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  1. Just waiting patiently for a link.
  2. It would probably be healed by now if it had happened to Hain. He took a cold bath once!
  3. I really like how this team doesn’t lay up when they have a lead. Not having to play 20+ minutes of defense is nice.
  4. Did this game start at 7?? Just able to tune in now. How is it 2nd intermission already??
  5. Do we have a guy in a suit that can dress for Hain tomorrow? I love Hain’s game typically, but send a message to the team that these stupid penalties need to stop. Going to cost us come whatever sort of tournament happens.
  6. What’s the rule on that? I have seen shootout goals on rebounds, so who cares if the goalie pokes it?
  7. If anyone has any tips for Amazon Fire Stick, let me know!
  8. Haha yeah, you need to select the SCSU-WM game. For some reason it still things UMD is playing.
  9. Exactly the same with me. Phone and computer work really well, but can't get it to work right on the Roku. I just emailed support to see if they could help at all. I will post here if they are of any use.
  10. Also, I wasn't sure if my subscription auto-renewed, so I went to look at the packages again. The $99 team specific season-long option is gone.
  11. The app wants me to sign in, but whenever I do it takes me back to the Roku home screen. Really frustrated with Sidearm so far. Also, why is the picture when the app first loads Air Force vs Yale??
  12. My payment method disappeared and I had to readd it. Working with support because I don’t know if my previous package will renew now or not. Also, I can’t decide between the UND package or the full NCHC. The school specific one doesn’t seem to include the Frozen Faceoff finals or third place.
  13. TV timeouts will be so weird. But I suppose everything will be for the players.
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