/blue-announces-resignation-mavericks-assistant-coach/
  3. My understanding is they were given the opportunity when msu applied and the declined.
  4. UAH is not in the CCHA. They seem to be on the path to joining AHA.
  5. You need to compare hockey budget to hockey budget. Comparing the overall athletic budget is completely irrelevant to this.
  6. Touche. It's more like 1 month and then a break and then 1 month after the season starts.
  7. I mean, the coachs' salary's are all about even. Hastings is $350K, Murray is $300K and Blasi's last year was about $365K (I couldn't find Bergereon's). I know it's only coaches, but I guess my assumption is the rest of the budgets would be relatively equal. For what it's worth, Hastings is quite a bit above Brett Larson, too.
  8. Sweet! You know, in 4 months I'm going to be the only person posting in it. And then you're going to lock it because you're flat out annoyed.
  9. I think you could make an argument that the nchc didn't turn out to be what the schools expected. I wouldn't necessarily call it a mistake, but not the financial windfall that was expected. In my view, the nchc schools overestimated the size of the college hockey niche, at least as it stands today. They expected to be able to make a truly national conference, but overestimated the amount of interest that the market would bear. Very few markets have the financial potential of und in terms of fan support in relation to size of school. Und is unique in that standpoint and expecting the same from any non-p5 conference schools is probably unrealistic.
  10. Are Miami and would bigger budgets than msu? I would imagine it's close to even.
  11. I believe its 24. There are a bunch of tech fans upset with it, but they are very much focused on the expense side of things rather than the idea of growing the pie.
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