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Clowns @ Hawks -- Saturday Break Out The Brooms Edition


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1 minute ago, brianvf said:

Completely dominate a period and get outscored 1-0...heading to the 3rd down 2-1.

But here is where I think you see the difference of past teams and this team. Everything was around the perimeter.  Where did St. Cloud get their 2nd goal, from garbage time out front, and he is a small player. I saw people skating away from the front of the St. Cloud net on many occasions, when they could be screening the goalie for a shot from the point.  Need to get to the dirty areas in the third and either take away the goalies eyes or get a garbage goal.  It is like our 5 on 5 is the same as our power play, only St. Cloud has enough guys to defend.

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28 minutes ago, Vegas_Sioux said:

puck was open clear and dreger f'd up and won't admit it.

That was a bad call and then he had the audacity to yell at the players for being upset. 

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