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    UND - Weber State Game Day Thread

    But you did say "UND put up 30 points against the best defense in the Big Sky." Which they didnt, they put up 13. But like i said thats just me being nitpicky. I think UND is much better a team than some on here are giving them credit. It was a good game and even after giving up 35 points you guys still had chances to win. I still see you guys winning out and getting into the playoffs.

    UND - Weber State Game Day Thread

    Not to be nitpicky cause UND does deserve some credit for making great Special teams plays, but Weber's defense gave up 13 points. UND's STs scored 17 of UND's 30 points.

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Weber State had an transfer QB from Alabama named Jimmy Barnes.......turned out to be the biggest flop this side of a waffle house.

    UND (8-15, 3-8) @ Weber (15-7, 8-2) 2/8 8 PM

    Yes please, I have really enjoyed the series between Weber and North Dakota and its one of the things im gonna miss when you guys leave. I hope down the road we can schedule more games. And in football too.

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    I disagree, If Big Sky football was a joke, Weber would have lost today.....but they didn't. They beat a MVFC member and held them to less than 20 points. Only North Dakota State has done that this year btw... While I agree NAU didn't deserve a playoff spot saying San Diego would win the Big Sky every year is a joke. They have a good team and program, but lets not forget, Big Sky UC Davis beat that same San Diego team 35-7 earlier this year and Both Weber and SUU smoked UC Davis.

    Big Sky Schedules for 2018 & 2019 resolved

    Idaho's move to the Big Sky made those schedules obsolete.

    Big Sky Schedules for 2018 & 2019 resolved

    Doubt it, Montana State will probably just get Northern Colorado as their rival to fill in the void that is going to be left by you guys. Not sure how they are going to do the scheduling while you are in your transition, My guess is you guys will probably not have any protected rivals, instead your "conference schedule" will be just a mix of 8 random Big Sky teams.

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    the conference back in 2012 when you guys joined released the conference schedules up till 2018. Which gave the schools time to schedule their ooc schedules. And schools who didnt play in the conf season were allowed to schedule conference mates as OOC. Weber and Sac have played an ooc game against each other for 4 straight years, because they didnt play conference games those years

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Sac's loss to Weber and PSU's loss to Davis are non conference losses



    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Ah, that would explain why our schedule was easy, we didn't play the 8th place team............

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    "6. Weber State (Nov. 4 in Cheney) – The Wildcats (ranked 22nd in the FCS media preseason poll) are one of the biggest mysteries in the preseason, but things should be clearer by November. Coach Jay Hill went 6-2 in the Big Sky last season, albeit against an easy schedule. The Wildcats lost some key personnel (QB is the biggest issue) but return 14 starters." Easy Schedule? Top 5 Finish In BSC last season. 1. EWU 2. UND 3. WSU 4. CPOLY 5. SUU Weber played 3 of other 4 top teams in the Conference. 2 of them on the road and went 2-1 against them. How does that equal an easy schedule?

    Anyone consider going to Reno?

    I was one of the few fans that was adamantly against Reno as a site for the Big Sky tourney, (still kinda am). But while I was watching the tournament last year on my computer and TV I really found myself wanting to be there. So this year I am making the trip and will be able to judge the experience first hand. I know many people hate idea of Reno, but think of it more as your going to support your school than supporting the site of the tournament. I think if you have the money and or time to spare you should check it out at least once before you leave the Big Sky. Just my two cents. You guys have a heck of a team this year and they deserve to be supported.

    Gameday: UND vs NAU 1pm

    Congrats Hawks for a well deserved Big Sky title (share at least). Here's hoping Weber can sneak into the playoffs with a win over ISU next weekend and maybe we can have a rematch. But it's most likely not gonna happen. I'd be surprised if Weber made the playoffs now.

    The All Important Polls

    I looked up the current records of all the conference opponents of the top 4 teams in the conference Weber's conference opponents are currently 13-17 North Dakota's conference opponents are currently 12-16 Montana's conference opponents are currently 12-16 Eastern Washington's opponents are currently 10-18 Looks pretty even to me For giggles lets take out the top remaining team on each of their schedules Take North Dakota off of Weber's Schedule and Weber drops to 9-17 Take Weber State off of North Dakota's and North Dakota falls to 9-16 Take Eastern Wash off of Montana's and UM falls to 9-16 Take UM off of Eastern's and EWU falls to 8-17 Still very even. I guess the case I am trying to make is who can say who is the class of the Sky when everyone doesn't play everyone? Teams still have to win the games that are on their schedules. If Eastern and UM fans don't like that...tough.