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Thanks Badgers for helping out, but that's about if. Off to cincy for the boys...


FRIDAY 7pm central ESPNU

West Regional

No. 1 Minnesota vs. No. 4 Robert Morris

No. 2 Notre Dame vs. No. 3 St. Cloud

Midwest Regional

No. 1 Wisconsin vs. No. 4 North Dakota

No. 2 Ferris State vs. No. 3 Colgate

East Regional

No. 1 Union vs. No. 4 Vermont

No. 2 Quinnipiac vs. No. 3 Providence

Northeast Regional

No. 1 Boston College vs. No. 4 Denver

No. 2 UMass Lowell vs. No. 3 Minnesota State

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How quickly we turn on Wisconsin. Perhaps it is fitting that they are the first round opponent.

Should be a great weekend of hockey. Old rivalry, win or go home...what's not to love? It's Spring, and we're in the tourney.

Bring the same game from here out, and I like our chances.

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Against the field, we are 3-4-1 with some tight games...

MN 7-3-2 vs the field

BC 8-4-2

Union 3-2-2

Wisconsin 2-3 (but only vs MN and BC)

Ferris 1-5-0

Quinnipiac 4-3-1

Lowell 7-6-1

SCSU 8-4-2

Mankato 3-5-0

Providence 5-4-2

Notre Dame 6-7-1

Colgate 6-5-2

Vermont 3-10-1

DU 2-3-1 (only played UND and SCSU)

Robert Morris never played the field

MN, BC, and SCSU stand out on one end. Vermont and Ferris stand out on the other end. Other than that, it is pretty close to .500 hockey vs the field for everyone else.

Robert Morris 0 games vs the field, Vermont,BC, Notre Dame, and Lowell on the other bookend with 14 games vs the field

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UND knows this Wisconsin team pretty well. They played one series last year, in the REA, with a 1-1 tie on 2/1/13 and a 4-1 UND win the next night.

Missing from that UND team:









Added to UND:


Bunch of Freshmen D

Missing from the Wisco team:






Added to Wisconsin:




Wisconsin is heavy with seniors and will likely see early departures as well, so this is their Frattin 2011 team. They think they are on a mission. We know most of their lineup, and although they know one of our second lines, they don't know the other as well, and they don't know the kiddie corps on defense.

They may be old and loaded (sounds like half this board), but anyone can beat anyone now.

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What is our record in the business suits this year? If I remember right, it isn't that great. Someone know for sure?

3-1-2 I think. I know we swept WMU in a rare all black series, tied BU and BSU, and lost to SCSU. I'm not positive but I believe we wore blacks on Saturday against UNO. Not sure what we wore on the BC trip.

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