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  1. I bought an extra ticket for a friend who lives on the East Coast only to find out she also bought a ticket! Once ticket, section 224, row 7 for cost, $68.75.
  2. Sioux-cia

    Here comes the Merchandise

    Oh, lawd........
  3. Sioux-cia

    Official SiouxSports.com Logo Reaction Thread and Poll

    At least one of the hockey players did, in a tweet. Sorry, I don't remember who it was. If it's important, I'll find the tweet and post it.
  4. Sioux-cia

    Official SiouxSports.com Logo Reaction Thread and Poll

    I don't see our State's initials. I see 'NO ' with a hawks head bisecting it>>>No Hawks. It's done. We're stuck with it but I don't have to like it. I support the school. I support the athletes. I hate the new logo. I have enough Sioux gear to last my lifetime and I'm going to continue to wear it.
  5. Sioux-cia

    Fargo the new Detroit??

    http://www.valleynewslive.com/home/headlines/Fargo-Police-say-death-of-Cory-Terlecky-ruled-a-murder-379803771.html 'Fargo Police tell Valley News Live the death of a woman found in south Fargo is now ruled a murder.'
  6. Bought six tickets yesterday. Only single seats were available in the UND fan section. Tickets bought are in section 214, center ice, so not bad . You snooze you lose.
  7. Sioux-cia

    Frozen Four in Tampa

    Section 318. Three round trip tickets on Spirit Airlines, Dallas to Ft. Myers, $264, total. Flying out Tuesday, returning Sunday. Staying at Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tampa Usf Busch Gardens, about ten miles from the arena. Booked the room last August.
  8. Sioux-cia

    2015-2016 College Hockey (non UND Hockey)

    http://www.uscho.com/2016/03/22/sources-notre-dame-leaving-hockey-east-for-big-ten-in-2017/ Big Ten #7??
  9. I have three packages for Fri and Sat and one extra for Friday that I would throw in for free. Section 232, row A (on the rail), seats 7,8,9 and 10 (Friday only).
  10. How much time left in the period?
  11. Sioux-cia

    NODAKS is our name choose it

    Utes are a tribe that gave the University of Utah permission to use their name for their sports programs.
  12. Sioux-cia

    Fargo the new Detroit??