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2016 Volleyball season


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6 minutes ago, darell1976 said:

Great season!! I hope to see them back in the tourney next year. 

They looked like a P5 team the second half of the conference season.  Need to start the season where they ended it. 

Vail could replace Moser.  Merseli has to start like she ended it, although Minnesota held her to slightly negative hitting.

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2 minutes ago, Risky said:

Nothing to hang your head about there.  It's too bad we had to play the top team in the country right away. This team could of won some games against a lot of the teams in the tourney.  At least that is my opinion.

Agree.  UNI, Wichita St and Creighton are known names in the volleyball world that can avoid the top teams for one or two rounds.  We need to beat them in tournament positioning.

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5 hours ago, siouxfan512 said:

What did they say? The wife and I are watching a Christmas movie, so I have it rolling on silent on my phone.

Just how UND should be proud and nothing to hang it's head about. How UND played them tough in the game early in the year. And both times they played UND they were impressed with the number of UND fans. Talked about how they could already see a rivalry starting in volleyball especially with the tradition and rivalry these two schools have in hockey.

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Minnesota swept Hawaii 25-17, 25-17, and 25-19.  By those comparison scores, UND might beat Hawaii.  Volleyball is generally relatively transitive in comparison scores compared to other sports, so UND might have played the Gophers tougher than Hawaii.  This team might have won a first round game against a non top 20 program.

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19 minutes ago, Risky said:

And to think that we beat them one game this year and a couple weeks ago we gave them all they could handle in two games.   Our program is very solid. 

and to think we had a chance to cut some dead weight and pump some more cash into this program...

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