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  1. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    Was just wondering to myself how the freshman class is sitting with the number of games played so far, given the new redshirt rule. So here's a list of how many games each have played (if they have). Obviously we knew Hinders and Peterson weren't redshirting, and that there was a very high chance that Maag wouldn't be either. Maybe if Mortel didn't get hurt we could've kept Waletzko's shirt in tact, but was probably getting pulled regardless, looks to be for sure now that he'll play in more than 4 games this year. With the development of Blubaugh, the play of Holm and Harris, I'm hoping we can keep Odom's shirt in tact (as well as everyone else not mentioned yet). If we need some Snaps, Odom could still play in one more game, plus Siegel could play 3 more, otherwise, some other upperclassmen can fill in when it's not Holm/Harris/Blubaugh out there. (Got info from UND's stats page and it's possible there could be an error or two either by me or the page) Ross Hinders LS 5-11 200 Fr. Johnston, Iowa / Johnston 6 Cade Peterson P 6-1 180 Fr. Kewaskum, Wis. / Kewaskum 6 Garett Maag WR 6-4 200 Fr. Inver Grove Heights, Minn. / St. Croix Lutheran 6 Jacob Odom DB 6-0 175 Fr. Wheaton, Ill. / Wheaton-Warrenville 3 Matt Waletzko OL 6-7 320 Fr. Cold Spring, Minn. / Rocori 3 Ted Mullin LB 6-1 195 Fr. Littleton, Colo. / Columbine 2 Jaelen Johnson DL 6-2 225 Fr. Greendale, Wis. / Greendale 2 Following 8 players have all played in just one game- Caden White, CJ Siegel , Mike Bruner , Kadon Kauppinen, Otis Weah , Beau Foix , Griffin Lickfeldt , Noah Sickler There are 8 true freshman who have yet to play.
  2. SkoHawks

    2018 attendance

    Make the drinking age inside the Alerus 18...... kidding.... attendance for Weber game will be interesting, need a good showing from the students to have a good number especially with a few season ticket holders gone to Vegas.
  3. SkoHawks

    FCS Football Polls

    We gave too much of a reason to doubt us last year, voters must still be a little too gun-shy to pull the trigger on us. Just keep winning and it'll all work out. Also, there's no way in hell you could actually explain to me logic of UNI using the results up until this point in the season.
  4. SkoHawks

    UND - Montana Game Day Thread

    Noticed we had 3 guys on the next punt after the block...Montana only brought one guy up the middle, only one guy attempted to block him and looked like he almost blocked the punt. Why do we let these rushers come completely untouched up the middle, the closest route to the punter? I've always hated this punt formation, but it's probably because we don't seem to run the blocking all that effectively.
  5. SkoHawks

    UND-Griz Predictions

    38-17 Hawks....setting us up perfectly for a huge letdown game at Sac St the following week.
  6. SkoHawks

    FCS Football Polls

    How far will the Grizz shoot up the polls this week with a quality loss this Saturday? That's what I wanna know!!
  7. SkoHawks

    FCS Football Polls

    Always interesting to see different polls and UND in them, but I'm kind of confused how Missouri St would jump 34 spots to #9 with a loss to South Dakota and Elon drops 5 spots after beating JMU.
  8. SkoHawks

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    were they actually 30 point underdogs? They were 9/10 in the polls, I thought I saw the line was around 10?
  9. SkoHawks

    2018 Season

    With Mortel only playing in 3 games (I believe) and already using a redshirt, would he be in line for a medical redshirt if he applies?
  10. SkoHawks


    Status?? Also why didn't they set up both at the same time? Seems like that would've made sense to me, but just curious.
  11. SkoHawks

    Idaho State

    Our offense always seems to find a period of time where they can't move the ball which in turn tends to wear out our defense which leads to us not really blowing teams away that often. Let's hope we can change that, no better time to start than this week.
  12. SkoHawks

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Montana hangs on late and beats UNI 26-23. UNI loves stacking up those quality losses.
  13. SkoHawks

    Washington vs Auburn

    I have NDTC for cable and they have a free preview of PAC 12 network that is going on. If you have any type of cable I'd check and see if that's going on for your provider as well. Also, maybe that means it'll be on the PAC 12 app.
  14. SkoHawks


    I would say if you had to compare our team right now to any game last year, it would be the Missouri State game. If you use that game as a reference, it shows that we should be able to handle this team easily. We were able to beat a team by 34 that went in on the road and beat a team that beat MVSU by 52 points. Granted it is only a few games, but on paper this one shouldn't be close. I know they are hoping to be an improved team, but so are we. Now let's just show up and play a clean game. Scores from 2017 (home team bold) UND 34 Missouri St 0 NDSU 38 Missouri St 11 Missouri St 36 Southern Illinois 28 NDSU 72 MVSU 7 Southern Illinois 55 MVSU 3
  15. SkoHawks

    2018 Fall Camp

    If I even learn the name of any of their players, I'm going to be disappointed. We shouldn't even notice them on the field if we are hoping to be a playoff team or contender.