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  1. Actually, they do matter. If you use facts and logic, a lot of the time nowadays you are considered racist.
  2. What were they doing in the video? Was there a racial tone to the video, or was it the word alone that was solely the issue?
  3. Latrell Sprewell couldn’t feed his family on 3 years 21 million. I don’t know how the baseball players could survive on 283k minimums.
  4. The wall around Nancy Pelosi‘s house to keep her constituents out looks a lot nicer and more expensive.
  5. After his comments about his pride in the U.S. flag and everyone who fought for it, he may just get himself banned by his own teammates.
  6. You and Drew Brees....couple of racists I tell ya!
  7. We could start by identifying the real problem. But no one is allowed to publicly utter that this is a segment of a culture with a problem without fear of losing their job or being set on fire. When you have a political party, Hollywood, and main stream media race baiting every single day, unfortunately, a lot of people start to believe them. Facts be damned. Statistics be damned.
  8. To be accurate the title of the movement should be Black Lives Matter If The Life Was Taken By A White Person So As To Be Used To Promote Racism, Regardless Of Intent Of Perpetrator, Or Statistical Proof. (Otherwise, We Don’t Care About Other Black Lives Lost)
  9. Murder 3: "....causes the death of another by perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind,...." these two requirements in the statute are what i feel may be hard to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. Even though it looks egregious to anyone seeing this video, the defense will argue the act of knee on neck is not eminently dangerous; in fact, it is an endorsed practice by police departments and has been used over 200 times by the minneapolis police department. second part- displaying a depraved mind- he has no look of aggression, anger, etc. he's just staring around aimlessly. Indifference correlates to depravity. But as a veteran cop, he's seen and heard it all. His fellow cop is heard making a wisecrack about "don't do drugs." They all thought Floyd was on drugs and thus ignored his pleas, and were not surprised he may have passed out. Is the jury going to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt it was an act of depravity? Or was it a veteran cop making the horrible mistake of not reacting to the situation because he had mistaken Floyd's actions as a result of drug use. Pre-existing heart issues, preliminary reports indicating possible meth and fentanyl in his system. Did he die from the kneeling, or was he already suffering from a heart attack etc. and the cop's negligence just sped things along? They should charge manslaughter instead of risking the overcharge and acquittal.
  10. The Floyd situation isn’t anywhere near as black and white (pardon the pun) as the Grand Forks shooting. Going by the letter of the law, proving beyond a reasonable doubt the charge of murder by the cop is going to be difficult to prove. At which point the riot to end all riots will probably commence.
  11. What have I said that’s racist? Find a quote of mine and point out your perceived racism. I’ll hang up and listen. Thanks.
  12. I avoid smoke like the coronavirus, and don’t drink. Try again.
  13. Or maybe 100% think the cop’s behavior was wrong. But alarmingly, only some think rioting, looting, burning cities to the ground and murdering cops is the wrong response.
  14. But the focus of the main stream media is on Trump at a church, or now accusing him of being a dictator because he mentions the military helping because liberal cities and governors will not attempt to control the rioting. And protect their own citizens
  15. It’s the position of the rioters and the mainstream media.
  16. It could also be that the media distracts the weak minded into thinking Trump is the real problem here.
  17. So you are in agreement with the Reverend of that church that, photos in front of a church are worse than killing cops, destroying businesses, rioting and looting?
  18. Well... Cops are bad, whitey is bad, so yes I think you hit the nail on the head with the painting with broad strokes comments.
  19. Agreed. He did an excellent job of alerting with his horn while slowing down without losing control. If he would’ve panicked and pulled his emergency brake there could have been hundreds injured or dead.
  20. Thank God the officer who shot him wasn’t white, and Trump wasn’t president then. Otherwise that incident would’ve evoked uncontrolled riots and vandalism, with CNN and NBC making excuses for the criminal activity.
  21. Wow. That’s just laughable. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/05/30/video-timeline-george-floyd-death/ Is this laughable 1 SIOUXFAN97 reacted to this How does any of that relate to a man in Nashville walking a dog? Hint- it doesn’t.
  22. It appears currently that the only way to gather in large numbers at a church and avoid getting arrested is if you have the intention of burning it down
  23. Has Walz relaxed the religious gathering restrictions? Or is it still worse to have 11 people praying together than having thousands rioting, looting, and vandalizing together?
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