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  1. You cant hold his feet to the fire on that one. We all know that almost every team does this. Its as simple as a 3rd party trusted mention.
  2. You keep moving the goal posts trying to make your ridiculous statements work. They dont.
  3. I am a consultant that is a employee of a large healthcare group. Contractors can be 1099 or w2. Same situation when I worked for the DOD. I was considered a federal contract employee.
  4. Thus.. they are paid by the hour. Quit arguing something that is obvious to all but the most idiotic.
  5. Except for every consultant on the planet.
  6. Regarding the pass/lateral: It was very close and probably a forward pass. BUT as your players will confirm, the turf in the Fargo Dome is very messed up and has a huge bow in the marker lines. Its very possible that it was thrown backwards but because of the wave in the marker lines it looks like a forward pass. So if you are going by the yard lines I would call it a forward pass. If you were able to draw an straight line across the field of play it could be a backwards pass. The people at the Fargo Dome need to get this mess fixed, its embarrassing. I say bad call on the refs.
  7. My question is: Why was this not discovered prior to playing? Did he hide his injury or did the coaching staff not notice? As for the separated shoulder, no way does anyone play with that. Sorry but I call BS. Either answer will be a bit concerning.
  8. Its on espn3 midco. Line now at UND +8.5
  9. If these are windows in your world.
  10. I see that the tents have those clear plastic slats on the openings so I think its safe to assume that they have A/C.
  11. My Grandma would so pinch those cheeks.
  12. They are the same person.
  13. I like Bubba and think he has done a good job, but I think UND needs someone new and hungry to take them to the next level.
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