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  1. Darren Blue, MSU-M assistant coach, resigned to enter the private sector. Rumor has it that this had been in the works and they already have a replacement in mind. https://www.keyc.com/2021/07/27/blue-announces-resignation-mavericks-assistant-coach/
  2. My understanding is they were given the opportunity when msu applied and the declined.
  3. UAH is not in the CCHA. They seem to be on the path to joining AHA.
  4. You need to compare hockey budget to hockey budget. Comparing the overall athletic budget is completely irrelevant to this.
  5. Touche. It's more like 1 month and then a break and then 1 month after the season starts.
  6. I mean, the coachs' salary's are all about even. Hastings is $350K, Murray is $300K and Blasi's last year was about $365K (I couldn't find Bergereon's). I know it's only coaches, but I guess my assumption is the rest of the budgets would be relatively equal. For what it's worth, Hastings is quite a bit above Brett Larson, too.
  7. Sweet! You know, in 4 months I'm going to be the only person posting in it. And then you're going to lock it because you're flat out annoyed.
  8. I think you could make an argument that the nchc didn't turn out to be what the schools expected. I wouldn't necessarily call it a mistake, but not the financial windfall that was expected. In my view, the nchc schools overestimated the size of the college hockey niche, at least as it stands today. They expected to be able to make a truly national conference, but overestimated the amount of interest that the market would bear. Very few markets have the financial potential of und in terms of fan support in relation to size of school. Und is unique in that standpoint and expecting the same from any non-p5 conference schools is probably unrealistic.
  9. Are Miami and would bigger budgets than msu? I would imagine it's close to even.
  10. I believe its 24. There are a bunch of tech fans upset with it, but they are very much focused on the expense side of things rather than the idea of growing the pie.
  11. 95% of fans and the administra ton would move to the nchc in a second. In fact, I heard (not sure if it's completely true or not), that msu told the other schools when the ccha was formed that we were still going to make the push to join the nchc. It just makes sense for us. There is little fan excitement about playing Ferris or bg or lssu. There just isn't a natural rivalry with them.
  12. The amazing thing is, I really didn't think this was that good of a team. We lost a ton of points from seniors and early departures las year. I can think of at least 3 teams that were more talented than this team in the last 8 years. It's kinda crazy.
  13. I mean, msu has looked flat out bad though. Hopefully this is a case of them getting a wakeup call and figuring it out for the big dance. This has been coming for about 3 weeks. Lazy, unmotivated play since the Ferris state series in mid-february. Their talent has just gotten them through.
  14. Well.....this is not a positive development.
  15. They've done it before when they had the chance. The year that changed the rule was Wisconsin getting in over Mankato in 2008. That year the Mavs had a better record overall, better record in the conference, better record head-to-head and Wisconsin had a losing record. I know it was a different time and place, but these committees have a history of making decisions that are not in the best interest of competitiveness and are in the interest of money (either making more or spending less). If they get the chance to take Denver over a Lake State or a Bemidji, I think they will do it without thinking twice.
  16. They will get at least 2. Remember the wcha is doing traditional first round series and then single game eliminations for the semis and finals.
  17. With all due respect to Starman, that's a horrible idea. NHL scouts are there to watch specific players, not to judge the quality of the teams. While they may have seen all the teams, they also are going to have seen the Big10 and NCHC (and probably 5 or 6 teams) much, much more than anyone else. That in itself creates a bias in favor of those teams. There are a lot of very good college hockey teams that don't have NHL-level talent that deserve to be in before teams that have a lot of NHL-level talent, but aren't good college hockey teams (think of Wisconsin the last 2-3 years).
  18. No...its more likely he was upset about a potential interference on the gwg.
  19. I don't intend to make this into a big thing, but I genuinely think that MSU is going to end up in the NCHC someday. My understanding is that the administration agreed to the CCHA with the understanding that MSU was going to continue pursuing it. If it doesn't happen, the CCHA scheduling is such that it is allowing 8 non-conference games. I suspect that MSU will try to heavily schedule UND, SCSU, UMD and MN (and MAYBE UNO). THey have tried to schedule one east coast series each year (either home or away), but with the breadth of hockey locally I would think they will stay close to home.
  20. We still have a winning record against the Big Ten and Hockey East since the break up. I thought the NCHC too, but I was incorrect on that. The first yeart aftern the breakup was AWFUL. Just not in the NCAAs.
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