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  1. https://www.nhl.com/multimedia/podcasts-draft-class A really good discussion on Jake Sanderson from Seth Appert of the NTDP. Sounds like the kid is an elite difference maker, I can't imagine having him and JBD on the blueline together...
  2. It's not based on the players age that defines if they are now FAs. That's why we're seeing college players get signed earlier and earlier as they have an option to go the FA route if they were drafted originally ie. Shane Gerisch signing after Junior year. If he hadn't, Washington risked losing him as a FA come the following July 1st. Here is a good article outlining it. https://www.defendingbigd.com/2017/8/18/16165916/draft-dodging-the-nhl-needs-to-fix-prospect-free-agency-rules-schultz-butcher-vesey-kerfoot-hayes
  3. Keep in mind this list is North American draft rankings; Sanderson should probably go anywheres from 4-12.
  4. With the way hockey is going, high skilled and speed is over taking everything. He's 20 too, so he'll most likely be a 4 year player for us. Great seeing older commits being high end USHL guys.
  5. I like the simple CC jerseys. Clean and traditional. The script for the COLORADO COLLEGE leaves so much to be desired. It's like they lined up the script in a word document and used the generic font and hit ENTER. Especially from where they were coming from, their older scripted jerseys looked really good. Speaking of the logo, both look great and will age well. If only UND get over the obsession with using the NDHawk logo and get an additional logo that everyone can get behind (ie Ben Brien). Most teams have multiple logos, it's time for UND to do the same. Keep the NDHawk, but we need a
  6. *Hopefully we'll get 2 years with him as his draft stock is skyrocketing.
  7. Agree completely. This is a building block type class this year. Most of those forwards will be 4 year players for us and hopefully we'll get 3 years from Sanderson. Assumption: 7 senior and 1 junior/soph spot leaving My initial thoughts on the incoming list is: F - Gaber, Budy, Rizzo, Ness, Portz D - Sanderson, Kleven, Moore I'd be surprised to see Miller as he is just draft eligible this year and isn't rated in the first couple rounds.
  8. Considering they are both 15 yrs old and play a tough high school schedule (minus Crookston), I'd say they are doing well. This is Panzer's first year playing HS, so there is definitely an adjustment with speed and time.
  9. Nice to see his stock continue to rise. He should go in the mid to late first round in this years draft.
  10. Agreed, it's hard to expect a sweep. Ideally, sweep at home and at least split on the road. I think we'll see UND 5-1, Tie 3-3 Regardless of the atmosphere in Minny, the Gophers still have the talent.
  11. Rosters for the US All Star Select Camp. Reid, Miller, and Mancinelli made the cut.
  12. Yeah missed Oliver at 11. I was referring to the 1-12 picks only being blue chips as implied. So one I guess?! Not until recently, most years there are only three or four college bound players going in the first round. Again, just basing college recruiting and a definition solely based on draft position is shortsighted. This doesn't factor in the amount of major Junior and international players going high in the draft (thus pushing down college players down the board).
  13. As Hughes and Tkachuk are sophomores to be, in other words, ZERO incoming college recruits were"blue chippers?!"
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