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NORTH DAKOTA vs. Vermont - SATURDAY Gameday


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UND Lines



Pattyn-Gaarder-St. Clair

Mi. MacMillan-Ma. MacMillan-Murphy






Out: Ausmus, Panzarella, Chyzyk, Rodwell, Sanderson, Hrynkiw

Rodwell should be in for Mitch. Rodwell should be with Pattyn and St. clair and Gaarder should be with Mark and Murphy.

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Pretty suprised to see Ausmus not in the lineup tonight thought he was one of the better D last night. Also thought Rodwell would get in for Mitch and play the energy role with his speed and physical style but hopefully the lineup Hak put together for tonight can get the job done again.

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And OD gets a lucky bounce and finally buries one last night and boom...top line. Go figure...

At this point, line numbers mean nothing. He's going to send out the "4th" line more than the "3rd" line throughout the game. It's probably just sending a message to some guys.

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No Chyzyk...again?!?!

The lovefest w Mitch continues..

Ausmus out and LaDue in...another head scatcher.

Blown away Mitch is still in the lineup....so confused about that. Ladue is not a shocker....USHL defensemen of the year. Ausmus is also a shocker....Mattson should have been the odd man out, however our D lineup is so deep at the moment.

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