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  1. If you like craft beer, West Michigan has some of the best in the country. Otherwise I’m not sure that Kalamazoo itself has a lot to offer besides the hockey game. The arena is nothing to write home about, either.
  2. UNDfaninMICH

    2019 Season

    Oh, I misread your initial post on this. I read it as you were the one who forgot to switch accounts.
  3. UNDfaninMICH

    2019 Season

    Shouldn’t be that hard... Also, seriously?
  4. If you are into beer, a trek up to Grand Rapids is a must.
  5. What kind of whiskey are you into, Goon? I’ve been looking for someone to do a little Happy Harry’s shopping for me. In exchange I could bring back some store picks from this region on my annual trek to chase ditch parrots.
  6. Anybody making the trip? Maybe a little West Michigan beer tourism as well? I’ll be there tonight.
  7. Have you played at a TopGolf before? Sooo much fun. The last time I visited one was in Scottsdale a couple of winters ago. We ended up having to pay to be VIP members in order to jump the line. We were told that otherwise they’d get us a slot at about 2 AM, and it was before 10 PM when we checked in.
  8. That’s knuckle up, Gundy.
  9. I wonder if the typo made it to the actual shirts?
  10. I liked it when they said we’re moving to the MVFC and joining several of our in-state rivals, including NDSU, SDSU, and USD.
  11. I always felt that N-C-Double-A was for oldsters.
  12. UNDfaninMICH

    2018 Season

    While I hear you about the offense, I’d have much more concern if all 3 those guys were still playing football somewhere. Two weren’t lost to other football teams, right?
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