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  1. Yeah, I like it too. But I figured I better clarify my statement by saying just the nut cases who are fans of the show. Hopefully that excludes us.
  2. Plenty of unused beds at the Fargo Doh never mind...
  3. I just think too many nut cases are fans of the movie The Purge.
  4. So you’re saying European football is permissible?
  5. The best decision made by local and state officials since George Floyd’s death was the arrest of the CNN crew.
  6. The hydroxychloroquine will help with both the covid and malaria.
  7. Siouxphan27

    The Herald

    I believe the answer they are looking for is Trump is wrong for golfing, and it’s racist to accuse Obama of being wrong for golfing.
  8. Exactly. They’ve spent half their virus coverage saying trump or Fox News haven’t taken this seriously enough.
  9. Judging by your links, it appears the media has.
  10. I wonder if they were spaced 6 feet apart on the ice when they heard the news
  11. Do you always get eight hours of sleep before getting behind the wheel? If not, you should never drive under those circumstances. You know, extra measures of precaution and all.
  12. That was the hardest hitting interview of a Democrat aired on CNN in years.
  13. I guess I just took the news of seven really old, vulnerable people not even getting sick from it, along with 13 others also not showing any symptoms, was a good thing. My bad. maybe it’s because there’s no Spaniards in Mayville?
  14. Heard on the radio about the outbreak at the nursing home in Mayville. They said something like 13 staff and 6 or 7 residents tested positive. Everyone was asymptomatic. I’m really interested in hearing about the antibody testing results once it gets ramped up; and we get a much better picture of what the actual hospitalization and death percentages are.
  15. Maybe they should just give it to illegal immigrants like Nancy and friends proposed in the latest corona recovery bill.
  16. What a strange time to be alive- 1. corona and all it’s repercussions, and 2. I find myself agreeing with several posts from Bison Dan.
  17. I agree. People blaming trump for the early response or Governor Cuomo for the early response are just using hindsight and wanting to point blame for political reasons
  18. I don’t get how people are quick to blame the policy makers when the information they’re using is admittedly incomplete and sometimes completely in accurate
  19. I was thinking more of the close groups of 10 being allowed now, so I was thinking about the huddle. from what I understand now, 10 people huddling together in a bar is just fine, but nine kids spread out to play defense on a baseball field is an in sanely infectious situation waiting to happen.
  20. If they could just increase that group size by 1, football season would be a definite go this fall.
  21. It depends, are those screen windows?
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