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  1. Looks like around 400 tickets left on ticketmaster. If I counted right anyway.... c'mon people buy em up.
  2. Knowing absolutely nothing other than he's a very tough human being and good role model, I wouldn't think this is necessary anything related to the game on Saturday... Doesn't seem like he would be the one the "break it to us"
  3. Is there any mention anywhere when or if Bubba and the team knew he was transferring? Since we haven't been playing, he could've let them know awhile ago and is just releasing it. Or maybe it's mutual? Either way, he was fun to watch, but next man up. Let's finally get that monkey off our backs and get a W Saturday.
  4. I'm gonna stay optimistic until I hear otherwise. Does it say anywhere how many tested positive? Any chance of false positives? How deep does contact tracing go? Lot of unknowns, at least for me.
  5. Agreed. It doesn't matter your thoughts on covid, the rules were set before the season, not gonna change in the middle of the season. At least this will give us some time to lick our wounds and heal up before playing. I doubt there's any confidence issues with the team, but playing at home after a loss is always a nice way to help get back on track. Let's heal up, shift focus to MO St, and get ready to make the Alerus Center nice and loud on April 3rd.
  6. I know we offered him originally, was it academic reasons as to why he chose Iowa Western?
  7. Anyone else really disappointed in our defense last two games? I thought we gave up too much to WIU, then we just got man handled last week. Offense made its share of mistakes, but if defense would've kept it closer I think we would've had a chance. Will say I saw quite a few questionable spots/no calls, but that's through my kelly green glasses and definitely not why we lost. Let's win the next two and see what unfolds.
  8. Gonna be in Vegas this Saturday and Salt Lake City the next. With the Espn3 hookup might actually have some options of watching our next two games somewhere. At least I know at a minimum I got my laptop in the hotel room. Anyone got any suggestions? Mainly wondering about SLC, got an idea on my Vegas options.
  9. I think what I like best about that list is how many guys are on it. Really spreading the ball around.
  11. 34-17 Good guys, USD scores first and last points of the game, we control the game in between. Siegel gets his first INT. Anyone notice Navratil is leading us in tackles so far? Exciting to see a lot of young guys like him playing well this early.
  12. He's on our sideline every game so I'm thinking he helps with football too.
  13. I'm thinking we'll be #7/8 range, but I'm more interested in seeing how we come back on a short week against a good team after a big win. If we're wanting to be a top team, this is the type of game we should be in control of right from the start.
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