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  1. Sounds like a bunch of jerks with yurts.
  2. If the team does arrive early, I know where there are some tents they could stay in for an extra night or two.
  3. Hey who needs porta potties when you've got sidewalks?
  4. I hear they’re having trouble rubbing two nickels together to get funding for their next project, HPT Phase 1: High Performance Tent.
  5. Looking at the bracket, I’m surprised we didn’t get paired with UNI first round. Or....is the NCAA looking ahead, thinking they’ll save money in round 2 if UND and UNI both win and have bus trips?
  6. When the average fan can’t tell there was a boycott....well, I rest my case.
  7. I’d make the list shorter: 1. Fire anyone who doesn’t understand the nuances of football.
  8. Your “fact” was that UND would’ve lost to Sac St and Montana if they had played them. Montana State just pummeled Montana today, on the road. Better check your facts.
  9. Back again to troll I see.... Go back to turdville.
  10. That dam was just to distract them from the pipeline.
  11. I would've gone with Bob Marley. Or Ted Nugent.
  12. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    And Idaho State is #29. Hopefully this rating system is thrown in the garbage.
  13. Yes I’m in agreement a 12 game schedule is a no brainer. And knowing we had ndsu scheduled 5 years ago for 2019, should have had ample time to find a 12th game for this season against an average to below average opponent.
  14. The subject here had been scheduling, which is when I made my original point regarding ndsu. You only get to schedule 3, sometimes 4 opponents. Yes, ISU was a bad loss. But if you’re 8-3, you’re in the playoffs regardless.
  15. I agree they want to compete against the best; but I bet they would like to compete against the best in the playoffs instead of sitting at home, vs competing against the best at the beginning of the year. My point was the ndsu scheduling could potentially end up denying two playoff worthy UND teams (15 and 19) from even making the playoffs.
  16. The conference portion of the season prepares a team for the playoffs well enough.
  17. The goal is the playoffs. The formula everyone else uses is two cupcakes and an FBS payday, or 3 cupcakes. But in 15 and 19 we scheduled a juggernaut cowpie instead.
  18. Many of us second guessed it at the time. It was asinine, and all the reasons it was second guessed have come to fruition.
  19. No one is arguing that. If ndsu would have proposed a home and Home, we would’ve looked like total jerks for not trying to make it work, so it would’ve been done.
  20. Bubba’s boner for ndsu cost us the playoffs in 2015 and could again this year. If ndsu would’ve done a home and Home, fine. But two on the road for a minuscule payment was dumb. A couple of Valpo’s in 15 and 19 could’ve gone a long ways towards building momentum and interest in the program.
  21. What potential new fan can look at that chart and get excited about going to a game, especially against UNC? Move the students to the end like everyone else does, and suddenly you’ve got some quality seats available. Then next year, more might buy season tickets, or at least come to a couple games vs looking at that chart and saying meh, I’ll watch at home.
  22. He would've had a decent amount of space. However, his hand went up so early that several players were at a slow jog by the time he caught the ball.
  23. Siouxphan27

    2019 Season

    I said UND should’ve instead scheduled another Mvfc team, lost, and had a resume to match western Illinois. Not sure where you get the ‘punished’ idea.
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