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  1. It's good to see the alerus center/UND trying new things, but I feel like they really missed the mark on it by overpricing it, especially for the first year. We only seem to get 5 home games a year, so you're paying $160 per seat per game. I enjoy the end zone view, but it's not that much better that I'm willing to pay 6-7 times more than my other seats. Not to mention I personally don't even like most high top seating so I'd end up wanting to stand anyway.
  2. Zach Yon from Thompson committed to us. Don't think it's been mentioned. Probably a PWO LB if I had to guess.
  3. Not to mention the INT he threw the previous drive.... nothing wrong with staying alive for the next play until it's 4th down.
  4. I haven't seen anything about Luna, but Twitter bio showing committed as PWO to Wisconsin
  5. Any idea if Noah Larson is coming back for sure? Wasn't talked about or listed on projected 2022 starters during Midco's signing day special. Hoping just some paperwork or something that they couldn't talk about it officially.
  6. Success of the school to the south combined with the watering down of talent in FCS by teams leaving for FBS has ruined my expectations. I wouldn't even be happy with this. Playoff runs almost every year and occasional titles. I understand I'm probably unrealistic tho. Very good post tho, well said.
  7. Players leaving creates opportunities, so who do you hope or think capitalizes the most on the departures of each of these specific players? Quinton Sequin Quinn Urweiler Caleb Nelson Sam Robertson That one RB that left.
  8. But don't you have an extra year of eligibility from COVID? Jk. Really appreciate all the work you did for it.
  9. Tried to learn about him from his profile and couldn't get anywhere, but If he's actually 6'4 and runs 4.4 ...sign me up
  10. Otis is good and I'll miss watching him if he leaves, but IMO Smith is better receiver and already has better vision as a runner. Add in Ziebarth, Skokna, Creighton Mitchell returning. RB is the least of my worries with this team.
  11. I never voted because my expectations are to be better than FCS top 10....every year this time it takes like only one maybe two actual games for ndsu to get to Frisco....tired of this !@#$...
  12. I think no matter where you stand on Bubba or the portal, we can all agree if only EA Sports would restart NCAA Football for playstation/Xbox we'd all be able to tell what the problem is and we'd get our championship eventually.
  13. Using Participation page, which doesn't appear to be 100% accurate. Jaden Norby played 9 games, Ziebarth played 3, McNeal and Schultz played 2. Handful of others played one. So only Norby would have used his this year. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Nice. highlight videos look good, but any idea how fast Caden Dennis actually is?
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