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  1. Does anybody know what channel charter spectrum will broadcast the game on?
  2. Does someone have a link to the April fools article?
  3. So if you buy a single session ticket, is that just for 1 game or for the whole day?
  4. It stinks as bad as it always has. I give it an F
  5. Thanks Mike for being part of the Sioux tradition. Best of Luck in your next venture . We enjoyed watching you play!
  6. Thanks Mike for everything you gave to UND. You will always be part of the Sioux family. Best of luck,
  7. Really? He has a funny way of showing it.
  8. You people are seriously hoping the cake eater East Coast teams beat our NCHC teams? I'm not happy with our last Duluth game, but I will always support our conference over the East. If no other reason than to piss off Melrose!
  9. I bet Chicago wishes UND was there, lots of empty seats!
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