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  1. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    I do feel like we will go 9-2 or 8-3 and put ourselves back on the map in the regular season. I'm just hoping it was a combination of extremely bad luck on injuries and being too early in the upcoming to have enough depth. The depth chart having young OL in it hopefully says more about the strength of the 2016 class, as well as the potential of the 2017-18 classes more so than our OL being weak. DL should be back after somewhat of a disappointing 2017. ILB is worlds better, OLB has enough athletes to be good. More experience at CB. RB as good as it ever has been, QB competition should lead to better QB play. WR has the provens in Toivonen/Wanzek/Stanley(hopefully) plus Maag ( who I thought was a huge get since he committed and I watched his tape.....hopefully Kenny Golladay 2.0, but stays 4 years. And we've added the speedsters in Izzy/Greibel/McKinney, now's the time for them to produce. TE's.......potentially the best kept secret in FCS since we don't use them enough in the passing game.
  2. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    true, technically 2nd round.......doesn't make me feel any better.....
  3. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    2018 Prediction: 11-0, #1 seed, get upset in the first round of the playoffs.............Just trying to find out a more demoralizing way of ending this season than 2016 and 2017 combined..
  4. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    As sad as it will be watching John and Brady graduate, it could be quite consoling to watch JJ hammer out 15-20 carries a game in 2019. Also nice to see Weah has looked good, and hopefully they can still add a quality RB recruit to this upcoming class.
  5. SkoHawks

    2019 UND Recruiting

    This happens......but only after two weeks??? If you were serious enough to commit, I'd hope that you seriously thought about it and it meant something and if you were to change your mind it'd take more thinking than two weeks.......
  6. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    If we went 7-4 and beat Sam Houston, they'd probably be lobbying for us as it'd make them look better.
  7. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    If this truly is the case, I almost hope we don't see it until Sam Houston....should piss pound MVSU no matter what we do and don't have a chance against Washington so maybe hold that close to the vest until we have a game we could really benefit from throwing in some surprises.
  8. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    The Sam Houston game has the feel of the South Dakota game. We win or are in a close game, we should have a decent/good season. We get the !@#$ kicked out of us and we're in for a long season.
  9. SkoHawks

    2019 UND Recruiting

    I've also wondered if he could be a situational blocking TE or hell maybe even FB. Seems like he'd be able to excel in that role, although maybe not as much playing.
  10. SkoHawks

    5 Players Poised For A Breakout 2018 Season

    1. Cam Hunt- showed flashes last year, stays healthy this year and has a big year. 2. Alex Cloyd- big time recruit/athlete finally puts it together along with Rudolph learning what a TE is and Ketteringham finding him. 3. Ketteringham- whoever wins the QB battle is hopefully gonna break out, and I'm thinking Nate's the guy. 4. Sequin- hopefully all 4 of him, Ott, Morrison, and Honerlaw become studs, but I'm gonna pick Sequin here as the guy who breaks out first. 5. Blubaugh/Nelson- I'm gonna cheat here and pick 2, neither of these guys are expected to start, but Nelson just seems like a straight up bulldog who makes plays and will find the field. I still think Blubaugh was a real good recruit who just got thrown into the fire too early. I think he's a guy who lives football and improves drastically in year 2. It just seems too easy for holm and harris to be good enough and healthy to lock down the position all year.
  11. SkoHawks

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Fair points above....but at least someone in the coaching staff has to have realized how bad it is for our program to not recruit QBs regularly...had to waste Studrud's first year, and then didn't seem to have any depth behind him when he got injured. The school to the south seems to recruit highly touted QB's in every class, knowing the value of quality depth at the position. I realize we probably aren't going to land a highly touted QB every year with our system, but I haven't even seen many offers for some either, at least this year. Can't get any if you don't try. Disclaimer: I will give credit to the staff for getting more transfer QBs in, our depth at QB is probably the best it's been with this coaching staff, but still we should be recruiting one quality QB and one RB every year, then we really only need to hit on them every 2-4 years.
  12. SkoHawks

    2019 UND Recruiting

    So......Are we even going to try for a QB in this class or just pick up one last minute again? Doesn't seem like I've read about much interest or offers for one. Other than that and the fact I wish we had more commits at this point, I'm liking how the class is shaping up. Always nice to get some local/in-state kids, grab a couple hogs for the OL, and Riviere was a really big get for us, and if I recall correctly was one of the first players we offered.
  13. SkoHawks

    2018-19 Season

    I'll miss watching Geno play for UND this year, but if him leaving somehow leads to Jones gone sooner, that'll honestly more than make up for it to me. Geno's a good player, but I'm not sure we were built to make a big run this year anyway. Maybe it's a case of grass is always greener, but I just think we can do better than Jones. I've never been impressed with him and don't think he conducts himself that professionally on the sidelines (seems like he's always whining and over-reacting).
  14. SkoHawks

    Buy or Sell

    Considering I hope we're playing 15 games next year.....Easy Buy on both.....
  15. SkoHawks

    Spring Ball 2018

    Don't forget about Cam Hunt at ILB too....as it stands now the overall depth and presumably play at ILB should be a lot better than last season barring *gulp* injuries...