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CC @ UND - NCHC Quarters - Game 1, Friday


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29 minutes ago, N of GF said:

Intermission topic: I'm certainly no hockey expert, I don't pretend to be able to evaluate future talent. Question; will we see Costantini in the green and white for four years? He looks to me like he could be our next Caggiula? Am I off base there?

I think it’s possible.  He’s a 5th rounder by Buffalo, who always needs talent, BUT he’s not the next top line scoring machine.  I love his game and two stats stand out: one minor penalty all season, and leads forwards in plus minus.  Those tell me he has good hockey sense, doesnt get caught out of position, and plays well with his teammates.  

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1 hour ago, N of GF said:

It looked to me like the CC side is slightly larger if you follow the stripe from corner to corner. But we'll let you slide on that. Gotta keep SWMBO happy!

I had a team of expert NASA scientists just measure it and they’ve confirmed that the two sides are the same. :)

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1 hour ago, SiouxBoys said:

What are you even asking? Is Costantini going to be a 4 year player? Maybe yes, maybe no. Is Costantini similar to Caggiula? In how they play, not really.

I guess if you have a hard time with question marks and nothing constructive to say, then maybe don't say anything? I thought we could try having a positive conversation during intermission. My bad.

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