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2 minutes ago, Taz Boy said:

I just checked with Mr Trump and he said the logo is "the greatest logo in all of sports.  It's yhuge.  Totally blows away other logos.  Really.  I'm telling you, it is fantastic.  You will not believe it, how great it is.  Best ever."



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1 hour ago, ArchyAlum11 said:

SME has there pay check do you honestly think that really care at this point. I seriously doubt that doing branding for UND is going be something they tout as a big accomplishment.

They do care, this will go into their company portfolio....you know..a way to win new business by proving out past projects.

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Just now, 77iceman said:

 . . . yet I have no problem with the fact that the Disney Character, Goofie, dresses like a person and can talk, but Pluto walks around on all four and barks like a normal dog.


really cause that was a huge mind huck for 4 year old me.

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