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  1. I agree his comments didn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe he was still celebrating 4/20.
  2. If it was known as an emerging pandemic at that time, why then, a week later, was de Blasio, and every other high ranking official in his administration in NYC encouraging everyone to get out and about, go to parades, and live life normally?
  3. I don’t think they’re asking for barley specifically. Any donations you can make will do.
  4. I heard the winner has a body that just doesn’t quit.
  5. Maybe someone will come out with a new show. America’s Top Covid Model.
  6. They should conduct a poll asking if people think polling is essential.
  7. In summary: There are too many variables and too many unknowns to allow us to provide any accurate information other than to encourage the strictest of social distancing measures. Once there is enough hard data available and the trend becomes obvious, our models will also make sense, and not produce erratically variable daily results.
  8. Exactly. His/her posts are devoid from reality. But hey I guess if everyone was able to permanently stay at home in a cocoon of bubble wrap, maybe every single outbreak could be avoided.
  9. When essential businesses have a number of cases, they are shutting down to help slow down the number of cases at once. (Hint- the business is shutting down AFTER it has a number of employees testing positive.) Or would you have preferred all essential businesses being shut down for the last month, resulting in no food, no power, no water, no sewage plant operation, no emergency services available, etc? How would that have gone over?
  10. I think people are arguing two different points here. Some are saying the modeling thus far is useless as it changes dramatically every day. I don't think those same people are questioning the capability of the epi's; they're just questioning the value of their current info. Others like yourself are taking great offense to this. For what reason, I have no idea. Providing useless info over and over again will eventually result in lost confidence, and people will respect their info about as much as the boy who cried wolf.
  11. So if the models usefulness currently can be described as "not very", what is the point of constantly defending their results? Instead of the roller coaster of calm and fear they are currently providing, why don't they just wait with the announcements until they can provide some useful stats with a margin of error something less than 1000's of percent?
  12. So if the believed infectious rate numbers are possibly off by 5000%, what good are the models?
  13. When is it? ( thanks to Corona I can’t afford to pay to subscribe to the forum anymore)
  14. And there’s plenty of room in the Fargodome for that one old dude to get well.
  15. Even after new York decided to lump all unattended deaths into the covid category, the total deaths are still trending well below the early doomsday estimates.
  16. Not to speak for him, but if I recall Cratter never believed the doomsday death projections. It's looking like he was correct.
  17. It's almost as if the U.S. epicenter of the virus decided to call all deaths corona related, regardless of any evidence...
  18. If only running a meat processing plant was as easy as playing with ping pong balls...
  19. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I don't ever recall getting horny opening a container of margarine.
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