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SiouxSports.com Fleece Hats IV -- A New Hope


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I was literally looking at my SiouxSports.com hat today thinking that I've worn the heck out of it.  Then I see @SiouxFan100 and his/her post a few minutes ago, so maybe it's destiny.  I know it's spring-time, but these always take a while, so if I start now, we can probably get this finalized and ordered by the end of the summer and folks can be wearing these by the time fall and football season roll around.  I still had the design logo saved -- see below.    


I am guessing about $20-$25 given that it's been 6 years since our last order.  About $5 more for your stitched moniker on the back.  


They have some new color options now, including hunter orange.  The most common colors with the 2013 order were black and grey.  The Port Authority hat link is below:


I'll start making a list of those interested now and if we get to 15-20 hats, I'll put an order together.  

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28 minutes ago, Emerald joker said:

When are you sending the order in?

I'll need a minimum of 6 of each style (thread color change) of the white Sioux .com version/black Sioux .com version in order to place an order.  Given that it's spring, time isn't of the essence here.  An order by the end of July/August would ensure that the hats arrived at their final destination in time for fall.  

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