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Weber State: Gut Check Week


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What kind is performance does Bartels need to have to develop serious QB controversy? 

Of course, I hope Bartels lights it up tomorrow and UND gets the win. 

That's one hell of a question. You'd think he would absolutly have to light the state of Utah on fire out there to make it a controversy. I think that's because of the running qb factor. It seems clear that is a very high priority.

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Wow talk about some crappy luck we are having with our QB's.....that means within about a 12 game span of games.....we would have 3 QB's who got knocked out for the rest of the year.  We've had some crappy luck in general with injuries the last year or so to important players.....but losing 3 QB's for the year in 12 games......man that sucks.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Molberg gets a shot if Bartles struggles early. If it's true about Studs, we gotta find "the guy" going forward with the rest of the season. Those two were essentially in a deadlock during fall camp for that backup job with Ryan getting it because of Joe's injury.

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So can somebody elaborate on what happened with the plane rather than just hint at it?

Also, anybody know how good Weber State's stream is?  Do we get the luxury of a scoreboard and commentary?

I can't guarantee it, but the game tonight is on local television, so the feed might be the same as the tv feed, But like I said I can't promise that.


SUU game was not on tv

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