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  1. Schlossman says Massimo Rizzo. I don't have a GF Herald subscription so I'm not sure why he's re-opening his recruitment.
  2. I too was hoping for a more helpful update. Our group of five has tickets, but none of us has booked flights (all traveling from different cities). I know they REALLY want this game to happen (as do the fans), but to sit back for another month allowing fans to continue booking flights, hotels, etc. seems a little disingenuous. I know of fans who are booked on private flights that are currently non-refundable. How many others may wind up losing money the longer this carries on?
  3. The previous message from REA said there would be updates on June 1 AND June 15, but I didn't see anything.
  4. Long Island University has announced it will be adding men's hockey https://www.liuathletics.com/news/2020/4/30/liu-announces-addition-of-mens-ice-hockey.aspx
  5. For the past month, I have debated whether or not to purchase plane tickets while prices are WAY down for some airlines/itineraries, but don't want to wind up stuck with non-refundable tickets if the game ends up being played WITHOUT fans. Anyone else in the same boat? If the game is to be played without fans, I hope UND announces sooner than later as a lot of time and money goes into the planning of these trips. Ours is a group of six and we would all be traveling from different states. None of us has booked flights yet. Having said that, I'd guess UND/The Ralph would prefer to wait until the last possible moment to make this decision as they would stand to lose quite a bit of revenue, etc.
  6. Apparently Ed & Dayn Belfour have launched a liquor brand (Belfour Spirits) and will be hosting whiskey tastings/meet & greets in Fargo and Grand Forks this week... https://www.facebook.com/pg/belfourspirits/events/?ref=page_internal
  7. Belfour still battling issues with alcohol https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-legend-ed-belfour-arrested-in-kentucky-on-charges-of-mischief-intoxication-1.1433951
  8. It appears Allegiant has already added a second nonstop flight out of GF.
  9. Jersey Mike's (S. Columbia Rd) opened a few weeks ago and has been advertising all sorts of promotions to get people in. I like it better than the other places (Subway, Jimmy John's and Erbert & Gerbert). Also, Spud Jr (downtown EGF) had its soft opening this past weekend.
  10. I have no doubt the direct flights on Allegiant will sell out. My fear of booking out of Fargo and especially Grand Forks is that they’ll overbook and some unlucky fans will struggle to get to/from Nashville. It has happened with all the destination games thus far. Also, my conundrum is whether or not to jump on a cheaper flight I have been tracking or take a chance and wait for Southwest to release its prices/flight itineraries.
  11. I understand the convenience factor, but $500 round-trip for BASIC Allegiant flight is insane! Slightly less out of Fargo. And the dates have to be Thursday-Sunday.
  12. Tigirlily would be another nice option. I believe they are from Hazen, but currently live in Nashville. One of the band members will be graduating from UND soon.
  13. Quite honestly, considering only 2,000 tickets will be sold and we know THOUSANDS more UND fans will be in attendance, dang near every bar downtown Nashville will be packed with UND fans and country music, offering a similar experience without the hefty price tag (around $70 with TM fees).
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