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UND - Washington Game Day Thread

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A few things after being at the game: Amazing experience. Had the opportunity "sailgate" on a really impressive boat before the game. Once in a lifetime. (It's good to know people who know peopl

The success of the D was frankly shocking to me.  First TD was all on offense after the fumble.  They were controlling the line of scrimmage for the most part for the first 3 quarters, Harris is back,

First off a huge tip of the cap to Steve Greer. He played his ass off yesterday and was disruptive all game. I’ve !@#$ on him in the past for not putting on enough weight and for bein

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24 minutes ago, SiouxFan100 said:

For God's sake - somebody isn't doing their job of starting a game day thread - leaving it to me - unqualified, old and fat. Come on, step up qualified people! :) Let's have some fun today!!

Thanks for stepping up and taking one for the team 

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absolutely no reason why this can't be  close game...this aint bama or texas or lsu...rankings are based on last year...maybe uw goes 6-4 and are an average team at best

run the ball, dink and dunk...roll outs...use the te...bend but don't break on def...dont' be afraid to blitz a lot....make your field goals

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