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  1. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Getting fired will do that to you.
  2. Sioux Nation invading Golden Knights territory could be quite a scene. Is it October yet? taz
  3. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Now, THAT's a logo.
  4. Taz Boy

    Ever since...

    Go Sioux!!
  5. Taz Boy

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    I've watched these two play several times and no question they are a constant threat and can generate tremendous offense. Even though it's a long way to big boy hockey and there are a lot of other kids who don't really come into it until age 15-16, it's still quite an accomplishment. All the best to them. I look forward to watching them succeed; just not against the Sioux. Hengen's quotes are a bit over the top, although I'm not sure what else he can possibly say given the circumstances. Things become a bit self-fulfilling in elite youth hockey groupthink. My only recommendation to those talented, team-first, grinder-type kids who never get noticed on the absurd "it's all about the goals" youthhockeyhub strokefest is that they keep working and playing hard for as long as they love it. Plenty of roads to get where you want to be, whether it's hockey or your next passion. taz
  6. Taz Boy

    Found on Mafia's iPod

    The video is actually good humor, a bit self deprecating. I've grown to appreciate Ms Dunst. She does this, and then goes and hits it out of the park with her work on the Fargo miniseries. Or maybe it's just the outfit. taz
  7. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    If Recruit X actually thinks that way, then I fear they may struggle to maintain academic eligibility, even at the NDSCC.
  8. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Good point, here they are celebrating that success...
  9. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Ahm, yeeeeaaah... that's quite a stretch. But, no question it's been a strong past 12 months. So, if heaven forbid we suffer another drought the next few years, will you attribute that to the lingering effects of the Sioux Forever fanbase? Energy somehow redirected again? This cause-effect relationship does not hold under any reasonable scrutiny or historical fact. We've been winning at each level for quite some time. I'm inclined to give Student Athletes more credit. Rather than wringing their hands worrying about nickname stuff, they are training, hard, and looking to the best college programs to further their athletic careers, as well as academics. They don't come to UND just because they get to wear a peace dove on their jersey or helmet, but they come to compete at a high level. Sioux or Hawk, they come to have success and win, period. taz
  10. How does one prepare for such an event? It seems as though this is the near perfect confluence of factors: Vegas, hockey, Sioux, Gophers, alcohol, weekend. New York was special, if even a bit regal. Whereas, the presence of the filthy rodent, in a town known for sin, just seems like trouble is in the making. Oh the stories we will tell, our children will tell to theirs. It is going to be epic. taz
  11. Taz Boy

    NORTH DAKOTA @ UNO - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Likely because law enforcement might be blocking that snuff film from public distribution, using it as evidence in their criminal investigation. Oh my, was that a beat down. I honestly don't like those games, tough to watch. Let me be clear, no softening from me for the great Dean Blais and his boys. UND really needs a sweep this weekend for NCHC standings and PWR cushion so there can be no letting up from the Kelly Green. But, holy moly that's ridiculous. I recall Saturday November 9th, 1996, Gophers pounded a Dean Blais led Sioux team 10-6. Dean and team responded just fine that season. taz
  12. Taz Boy

    NORTH DAKOTA @ UMD - SATURDAY Gameday ********

    Relax all. Knew this was going to be a tough weekend. We stole both games last year at Amsoil; don't think the 'Dogs forgot that. Still Natty Champs and the team is young and talented. The future is very bright. All good things, all good things. Now, the real question is where is Huma? taz
  13. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Huey get's my plight.
  14. Taz Boy

    What do you think of the logo now??

    We need more Huey Lewis these days.
  15. Taz Boy

    Goofers are insane

    Indeed. People obviously with pants that are not smart.