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  1. Thoughts for me: Cam was steady again we need him to grind out these wins We need a better power play we've been saying this for years but it needs to happen we struggled tonight (what else is new) but the freshie puts one away for the W thats what matters got a W and not an L 2-0-1 to start the year. Good start for our guys This team will develop but its going to take some time we will be able to gel we are so deep at the foward spot my gosh overall i think we are solid just need to bury more opportunities
  2. Wish i could make it to the event would of been fun cheer hard for me UND fans Lets Go SIOUX flood the streets in green!
  3. thats true south paw i don't have a comeback for that
  4. i guess we are going to see what happens
  5. Clearly the Target center doesn't work for hockey we all know this i wonder if there would be a small chance we could see a dip in ticket prices if they don't move it or we would expect a call saying its back at the X where it belongs.
  6. I thought the Boys played hard tonight and we got rewarded olsons goal was huge and cam can shut the door for us all is on the line tmw go and lock up home ice boys!
  7. Need to work with what we got next man up is key contributions from everybody burn the ships boys lets start our run tonight one game at a time lets go!
  8. im gonna be down there hoping to see our beloved team make it to the target center (holding breath) yet again and actually do well this year cmon fans come on out and support our team assuming we make it to the target center our team needs us more then ever to give crowd support and everything. Also question for anyone that knows would it be cheaper to buy tickets at the box office at the target center im actually trying to do that but just don't know the price it would be if anyone could let me know that would be great?
  9. Need a sweep bad this weekend lets make our run at the penrose were a different team now then we were back in october lets show them and return a favor and get a sweep in our house.
  10. Better come out guns blazing ready to go we all weren't happy with the result last night but today is a new game and time for redemption lets go boys i expect a pissed off team and come out and roar to a W to right the ship
  11. Happy Thanksgiving SiouxHawks Fans have a great holiday and get ready to cheer our team on i feel a stretch run coming
  12. I like our chances to 3 peat i know thats going out on a limb but duluth has had there fair share of chokes and were only 13 points off the lead we can do it SIOUX NATION we got this
  13. 5-2 nodak comes out strong and gets a big W let's turn this thing around boys! bosser, pogo, rhett, wolanion, and olson
  14. I'll be there saturday night with 3 friends section 203 1st row lets get back on the horse this weekend.
  15. 5-3 nodak, bosser, joel, wolanin, wilkie, and olson
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