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UND Fighting Hawks vs. Alabama Huntsville - FRIDAY Gameday


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1-0 Shutout win.

Cam gets the UND record and yet another shutout.
Almost 40sog and only 1 goal to show for it doesn't do much for the offensive numbers against a weaker opponent.

A win is a win though, so hopefully the boys are a bit better at finishing tomorrow!

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3 minutes ago, cowboys5xsbs said:

HOBEY BAKER!!!  Too soon?

Definitely an impressive streak.  Similar to the BC goalie and the UMD goalie streaks from earlier this season.

If Cags had any Hobey aspirations, they took a hit tonight with 0 points against a team that was overmatched.
Shows just how special that CBS line is...each player does their role.

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I know it was just Alabama-Huntsville but I woke up this morning thinking "FINALLY IT'S GAMEDAY AGAIN!"  So much fun!!!!
I didn't think UND played bad at all to be honest....I thought they played hard but were perhaps a bit rusty, and couldn't finish some plays that they would've normally finished. First game back from break explains that! I know I'll be a bit rusty in regards to school when I return, but I get a thing called "syllabus week" to re-acclimate myself :lol: 
A win is a win, as we all know. Not too much complaining from me tonight!

**I'm headed to a Quinnipiac basketball game tomorrow (Saturday 1/2) as something to do, but will absolutely be wearing my North Dakota Hockey shirt, to show those stupid Robertcats who's the boss.**

Let's go Sioux/Hawks!

**Irrelevant to the UND-UAH game, but gotta put those Robertcats in their place.**

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55 minutes ago, Frozen4sioux said:

Game was disjointed, but just what they need to get back after break.

cam was awesome.

the cross slot feed to the  UAH player in the last minute ....almost soiled the seat.


Who was it that did that? That just about cost them the game.

23 minutes ago, Irish said:

The boys worked hard tonight and Cam was great, but if we don't find anyone else other than the top line that can finish it will come back to bite us.  Very disappointed in some that should be scoring this year.

It shows how good the CBS line is, and how screwed we are if one of them gets hurt.

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UAH played their game and sucked back in their shell due to it being a close game. Both goalies were very good. Gardner to took a hard shot off his hand. The fact he didn't come after that isn't a good sign. Even when Nick and Brock get back Simo needs to be this team's 2nd line center. LJ IMO is no better than a 4th line center if Rhett is healthy. He started on the top line and was quickly replaced by #10. Wilke continues to do very little as does Gersich. JJ when asked to play top 6 has looked decent. Pogs will make the UAH highlight film as he got blown up multiple times. If UND struggles to night to score that might cement the fact that this season will only go as far as the CBS line can carry them. Our D was solid with the exception of Shaw. Cam......well what can a person say......he is on a special run.  I expect tonight to be a 5-0 or 6-1 type game.

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