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  1. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    What happened to DE Honerlaw again? Injury right, but was it career ending?
  2. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    In order to break up the theme of mediocre predictions. I'm predicting 8-3 this year. Losses at SU, EWU, and a random game that they shouldn't and we'll wonder what happened. also keep in mind that teams can fluctuate from year to year, maybe UC Davis isn't the team they were last year, same with Weber, Mont St, etc...yes on paper right now, tough schedule, but I also think we'll be a tough team.
  3. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    I feel like there's a lack of experienced depth on the OL, but not necessarily a lack of talent. I don't think OL will be a weakness, I'm expecting a few guys to break out. Projected starting OL looks good to me plus one of Helgren/Russo, Ventrelli is talented, Mortels solid if he can get healthy, and Nguon is a Swiss army knife that can be used in about any OL position, very valuable.
  4. 4. In case you want to visit Emerson, Manitoba after the game, it's about an hour and a half from the stadium. lol......
  5. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    Had a nightmare we lost to Drake and it was so awful to watch. Woke up in a panic. But since I've read some articles and gotten pumped back up again. Man am I excited for the season. I'm loving this coverage from the Herald, they've stepped it up this year. Also always love most of the content from this board.
  6. Who knows if jdub's theory is right or not( if they were still pursuing him), but honestly most schools probably only target a certain number at each position give or take in each class. Obviously you don't just offer your top rated recruit at each position and wait until he commits somewhere. You somewhat flock shoot, maybe you offer your top 5 at the position, obviously you want #1 to commit, but if #4-5 commits and you haven't heard anything from #1, you're probably gonna take the commitment from the guy who wants to be here and maybe that means you don't have room for a scholarship for that #1 guy anymore. Sure if #1 calls and says he'd come, but it means you have to tell the current commit he's got no scholly offer you surely could, but I'd rather recruit with integrity where if you commit to an offer, we'll stand by it. Regardless still a very nice get for NDSU. Congrats, see you Sept. 7th.
  7. F. .......not really expecting too much action on the recruiting front, but at least the season is getting closer. Can't wait.
  8. That was Reagan Jones. Said he was announcing commitment 8/7. QB/Athlete out of Kansas
  9. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    Could see a lot of shirts pulled this year given the 15 or so games we'll play this year....
  10. I see quote on herald article Boltmann getting reps as holder on FG's..... honestly he should be #1 holder it he's any good as his speed and passing ability would set up fakes beautifully. Obviously you don't fake FG much....but the threat would impact things
  11. First things first, I'd like to see enough of Grover. Also they'll wanna get Zim some time. If we see any Schuster this year that probably means we're having a really good or a really bad season.
  12. If Ott were able to get healthy and recover, any chance he could move to an LB spot down the road? Might not be as hard on his knees that way.
  13. Thanks. good build. lot of RB highlights too, I like LB's that are athletic enough to play some RB.
  14. "Some guys we are watching are Nate Valcarcel, Jaylen Devries, Bo Belquist, and Wyatt Pedigo. - und360-kelly" Who's Wyatt Pedigo? Also, noteworthy....from one of the QB offers, Reagan Jones tweeted this last week.
  15. Over/under 4 more commits after Thursdays elite camp? Hoping for the over, would love to add some skill guys to the nice collection of Hogs developing in this class.
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