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Friday vs. Quinny the Pooh


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1 minute ago, Blackheart said:

I see B-rad is messing with the Hain-Senden-Jammer line...not sure how I feel about that.  They were dominant last weekend.

I agree and I've said this quite a few times in other threads, Hain has been tried multiple times in a top-6/scoring role and it just never has materialized. I just think he is a player best suited to be able to score some goals on more of a shutdown/grinder type line and there is nothing wrong with that. Every team needs guys like that!

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26 minutes ago, AlphaMikeFoxtrot said:


This team is deep and prepared if/when injuries come. Farmer playing back will allow Moore to fly around the O zone.

Really like the lineup other than I think Moore and Johnson should play with one another. Also, kind of wish strinden was in but fine with Albrecht 

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3 minutes ago, bcblues said:

My NCHC.TV feed is blurry (on FireStick4k). It sometimes starts that way but usually clears up in a minute or two. It has not cleared up, and I have restarted the FireStick. Like watching old-school tube TV!

No problems here. Watching via Roku. 

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