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  1. Rough game for the Husky, which is really all that was- one rough game. Doesn't change that they were a great team. Many things went wrong for St Cloud (uncharacteristically bad D positioning, inability to get to net- only 6 SOG midway into 2nd??), and went right for UMass (very opportunistic, great D zone play). Plus, after watching UMass dominate UMD in OT of the semi-final game, we knew they were going to be tough. This was their year, and the result of years of prep work for that program. Nicely done!
  2. I have a solution. Actions during the National Anthem should be based on production, a point system. Specifically for 2020/2021 season: 1) Standing (FWD): min 3 pts ES, 4 pts PPG 2) Standing (DEF): min 2 pts ES, 2 pts PPG 3) Kneeling (FWD and DEF): min 4pts ES, 2 pts PPG, 1 Hat trick 4) Standing/Kneeling, Singing, and wearing Fighting Sioux t-shirt underneath jersey (FWD and DEF): you're good as is, just block a shot or two, maybe a nice open ice hit 5) Standing/Kneeling, Singing, Correct Execution of the Greene Face Time to Camera Baybay, and wearing a Taz Boy t-shirt underneath jersey (FWD, DEF, Coach, Asst Coach, Ref, Media, Fan): You win free autographed copy of my book, "Ladies: Why They Love Me So" All good! Go Sioux and let's get back to business!!
  3. Long live the legacy of commitment and excellence set by Reg Morelli!
  4. Tell them you know Taz Boy, then say "Go Sioux!". You will likely get bumped to first class.
  5. Do not despair my friends, this will serve to make the next event even more epic. If that is possible. Yes, it is possible. taz
  6. Washington Swamp Rats or Washington Swamp
  7. Exactly. A terrific young man and family. But, sadly, Pio Nation must succumb to the great dominance of the Fighting Sioux.
  8. Remember the 2010 title game against a loaded Wisconsin team and the smaller BC forwards (Atkinson and Whitney) were just dominating. Although, BC did overall have some big boys out there, looking at the roster, the fwds really put on a show in the 3rd. BTW: It was fantastic watching UND hand BC a loss at MSG. Good memories.
  9. Yep, and they are very good for sure. I was not as impressed with BC, big but not as fast. I have yet to see UND play live but I'm thinking they will match up fine with DU. Lot's of hockey in front of us so there's plenty to look forward to.
  10. I was at the DU-BC game Friday night and DU is loaded with talent, very fast, controlled the play for the most part. I don't think #15 Mitchell ever left the ice, and #24 Brink from Tonka played as expected- fantastic. His hockey sense, offensive skill and compete level are off the chart. Very excited for him! The UND-DU series should be a great tilt.
  11. Is it possible this thread is visible to the general public? Or, is this the Hawks' Premium Content to which I must be subscribing, unintentionally and regrettably? taz
  12. Game was fairly pedestrian. Two very different levels of talent, which is what the Bison typically have to deal with week in and week out being top in the FCS. They need to move up into G5 FBS, in which they could certainly compete as long as the financials are there.
  13. Appears they did it before the long holiday weekend, when they know Taz will be in a semi-liquid condition!
  14. New banners get a strong favorability rating from the SS echo chamber. They certainly have Taz Boy giving the big thumbs up! I haven't seen this kind of unanimous agreement since the overwhelming disapproval just after the unveiling of that awful Peace Dove logo.
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