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  1. If you were paid hourly to sleep, then kudos to you. The original point (which has been lost thanks to resident bison troll slowhand picking out one sentence of mine and throwing this conversation off the rails), I was trying to making was I don't think it's fair to include every hour of the day spent on a road game trip when computing what a scholarship athlete's per hour "pay" amounts to. Here's the quote from bison73 I was originally responding to: On 1/20 at 10:37pm bison73 wrote "away games you're on the clock 24/7."
  2. Except the consultant isn't considered an employee. Try again.
  3. I have no idea what you're talking about, and I'm pretty sure you didn't get my point.
  4. First of all, people who are paid by the hour (as you were using hourly pay in your example), don't travel on business. You were suggesting college athletes should be getting free meals and trips, and also counted those hours towards your minimum wage example. I get what you were saying, but i felt you went a little too far with your examples.
  5. Maybe we’re going to copy the tent idea from Nichols State.
  6. They can. Look at the post I responded to. Sports were such a burden in bison73's scenario that he expected to be paid for sitting on an airplane or eating a free meal or staying in a nice hotel while on the road. Among other ridiculous ideas.
  7. I heard this same line of reasoning back in the day from a couple of friends who were college athletes. If there's no enjoyment, no appreciation of the opportunity to play college sports, then don't. Get that minimum wage job like the rest of us while getting your education and enjoy intramurals. There are plenty of young men and women out there with a passion for their sport who will be grateful for the opportunity should someone with more talent but no passion decide to quit.
  8. Thanks for posting and sharing your thoughts and experiences. Those are some great examples to consider regarding this issue. Welcome to non-lurker status!
  9. Read somewhere that we’re supposed to use ‘they’ to describe everyone now, as it would be presumptuous to assume gender. On this holiday, I really enjoy hearing Martin Luther King‘s “They have a dream” speech
  10. I suppose it’s possible schools like ndsu would have multiple opportunities for student athletes to make some money doing advertisements/testimonials for leading juice brands. I think the whole idea being discussed is a slippery slope that’s going to be impossible to regulate. Wealthy donors are just going to end up paying athletes regardless of any real or perceived value they might get out of their likeness. Eventually the NCAA will put a cap on how much each athlete can receive, and it will basically become an FCOA amount provided from the private sector. The schools with large alumni backing will organize and provide the max donation for every athlete on the team. The competitive gap between the haves and have nots universities will continue to widen.
  11. Sheesh. This reminds me of that time I saw Phil Hansen handing out mountain dews to players before a big game.
  12. I thought it was caffeine in a bottle.
  13. Shouldn’t it be the white man who would be offended by such odd behavior if someone grabbed their hair and treated it like reins? Since horses were brought to North America by the white man in the 1500s? Or is my logic hampering my ability to see things from the viewpoint of the perpetually offended?
  14. I just read that and was about to post it here.
  15. I thought maybe there was a steroid concession stand over there or something.
  16. If they can challenge pass interference, they should also be able to challenge a missed intentional helmet shot.
  17. On the bright side, no hard feelings now from anyone on staff when Danny eventually gets the head coaching job.
  18. I guess to be fair, Airbnb is now encouraging less murdering. So that’s good
  19. Airbnb's are a good deal if you don't get murdered.
  20. I have never heard of the National What The F convention.
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