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  1. I thought our guys never had any other offers?!?!?!?!!?! Sucks, but I guess it is a positive that it's for a FBS school.
  2. This feels like we're doing a franchise draft on Madden and going all offense. Would like to see some guys on D, but it's still way too early to say how the overall class will look. I do like the guys we've gotten so far tho. Let's keep it rolling.
  3. Stick was 5th round.....Don't need to give them any extra credit.
  4. We might as well proceed as if the season will go on as scheduled until we know otherwise, mainly to help keep our sanity. Here's my thoughts on this season and the schedule. -4 must win games (Valpo, Missouri St, @WIU, @Portland St) -2 road games at Youngstown and Illinois St...must win 1 -Must win 2 of 3 at home vs SDSU, USD, SIU -2 likely tough road losses @Kan St, NDSU 7-4 overall, 4-1 at home 3-3 on the road. Pretty realistic to me. Hopefully we can do better than this tho and we're talking about playoff seeding/positioning in November and not just playoff chances.
  5. 7 "State" schools on the schedule, let's just beat all them.
  6. Any NG, DE or DB we are still looking at for next signing period?
  7. One thing with Nelson is that maybe he came here to play with his brother and didn't want to redshirt.
  8. so I know games can ebb and flow, but AP got dominated by the box score, 24-10....197 yards passing 0 yards rushing......and basically 100 yards came on a 1 play TD and a fake punt....not trying to be sarcastic, but just wondering what part of AP you were impressed with?
  9. Hopefully he has a good weekend up here....and that he's not the only one. Would like to see some more commits from the weekend.
  10. I show about 20-25 prospects listed on 2021 wiki? Is that what you've pieced back together so far? I'll copy it would be helpful. I enjoy looking at it as well and definitely appreciate the efforts.
  11. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    Correct. The year we'd all like to forget.
  12. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    If we're trying to get injury redshirts let's talk about one for Donnell Rodgers for 2017. I know 0% chance but how awesome would that be. I think he's gonna be the hardest guy to replace next year.
  13. Found a comment on Nicholls bid. Reading into that I'd say their bid was around 100k is my guess. Just found it interesting "Athletic Director Matt Roan confirmed to the Courier and Daily Comet prior to the selection show that Nicholls did submit a bid to host multiple rounds, similar to the bid they placed — and won with — last season. Nicholls offered a winning bid of $80,000 in guaranteed money to the NCAA in 2018, and while he did not give a specific number, Roan said this year's bid was slightly more competitive but in the same range." Full article: https://www.houmatoday.com/news/20191124/nicholls-to-host-north-dakota-in-opening-round-of-fcs-playoffs
  14. Ok so we're in...now let's make some noise.
  15. The last couple seeds could definitely be interesting. NDSU, JMU, Weber St., Montana St., Montana are probably locks at this point. Montana blown out, but still only 3 losses and still better on paper than other teams fighting for a seed IMO. Illinois St lost and looked terrible. SDSU on the ropes against USD. Sac St currently down against UC Davis. Leaves the door open for some teams. Would the committee reward UNI? Monmouth? Central Arkansas? Villanova? or stick with ISU/SDSU/Sac St.
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