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  1. Agreed, Maag 3x> Sproles
  2. 1. One could argue that you are the lowest common denominator in this thread. 2. He stated he was a dick. Maybe Mama Karen should stay in her lane.
  3. This is why people think you are a dick.
  4. Its really hard to tell which version of any FCS team will show up this year. Everyone has been all over the place.
  5. Strange to see UNI with the #1 defense. Not sure about that one.
  6. You should really read all of my posts not just the ones that you disagree with.
  7. Not so sure about that. Some backs love that and can thrive off it. Never know until you try.
  8. So you got blownout by a "shell" of a prior NDSU team? Interesting perspective.
  9. Fair enough, but has a quite different meaning than "we should have won".
  10. The answer is yes, nothing special. They game plan for every team, but nothing major was changed. Did you see any screens or slants? Those would be wrinkles. NDSU is a run first and pass 25% of the time to keep the D from stacking the line team. Nothing new.
  11. You keep saying this, but every single indicator and stat disagrees. Why exactly do you think UND should have won?
  12. Putting SHSU at #5 is a complete joke. They have the weakest sos I have probably ever seen. SELA, Nicholls and Lamar.
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