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  2. I think for protesters, have a lot of flowers in the street. Then they should be fertilized liberally with aerial spray of liquid hog manure during the protest.
  3. The road had been closed for an hour. Hope the crowd got their hands on that truck driver. Such a stupid decision by him.
  4. Turning back to COVID and the impact on UND Could UND be looking at cutting again in the athletic department or will the previous cuts be enough?
  5. Walz are Frey are imbeciles, no leadership at all. America's cities are burning and the White House couldn't be more out of its element, no leadership whatsoever. You want real leadership in a time of crisis?....turn to Atlanta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO7z6m2os2g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLrbRppfX1k
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  7. walz? how about this mayor frey...never seen the guy much less heard him speak...absolutely clueless but says a lot of meaningfull words
  8. It also pokes holes in the theory that Antifa is behind Minneapolis' troubles. While they certainly are attempting to gain influence, radical groups (both left and right) do not have the numbers nor capability to foment the level of nation-wide chaos we're experiencing. Unfortunately political hacks (again, both left and right) will use any means to manipulate the public's perception of what the 'protester demographic' is. Truth is, the vast majority of violence is being perpetrated by ordinary idiots.....not radical groups nor professional protesters. Both my son and daughter went out last night to take in these protests, one in Madison the other Chicago. Both told me the same thing this morning - peaceful protest was hijacked by dumb-ass kids using the situation as an excuse to riot and break $hit;. Copy-cat violence.
  9. INDIVIDUALS WHO DIED WITH COVID-19 (Link) Man in his 90s from Cass County with underlying health conditions. COUNTIES WITH NEW POSITIVE CASES REPORTED TODAY Burleigh County – 1 Cass County – 20 Stark County – 1 Traill County – 1 BY THE NUMBERS 94,711 – Total Number of Tests Completed* (+2,084 total tests from yesterday) 72,040 – Total Unique Individuals Tested* (+1,059 unique individuals from yesterday) 69,463 – Total Negative (+1,036 unique individuals from yesterday) 2,577 – Total Positive (+23 unique individuals from yesterday) 1.1% – Daily Positivity Rate** 167 – Total Hospitalized (+2 individuals from yesterday) 36 – Currently Hospitalized (+2 individuals from yesterday) 1,959 – Total Recovered (+16 individuals from yesterday) 61 – Total Deaths*** (+1 individual from yesterday)
  10. Sorry MM- haven't checked the website much since the season ended. I am still in to honor my order. Living in the cities. How shall we go about getting you payment and getting this completed?
  11. The same Biden that said you aren't your own race if you don't fall in line and vote the way you're supposed to?
  12. The same Biden that says I don't need an AR?
  13. Reuters is reporting at least 13 Biden campaign staffers contributed donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund which is helping "protesters" get out of jail on bail.
  14. Indianapolis riots leave 3 dead. #saferathome #savelives
  15. I'm old enough to remember when the police arrested a woman for pushing her kid on a swing in the park a few weeks ago. At least the pandemic is over..
  16. Always enjoy watching the boys beat DU.
  17. Multiple reports of professional media today in the Twin Cities where they were asked if they were with Crowds on Demand. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C5CHFA_enUS503US503&sxsrf=ALeKk02A6oM9llpGuDqxSfLagflSNaQGRQ%3A1590869409222&ei=ob3SXvSSDdj0tAbP_oOoBA&q=crowds+on+demand&oq=crowds+on+demand&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIFCAAQxAIyAggAMgIIADICCAAyAggAMgIIADICCAAyBggAEBYQHjIGCAAQFhAeMgYIABAWEB46BAgAEEc6BAgjECc6BQgAEJECOgQIABBDOgUIABCDAToECAAQA1Dw9Q9Yo4wQYIWOEGgAcAV4AIAB2gGIAc0VkgEGMC4xNS4xmAEAoAEBqgEHZ3dzLXdpeg&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwi055SwstzpAhVYOs0KHU__AEUQ4dUDCAw&uact=5
  18. Interesting take since the majority of the "black man" in Fargo are refugees/new americans.
  19. Isn't that a normal Saturday Night in Fargo?* *That was a softball Cratter, had to knock it out of the park
  20. Fargo deserves this, it is what you get when you elect radical liberals. Maybe this will open some eyes. Funny thing is at the core of all of this it is white liberals that have kept the black man oppressed......
  21. The Sioux, fresh off their win over Duluth in the play-in game, take on Furious George and DU Pioneers in the Semifinals of the 2010 WCHA Final 5.
  22. Well the chaos in Fargo is mostly from paid anarchists. Buses sitting in the Kmart parking lot brought them here. JL Beers looted...... Oh....and the organizer of this "peaceful protest" is running for the city commission.
  23. Got my entertainment for the night. Watching KX4 broadcast the Fargo riots. One guy just put a bat down his pants.
  24. That is what they want, someone to react to their taunting. I was very impressed with many of the enforcement agencies across the country in the face of taunts right in front of their face designed to get them to react in a negative way. They want people to bite to give more fodder.
  25. Makes me want to head downtown Fargo tonight and knock some heads Agree with protest - disagree with violence
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