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It’s fantastic. I tried to do the whole experience - went to the band practice the night before, pep rally, the game day trumpets in the admin building, and the game itself. It’s pretty fantastic. I t

Two things were abundantly clear last night.   1. Notre Dame is one of CFB’s top teams, but is not elite.    2. Ohio State is elite. And absolutely belonged in the playoffs. 

https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31364799/kansas-expected-hire-buffalo-lance-leipold-football-coach-sources-say I'll just put this here rather than start a new thread.  This guy's

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40 minutes ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

doesn't he have a rep of rubbing people the wrong way the longer your around him....

That seems to be his MO at all of his stops.

It also doesn't help that he has played for a Big 10 Title.

Or has never has beaten Ohio State. 

Or fixed their issues at QB despite being a "guru"


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10 hours ago, gundy1124 said:

Where is the Row Row Row your boat gently down the stream guy?  Fleck needs a new nursery rhyme to turn his leaky duck boat around.:D

love how kirk messed around at the end to rub it in...even their twitter made fun of him

last year 3-0 (luckily not 0-3) versus south dakota state, fresno state, and western georgia state

this year 1-3 against Big 10 teams and not the best big 10 teams to say the least.

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6 minutes ago, SWSiouxMN said:

9 starters back on offense,  the offense has regressed, horribly. 

Morgan looked awful and has taken a step back





Yep the Sanford experiment has failed miserably. He should be gone and let Simon take over as full time OC. Special teams have been a disaster for two years and whenever Fleck fires Wegner it won't be soon enough. I expected to take a step back defensively but it has been worse than I expected. Just terrible angles from LBs, soft soft coverage giving easy throws to young inexperienced QBs and allowing them to gain confidence, and last night was just total domination from Iowa's OL. Embarrassing performance.

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Notre Dame had the worst luck with scheduling. Last time ND beat a #1 in South Bend...1993. Who did they play the next game? Infamous loss to Boston College.

This year...following up a big win over Clemson with...Boston College...quarterbacked by a Notre Dame transfer who never got given a fair shot at the QB job. Makes me feel ill.

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