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SIOUX vs. GOPHERS - Thursday, F4 Philly style Gameday


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I'm no expert, but I think that means that we're going to beat Union 5-2.

My daughter got diagnosed with strep throat yesterday so im guessing sioux gonna win it all cause thats how it works. Years from now ill be telling ill never forget #8 because thats when my daughter had strep throat. Thats how crazy stuff works dont ask me how but it just does


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You mean KVLY isn't doing a half an hour pregame show with ex players eating food at a dark restaurant retelling their stories of greatness and setting up the game?

Somebody call Brian Schaan or whatever his name is.....

Brian Shawn is actually a UND grad. You would never know with the way he is on the air and on twitter.


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Sloppy Joes...check.

Chips and salsa...check.

Cooler of drinks...check.

Veggies and dip for the ladies who could care less about game...check.



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I know this is a long shot, but I'm out of ideas. My sister is having to fly during the game tonite and doesn't have her user name, etc to stream it online. Any help would be appreciated!


If you or another friend/family member subscribe to a supported cable company (I know midco and charter are) you should be able to authorize her WatchESPN app with the code it generates. That's how it works on iOS anyway, I assume android is similar.

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