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  1. Why don’t we go hurry up when the wind is at our back
  2. For the love of God let’s get a drive and a touchdown!!
  3. Please tell me you got what I was saying. Lol
  4. Too bad they can’t station the two announcers at the end of the field where the wind is from, as they could prevent it from entering the stadium.
  5. Hopefully we come out of halftime inTENT on turning things around.
  6. It appeared to me he got bumped but certainly not stopped as he ran around the guy and got an extra yard or two
  7. Why is the sideline official winding the clock before the player is even tackled Wtf
  8. Why are we wasting all this time
  9. First time their players so much as yell they better get an unsportsmanlike penalty. What BS
  10. UND Fighting Yurts. 38 Nicholls Penny Pinchers. 23
  11. Thank you. So the people blaming our athletic director for this might not be considering all the circumstances.
  12. This is why I asked the question a few times about the University authorizing up to 50k. Do other schools have similar limitations? Did the athletic directors from other schools need to find as many extra dollars the way Chaves attempted to? Do some schools have university authorization up to 75K? So they would only need $3.75 from their #gobc to match the effort Chaves put in? I can’t put the blame on Chaves without knowing the constraints or lack there of from the other universities. It’s tremendous that individuals will chip in, but I feel the university itself needs to show its commitment to football by upping that $50,000 mark in the future
  13. We changed the name, and now are traveling and preparing for our game in a teepee. You can’t make this stuff up.
  14. Yes, I know. Thus, my question. Which evidently no one knows the answer to.
  15. I asked earlier- someone mentioned a 50k cap on what the university could put towards a bid. Who decided on 50k? Can this be changed? Any info would be appreciated.
  16. Can that 50k max be changed for the future? Or is that set in stone?
  17. Sounds like a bunch of jerks with yurts.
  18. If the team does arrive early, I know where there are some tents they could stay in for an extra night or two.
  19. Hey who needs porta potties when you've got sidewalks?
  20. I hear they’re having trouble rubbing two nickels together to get funding for their next project, HPT Phase 1: High Performance Tent.
  21. Looking at the bracket, I’m surprised we didn’t get paired with UNI first round. Or....is the NCAA looking ahead, thinking they’ll save money in round 2 if UND and UNI both win and have bus trips?
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