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  1. Dont care about any of the games except Minnesota. Please beat them twice.
  2. You copy and paste the same crap on every board in the MVFC. Nobody cares about your lame blog.
  3. Speculating about Weah? Come on, be better than that and not throw rumors on his name.
  4. If you have kodi, its on endzone. Or... at your own discretion.... http://crackstreams.biz/cfbstreams/
  5. I can actually get behind the name " Salty Mike".
  6. Why? What you have in mind?
  7. Agreed, Maag 3x> Sproles
  8. 1. One could argue that you are the lowest common denominator in this thread. 2. He stated he was a dick. Maybe Mama Karen should stay in her lane.
  9. This is why people think you are a dick.
  10. Its really hard to tell which version of any FCS team will show up this year. Everyone has been all over the place.
  11. Strange to see UNI with the #1 defense. Not sure about that one.
  12. You should really read all of my posts not just the ones that you disagree with.
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