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  1. please tell us you're joking...please
  2. He sounds like he has been staying at a Holiday Inn Express for several months.
  3. I heard they dug up a 38 year old game worn, unwashed, Sandelin jock strap and are offering sniffs for $20 a wiff. You better get over there quick.
  4. Yeah. On second thought Berry should probably be fired for that 5OT loss against a team that didn't have to play the night before.
  5. You spelled ‘noon’ wrong.
  6. But he couldn’t beat a short handed UMass team in overtime. He definitely should be fired. Right?
  7. Berry’s team won just as many games in the tournament. That’s my argument anyway.
  8. Not the same obviously, but your post reminded me of this awkwardness...
  9. Umm history extends beyond the timeframe of this thread. You have mentioned your W-2 many times over the years; just giving you a little good-natured ribbing is all.
  10. The W-2 Bowl. Sponsored by gfhockey. The trophy will be a giant beer can. Each year the score of the game, and gfhockey's W-2 wages for that year, will be etched onto the can for posterity.
  11. The precedent is being set for all non-moneymaking sports, that if you are under 500 halfway through the season, you can just shut ‘er down by saying the magic word: Covid.
  12. I think gfhockey may have taken over your account.
  13. Yes, they had both rounds of shots completed in January. None of it makes any sense.
  14. But don't you dare enter a nursing home while healthy, where everyone has been fully vaccinated for over a month.
  15. Sad. When I see something like that nowadays I find myself hoping that the guy is going to rob a bank.
  16. OK I see what you’re saying. but if that’s going to be the approach, what is the endgame? Will they ever open up nursing homes entirely again, for example? Just today I got word that they’re shutting down the nursing home where my father is because one staff member tested positive this morning. so it’s a Happy effing Easter to anyone who wanted to go visit their family member on Sunday
  17. This is the part (or at least one part) I don’t understand. If grandma is fully vaccinated, what is the danger to grandma?
  18. The Captain Hindsight in me says right before the game winning goal.
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