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  1. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    Correct. The year we'd all like to forget.
  2. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    If we're trying to get injury redshirts let's talk about one for Donnell Rodgers for 2017. I know 0% chance but how awesome would that be. I think he's gonna be the hardest guy to replace next year.
  3. Found a comment on Nicholls bid. Reading into that I'd say their bid was around 100k is my guess. Just found it interesting "Athletic Director Matt Roan confirmed to the Courier and Daily Comet prior to the selection show that Nicholls did submit a bid to host multiple rounds, similar to the bid they placed — and won with — last season. Nicholls offered a winning bid of $80,000 in guaranteed money to the NCAA in 2018, and while he did not give a specific number, Roan said this year's bid was slightly more competitive but in the same range." Full article: https://www.houmatoday.com/news/20191124/nicholls-to-host-north-dakota-in-opening-round-of-fcs-playoffs
  4. Ok so we're in...now let's make some noise.
  5. The last couple seeds could definitely be interesting. NDSU, JMU, Weber St., Montana St., Montana are probably locks at this point. Montana blown out, but still only 3 losses and still better on paper than other teams fighting for a seed IMO. Illinois St lost and looked terrible. SDSU on the ropes against USD. Sac St currently down against UC Davis. Leaves the door open for some teams. Would the committee reward UNI? Monmouth? Central Arkansas? Villanova? or stick with ISU/SDSU/Sac St.
  6. Elon comes back and beats Towson!! would think that would eliminate Towson or at the very least help us anyway.
  7. New Hampshire beats Maine. Elon just scored to make it 19-20 against Towson going into the 4th Qtr. (idk why they didnt go for 2) false start on 2 PT attempt and they just decide to kick the XP
  8. that INT was worse than Nate's!!!
  9. Montana St up 24-0 over Montana in 2nd Qtr.
  10. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    Too true. We need to get in the playoffs and win a couple games so we can start getting the benefit of the doubt in this scenario and for getting love in early season polls.
  11. SkoHawks

    2019 Season

    Seriously, what's the love for Maine? Yeah, they've won 4 straight, but their best win is Albany. Just beat 2-9 Rhode Island by 4 after coming back in the 4th quarter at home.
  12. I saw an article last year about Nicholls St getting home games with bids of $50k in 2017 and $80k in 2018. They got matched with South Dakota in 2017 who allegedly bid only one thousand less. All depends who you get matched up with.
  13. As of right now there's only 2 auto bids that aren't ranked above us I believe. San Diego in Pioneer league and whoever wins the Patriot league. All the others are currently in top 25. So just looking at rankings we'd need to get to #22. Take out Ivy league since they don't participate as well as MEAC winner who would opt for Celebration bowl (3 teams currently) Our current #26 position would technically be #23. However this is all just based off the coaches poll and we have no idea what the actual committee is going to do.
  14. Correct. He already commented about Pioneer league so I didn't mention them again. We just have to keep winning, that's all we can control now. One positive is #23 SE Louisiana plays #24 Nicholls St on the 21st. So there's one team we should jump. Hopefully a few more in that range lose too.
  15. The Patriot league winner will get an autobid therefore stealing a spot from someone in the top 24 teams. If it was simply top 24 teams make playoffs the Patriot league would be left out this year. Just a way I analyze where we might sit as far as playoffs.
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