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  1. And a couple linemen too
  2. Bubba having an O after that punt.
  3. Maybe we could borrow a whizzinator from north Fargo.
  4. Siouxphan27

    Kato GDT

    Plus, it was difficult for anyone to get any film on them to prepare.
  5. Not exactly what I had pictured lol.
  6. If he would have stayed he would be in the Navy now.
  7. Siouxphan27

    Cal Poly gdt

    Poly want a crack block.
  8. Siouxphan27

    Cal Poly gdt

    Two things must’ve gone wrong at the same time.
  9. My point was against the teams we have most recently been competing against, they don’t hold major facility or funding advantages over us. and yet, we have averaged being a middle of the road team with 2 wins against teams that made the playoffs these last six years.
  10. Lots of room for improvement, lots of tools missing, yes. But if you compare apples to apples with the big sky schools we have competed against the last several years, our facilities, FCOA, stadium and all things considered, we are not the little sisters of the poor competing against ‘bama week in week out as your post suggests.
  11. Getting close to the point where the main difference is the dancing.
  12. The reality is the crappy logo made the transition infinitely worse. Like many others, I have accepted what the new name is. I have accepted what the current logo is and have several articles of clothing with a tiny Casper the friendly hawk on my sleeve. I have also accepted the fact this logo is boring, unimaginative, and from a distance looks more like bird poop on a cap or hockey helmet than a bird. You feel allegiance to this logo by all will move the university forward. My opinion is that’s not going to happen as soon as hoped for as long as we have this poorly designed logo.
  13. Ever notice it’s really only when you complain about the placement, or lack of usage of the portals of prayer dove logo that you get these responses? Perhaps you could take your own advice when you tell others whom you deem “idiots“ when you instruct them to silently complain, when the reality is you are the person bringing up the original complaint?
  14. It’s there, but they put it in the inside of the helmets for aesthetic reasons.
  15. It appears Aaron Rodgers has taken out a brand new State Farm insurance policy which insures wins via officiating.
  16. I've got an idea. Maybe everyone on the team should try, and focus, all the time whilst practicing, playing, and doing all football related activities.
  17. Siouxphan27


    for how many times I've read the phrase "crapped the bed" on this website over the last six years, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try switching to couches.
  18. Siouxphan27


    In addition to what others already responded, I don’t think the claim of UND being a tough sell to recruits holds water when you compare to ISU. Their football stadium is a twin brother of the valley city winter show building.
  19. Siouxphan27


    Eat a bag of circus peanuts and consider yourself lucky.
  20. Siouxphan27


    I think a better plan for next year if Bubba is still coaching is to have the Potato Bowl first game of the year, everyone go to the French fry feed, have a good time, get your nuts dipped in battery acid as you head home, and never speak about or think about UND football the rest of the season.
  21. Siouxphan27


    Might as well save Schuster for the last three games of the season
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