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  1. It was asked earlier by someone and and I haven’t seen anyone respond, are you (or any other medical professional here) familiar with leronlimab? Any thoughts on that as a treatment?
  2. What are the “Befores” before? All the information they have gathered since?? This is NEW. They are learning more and more everyday. I think they deserve a break for not being 100% correct immediately but erring on the side of caution.
  3. Walz extends Minnesota's Stay at Home order to May 4.
  4. 4 deaths now reported in MN. 1 day down. 398 positive cases and 14,003 tests completed. Daily rate of positives per test has consistently been under 3%.
  5. What do Tom Brady and the Dallas Cowboys think of this move????
  6. My wife considered coming out to NY since she just got laid off on Monday (RN in Twin Cities non-essential surgery clinic). Two very young boys at home she doesn't want to be away from for potentially months.
  7. 115 per MN DoH. Rate of positives per test has not yet been over 3% daily. Yesterday was the biggest jump with 26, but over 800 tests done. The number will continue to grow, but so far, they have been growing relatively slowly (known cases).
  8. Minnesota schools closed March 18-27.
  9. Ugh, cancelled? I was hoping for postponement.
  10. TV timeouts will be so weird. But I suppose everything will be for the players.
  11. Do the jersey pops happen if no fans are there to see????
  12. During the presentation, I thought I saw a lip on the inside and figured it might be to deter this. I guess the boys were determined.
  13. Again, if they call goalie interference, shouldn’t it be a penalty?
  14. If it wasn’t a goal, shouldn’t it have been a penalty?
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