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2018 UND Recruiting

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33 minutes ago, Hawks_Win_Again said:

Along those lines....Hope our new AD will want one of HIS first action items to be

phase 2 of HPC completed ASAP....  GO HAWKS. 

What is the cost of phase 2?  Northwestern 270 million wow. The big Metro areas have an advantage. 

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12 hours ago, Mama Sue said:

Recruiting.... competition.... the cost of college sports and keeping “current”.....U of M just opened the new Athelte’s Village facility. It cost $166 million for the 750 student athletes....

There is Charlie and Kathy Cunningham Basketball Development Center ( separate floors for men and women with  sound engineered floors on the courts to minimize sound), the Land ‘O Lakes Center for Excellence, the David and Jsnis Larson Football Performance Center (16,000 SQ)which is connected to the Indoor Practice Facility ( two buildings here folks), and the football complex has 34 study rooms. A new track facility opens this fall.

Northwestern in Michigan will open a $270 million complex this summer. Just saying...recruiting....competition.... the cost of college sports and keeping current....


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