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15 hours ago, TheFlop said:

So downtown has the late night bar scene cornered on Friday and Saturday nights (during the school year).....don't see alot of bikes that time of night and people aren't walking from campus to get there......so why the need for more bike Lanes and bumpouts?  But I'll give you standing at any downtown bar and counting people during an entire week.  Then I'll stand outside BWW that same week and see which place does more business.  Not saying downtown shouldn't exist, but it also shouldn't get a disproportionate amount of the resources since a week involves more than just a couple hours two nights a week. 

Not sure about your hang up with bikes?  Having an area that is unfriendly to walking and bikes, then saying only a few people are walking or biking there, doesn't do much to project how it would be used once it becomes more accommodating to the activity.  If anything, the fact anyone is on a bike in downtown, in it's current condition, would be a good indicator that it would be used a lot more.  There's a trail along the greenway, sure, but try riding a block or 2 away from it.  Scary.

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