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  1. I actually stopped visiting Sioux Sports regularly a few years ago as it has turned into a cesspool of divisive non-sports related rhetoric. And the amount of racism/bigotry and misogyny is astounding. I know several others who also rarely visit the board for the same reason. It's a shame what's it's turned into.
  2. Maybe, maybe not. As it stands, Miller has yet to refute that claim.
  3. So called 'Cancel Culture' is NOT the problem here. The problem still lies with Miller and to a certain extent, his parents. He was taken to court, reprimanded by the magistrate, ordered to community service, and STILL allegedly continued his bullying behavior. Society, political correctness, 'bad' Christians, etc. is not the reason why he's in this predicament. He is where he is because he failed to learn a very important lesson. Miller's life hasn't been completely destroyed and he can still have a hockey career, but he has to show genuine change. No more forced apologies or PR stunts. Also, with its statement the other day, I don't know how UND would justify potentially following the Coyotes' lead. UND stated it knew the story and was adamant that it is the best place to 'rehabilitate' him.
  4. I don't think this is what people are saying. It's more about what kind of environment it creates in the locker room when you have players on opposite ends of the spectrum. Weatherby is a strong advocate against the type of behavior Miller exhibited. How might they feel having each other as a teammate and could it cause issues or a divide within the team if guys start taking 'sides' (as the fan base has)?
  5. Radio show featuring Aaron Portzline from The Athletic: https://post.futurimedia.com/ckstam/playlist/10/listen-27746.html?cb=1603893336.291788 Quick Summary: -Says lack of remorse is concerning and that Miller didn't take it seriously -Says a lot of NHL teams didn't like their interviews with him or the way he reported himself -Teams said Miller's recounting of the bullying left them flat; that it wasn't truly what occurred -Says at least 10 NHL teams removed Miller from their lists after their draft interviews with him -Says Miller lied to school administrators; they looked at video surveillance to learn the real story -Says Miller apparently laughed upon receiving his suspension from school -Says Miller's parents are on the down-low -Says the victim's mother thought about sending letters to all the NHL teams, but chose not to because she didn't think he would be drafted due to the situation -Says Arizona Coyotes initially removed Miller from their draft list (June 2020)
  6. I was referring to your comment of: "Only a cold hearted SOB or a blatant hypocrite would take a hard line," which seems to imply that those of us who aren't jumping to absolve Miller of his sins are problematic. I'm saying that is not the case. Miller's actions, lack of real consequences, and his failure to take personal accountability is the problem.
  7. The issue is NOT on my end, but thanks for the mansplain. Miller's bullying went on for several years, and reportedly as recently as two years ago. The kid has already had opportunity to change. Every team and coach along the way has held his hand. When does he actually have to face some REAL consequences on his own? I'm not saying he should have his entire life destroyed, but there needs to be some accountability on his end that's not court-ordered or contrived.
  8. On a radio show, Darren Dreger said he believes UND and the Coyotes are working together to make Miller part of an anti-bullying campaign, but haven't yet worked out all the details. IF true, Miller still doesn't have to face the full consequences of his actions. UND and the Coyotes are handling it for him. Also, a move of this sort is incredibly transparent. It will end up being performative just like the court-ordered mandates. He'll do what he has to do for appearances but won't actually change and learn, as we have already seen. Also, I don't understand why UND is batting so hard for this kid.
  9. Not at all. It points out major discrepancies of the NHL's supposed stand against racism and racist behaviors. It also points out, like others have already said, that Miller hasn't really shown that he's EARNED a second chance. All teams involved seemed to have simply shrugged it off believing a COURT-ORDERED apology was sufficient.
  10. CBS Sports article https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/news/coyotes-drafting-mitchell-miller-is-latest-proof-that-nhls-anti-racism-initiatives-are-ringing-hollow/
  11. Not the best statement, IMO. First off, "unfortunate incident" implies it was a one-time thing and it certainly does not sound like that was the case. Second, UND stating that it feels it is the best environment to help him learn and grow essentially places the onus of his future actions/behavior directly on UND and UND hockey from now until eternity. A bold move. Especially when you consider the multiple issues of racism/racist behavior by UND students and athletes over the years.
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