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  1. SkoHawks


    I could go for a tide pod right about now
  2. SkoHawks

    ISU Predictions

    Blubaugh pick 6.....Bennett 3 sacks...good guys win
  3. I'm a farmer. I'll take donations of alcohol or thoughts and prayers.
  4. By quick math Cam 34 touches 183 yards 1 TDs Brock 17 touches 196 yards 3 TDs So far Brock's shown more big play ability, but both have good numbers. Let's keep getting both the ball in scenarios they can be successful.
  5. Other time he ran he had both on. Noticed in EWU TD run he had no gloves on. So probably more of something random than a tell.
  6. Few random comments. Great team win. Rewatched part of game this morning. 1. Noticed on play Boltmann was looking to throw (then ran for nice gain) he had his right glove off. Something opposing defenses could potentially key on down the stretch for a read run/pass. Not sure if it'll ever matter, just an observation. Love the way he's played/been utilized so far. Also shows the value of recruiting HS QB's, they are usually one of the best athletes on their teams so if they can't stick at QB they probably can contribute at other positions. 2. Good bounce back game from Nate, did enough to get us a Win. Hope to see that kind of play continue/improve. 3. Was kind of disappointed with the last drive of the 1st half. We get the ball at the 18 with 1:24 left and 2 timeouts. UC Davis had 3 timeouts so I understand why we ran the ball first two plays. But after two very nice runs by JJ, we call timeout with 24 seconds left at the 44 yard line. At that point I'm thinking you need to try for some points. Instead we give it to Mckinney and allow clock to run out. We had them backpedaling, offense was clicking, points on that drive really could have took the wind out of their sails. 4. Leach WOW, Peterson Woof.
  7. I like Kett, but what's starting to grow on me are as follows....he panics too fast in the pocket and normally just backs up instead of throwing it away or scrambling, he can't seem to avoid sacks, his throwing motion is pretty long, he doesn't seem to take shots down field enough. Obviously it's possible not all of this is his fault, maybe our OL should do better, maybe our WR aren't separating enough, maybe the coaches have some blame. Just starting to feel like our offense was clicking better with Zim/Schuster.... Zim took more shots, Schuster more mobile. Just look at the sacks allowed per game by QB. Whatever it takes, let's just find a way to string some wins together.
  8. I'm going to have fun no matter what, but if we lose this game because of poor QB play by Kett for 4 quarters. I'm not watching if he's starting the following week against Idaho St.
  9. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    I'm not sure it's necessarily a full blown talent issue, but more so not maximizing the talent we have had. Most would agree our classes have seemed to have gotten better the last few years. Hoping we can finish strong like we did last year, almost feel like we need to in order to match last year's class. The main things that I feel have haunted us are in game management, special teams, and maybe playing with a lack of fire/urgency/emotion at times. Also, an interesting look at scores quarter by quarter so far this season. Quarter US Opp 1st 31 28 2nd 9 35 3rd 41 17 4th 20 23 Totals 101 103
  10. SkoHawks

    next up EWU

    Anyone going to the game Saturday or ever been to Cheney/Spokane area? Any tips? Friend of mine moved to Seattle so 2 of us gonna visit him and incorporate the game into it.
  11. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    “The next two weeks are not season-defining but are important, nonetheless. The Eagles are ranked #11 in the country and the following week UND gets #4 UC-Davis at home for Homecoming.“ -UNDFB360 I see nothing about this quote that even gives any expectations. Whether we go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2, there's still a lot of season to be played thus it's not season-defining. Can't get too high or too low. They just say it's important, which they are, even if you expect to win them. I have as high of expectations as anyone, it's time for deep playoff runs, not just to make the playoffs. Find me whatever combination of coaches/players it takes to achieve this. Until it happens, I'm still gonna cheer this team on week in and week out.
  12. SkoHawks

    SH Game Day

    What's the opinion on the level of difference between Schuster and Grover? Obviously we're all hoping for Kett/Zimm (apparently unlikely?) to both get healthy, but just curious on people's thoughts. Sure would like to be able to save the redshirt on Schuster. Cedric Who???
  13. 38-10... We win 2018 Montana style. Sick of hearing tough schedule. Let's be the tough team on opponents schedules.
  14. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    What happened to DE Honerlaw again? Injury right, but was it career ending?
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