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If he can be around 55% passing, 175 yards passing with an extra 20 rushing, and no more than one turnover, I'll be ok with it.

Yep....I'd like to see his stat line read something like 12-19 for 195 yards, 1 TD....no picks.

Pretty spot on, guys... 13/23 (57%) for 153. 0 TDs and 0 INTs.  Made up the difference with 59 yards on the ground and that long TD run. All in all a strong performance with room to improve.

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Man, after watching the highlights, the guy I might be the most impressed with is LT AJ Stockwell. He's an instant upgrade to the offensive line relative to last season. That left side, with Stockwell and Sr. LG Brandon Anderson, is tough and mean. Yesterday, Stockwell was doing a bunch of stuff - blocking two guys on one play, pulling and smacking people to the ground, etc.

This year's offense already appears to be way improved over last season's, and it all starts up front. I'm loving the physical attitude that Knauf has instilled in that unit!

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The video shows 2 other runs by Santiago that were really good.  (besides the 2 touchdowns)

Good to see Grant Asplin pushing some guys around from the backfield..........big boy with good feet.

that play where Aplin steamrolled two guys was fun to watch. You could just tell that he was ready to tee off on some guys. He could be a secret weapon in the run game this year. 

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On 8/21/2015 at 1:30 PM, jdub27 said:

Ryan Holmgren@ryanholmgren 56m56 minutes ago
Craig Bohl said Nico Evans will be suspended two games and Adam Pilapil one game for violations of team rules.

Brad E. Schlossman@SchlossmanGF 31m31 minutes ago
Also says Oscar Nevermann will be suspended for entire season due to team's fear of losing to an FCS squad.




Hate to bring up this topic again, but a recent national news story on college football has me thinking about this again.

Kirby Smart, the new head coach of Georgia, has enforced restrictions on where his players can transfer to. Sound familiar? Yep, similar to what Craig Bohl did when Oscar Nevermann transferred to UND. Thankfully, UND got the better end of the deal. UND beat Wyoming, discovered Santiago at the RB position who went on to have an outstanding freshman season, and still has Nevermann for 2016. Best of luck to Nevermann in 2016; I think he will only improve the now deep corps of tailbacks. 

As for the Smart story, Mike Greenberg of ESPN had some interesting comments that align with what many were saying about Bohl when the Nevermann story broke.



"Shame on you Kirby Smart,” Greenberg said early Wednesday morning. “You’re scared of some 19-year-old kid going someplace, who’s obviously barely playing for you and that's why he wants to transfer in the first place or has whatever other reason to go someplace else. And you’re so terrified to allow him to go to someone you might play on your schedule?"


“Shame on you. You’re making millions of dollars and this kid’s one chance in life to play college football. He should be allowed to go wherever the hell he wants and for some coach to sit there and put restrictions on because he’s in the conference or on his schedule is a disgrace and it shouldn’t be allowed."


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5 minutes ago, Sioux94 said:

It was even more disgraceful that Bohl did it, given that he wasn't transferring to a team in his conference and he was transferring down a level.  

...and he was a walk-on foreign student.  There were zero reasons to restrict his transfer to UND.

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14 hours ago, Sioux94 said:

It was even more disgraceful that Bohl did it, given that he wasn't transferring to a team in his conference and he was transferring down a level.  

And karma kicked Bohl's butt again by having us crushing them. I know fans aren't too thrilled about the job Bohl has done given the hype that was given to him by NDSU fans. NDSU big dogs in the FCS, Wyoming a tiny speck in the FBS.

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