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  1. “Cliff Van Leuven, TSA's Federal Security Director for Minnesota, spoke with Houska and apologized for the agent's actions and "insensitive" comment, according to the statement. In an email to TSA employees at the airport, Van Leuven confirmed the incident happened exactly as described by Houska.” From an article about the incident posted on CNN.
  2. If you’re into beer, Bell’s brewery is a must in K-zoo. If you want to road trip, hit Founder’s in Grand Rapids. Those are two of the best breweries in the country IMO. Air Zoo in Portage is an aerospace museum, I’ve never visited.
  3. Others have said it before, but it bears repeating. We lost by 3 to the #3 team in country, on the road! It’s hard for a game to be any closer than that. Aren’t lower ranked teams supposed to lose away games to higher ranked teams? I don’t understand how anyone can argue that Saturday’s performance makes them think that we’re worse than they thought we were. It seems like these pollsters try to do too much projecting of how the playoff committee will vote, rather than actually rate teams by strength.
  4. I would like to see a trophy for football, because that’s the one sport I can think of that has one regular season meeting to make for a clear winner of the trophy I also like the idea of an all-sports trophy, but I’m not convinced that having one will increase interest in sports that don’t already have much interest.
  5. The main broadcast is streaming on ESPN+.
  6. If it’s not meant to be a snub, why does the beak look the way it does?
  7. Get him on campus and into Geography 101.
  8. If you like craft beer, West Michigan has some of the best in the country. Otherwise I’m not sure that Kalamazoo itself has a lot to offer besides the hockey game. The arena is nothing to write home about, either.
  9. UNDfaninMICH

    2019 Season

    Oh, I misread your initial post on this. I read it as you were the one who forgot to switch accounts.
  10. UNDfaninMICH

    2019 Season

    Shouldn’t be that hard... Also, seriously?
  11. If you are into beer, a trek up to Grand Rapids is a must.
  12. UNDfaninMICH


    What kind of whiskey are you into, Goon? I’ve been looking for someone to do a little Happy Harry’s shopping for me. In exchange I could bring back some store picks from this region on my annual trek to chase ditch parrots.
  13. Anybody making the trip? Maybe a little West Michigan beer tourism as well? I’ll be there tonight.
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