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2023 National Championship Game: Quinnipiac vs. Minnesota

Kevin G

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26 minutes ago, Wilbur said:

Minnesota kind of in hold on mode.  Not really their game.  

Their defending below the dots though has gotten extremely better under Motzko.  They are doing a great job in lanes and blocking shots. 

And it's tied....

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Haven't seen Minnesota play that style all year so weird to go to it in the biggest game and it cost them

Said all year I wasn't sure on Close and he gives up the incredibly weak one to tie it

Not sure on that penalty on Cooley agree with the ref closest to the play there, but Gopher fans should be more upset with the no call on I think it was Nevers coming out of the corner who got hooked on the hands and couldn't get a full ice clear like 30 seconds before the goal

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Just now, Username Taken said:

If it wasn’t for the blatant high stick I would have agreed that it was a wash. Call them both or call nothing, but the high stick did stand out.

Exactly, I don’t think it was going to get called if not for the high stick.

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Just now, Sweethockey said:

They both should have gotten 2 with Cooley getting a 5 for unsportsmanlike conduct. For popping him twice in the head 

Haha I agree with give them both the 2 or give them both nothing, the 5 part of this has to be a joke right?

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