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  1. Appears they did it before the long holiday weekend, when they know Taz will be in a semi-liquid condition!
  2. New banners get a strong favorability rating from the SS echo chamber. They certainly have Taz Boy giving the big thumbs up! I haven't seen this kind of unanimous agreement since the overwhelming disapproval just after the unveiling of that awful Peace Dove logo.
  3. Taz Boy

    REA Banners

    uuuuhhhmmmm... No.
  4. I didn't know about the mystery raffle. Is beer one of the prizes?
  5. Hey Everybodys! What a great gift for UND and fans of Fighting Sioux Hockey!! From a quick read, it's no surprise to me that all the forum folks are strongly behind the new scoreboard and especially the retention of the glorious Fighting Sioux fixture in its traditional center-hung location. And, I think we can all agree how important tradition is, especially preserving it for the University's premier sports program- Men's Ice Hockey. Furthermore, It's equally apparent that everyone continues to be embarrassed by the sight of the cartoonishly awful USPS er, "Hawk" logo, and are thankful it's relegated to a simple icon, occupying only the minimal percentage of that gorgeous high resolution display. But, I must implore you all to please try to move forward, and embrace the new traditions that are to come with as little recognition as possible for that train wreck of a millennial safe-space gender mis-identified peace dove. Go REA Big Screen and Go Sioux!! taz
  6. Very sad news. Regrettably, I did not meet Tim in person and after reading such nice comments it's clear I missed out on an opportunity to know a really great man.
  7. Sadly, yes, I must take time away from my important business to educate where it is needed most. UND hockey is just fine... has been, currently is, and will be. Down year? Sure. But I can tell you the experience in Las Vegas was outstanding. Say that out loud. It. Was. Fantastic. This team had to play against the alumni's hated rival at a remote venue in front of thousands of rapid Sioux fans who spent thousands of dollars bringing the family on a weekend vacation-- just to see them beat the Gophers. And they did. The nay-sayers suggest the weakened Gopher team was an easy win, expected. But, it was NOT expected. How convenient for the untalented expert to criticize after the fact. When in Denver, I saw a fast skating, hard working team that never gave up. Lack of net front presence, ugly goals, whatever. This team is not far from being a top-10 PWR. It is fixable, unlike the whineyness here.
  8. So what you're saying is that I win? taz
  9. "So... You're saying that..." ...is the standard preamble to alert all that a sophomoric, false representation is forthcoming. It's the Bill Maher go-to when he wants gushing applause from mindless sycophants. I'm saying what I'm saying, or in this case, writing. You can pretend all you want, I'm simply recognizing that the Canisius sweep did real PWR damage, which was rooted in the inability to convert SOG to ESG and PPG. That's fixable, especially with the level of talent currently and coming into the program. And, down the stretch they demonstrated what they are capable of against UMD and St Cloud. So, no, you don't need a wholesale gutting of the Berry system-- which is the Hakstol system, which is the Fighting Sioux system, which is the best system. You may disagree with me, but that's a problem only you can work on, striving to overcome your intellectual deficiencies vis-à-vis hockey.
  10. Decades ago, a little taz enjoyed Booberry cereal growing up. Made the milk all blue and tasted like sugar-soaked crunchy marshmallows, sugar injected blueberry's, and vanilla cookies coated with sugar. The previous two sentences contain about as much hockey coaching knowledge as the previous 260 posts. Berry stays and wins another title. He is a premier college hockey coach and a fantastic human being. The team this year was exciting to watch, worked extremely hard, and played the best teams in the nation extremely tough. Remove the weekend at Canisius, and y'all would be giddy with NCAA tourney excitement. Many of you need to stick to Fortnite or your robotics club. taz
  11. Ah crap! I was so excited to respond to that one, but I had to stop for what seemed like hours to process the logic with jaw agape, saliva drip, and once recovered you had beaten me to it! A noble effort, Mr. Baker, but the SS board has brought together some of finest in Millennial-isms. Great authorities on all that is just not so.
  12. Kicking in high heels, stomping on the accelerator... She's all rock-n-roll, baby. Even the OJ fling is bad ass. I mean, c'mon, why NOT scratch a Chevy Suburban? And then, this... "What he's going through are the regular ups and downs people go through in their personal life," Shapiro said. So true, Mark Shapiro. So. True.
  13. Things Taz has learned while reading through this quality candidate for most embarrassing SS thread ever... Engelstad generosity and REA leadership/vision never cease to amaze me. Best arena ever. The Gophers are probably going to pull their netminder in the 1st. Some Twitter guy Mike McMahon doesn't know the difference between OpEx and CapEx, private vs public funding, or discretionary vs budgetary (non-discretionary) spending. The NCAA does not care what's under the scoreboard. They don't care anymore period. They have new traditions to ruin, schools to shame, and event revenue from which to siphon. People like to bitch about stuff they don't understand, which doesn't affect them, they aren't invested in, but yet they still benefit from. This editor has a numbered list formatter thingy. I still miss Dippin Dots... and Tawny Kitaen on the car hood. taz
  14. Kudos on the Omaha trip! I'm booked for Denver, so I have to wait a few more weeks to see my beloved Sioux on their road to PWR recovery. It is going to be splendid.
  15. Well... not so sure about that... It was a must win game for a young team playing in front of an aged, rodent-hating, hyper-partisan, liquored-up crowd who had just shelled out gobs of dough to take their family on an extended weekend at an expensive locale all because of an October game between two "also-rans". Coach: "No pressure, boys, but I'm told they just ran out of beer before puck drop."
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