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  1. SlowHand


    I am not here to rub salt in any wounds so lets not go there. I am really not sure how UND gets the train back on the rails or even where to start. Its tough enough recruiting football talent with NDSU an hour away. UND seems to recruit decent players, but they dont seem to improve/develop them. I am not sure how many people here understand the value Jim Kramer brings to the NDSU program. He is a huge part of their success and UND would do well to find out whats going on with their S&C program. Bubba is a likable guy, but I think its time for a change. I think you guys need a new HC, DC and OC. Wipe the slate clean and rebuild from scratch. I am not sure financially if that is doable or what funds are available. I think its going to take a big change to restart the football program. With the new MVFC schedule maybe the shorter travel will free up a few bucks. Someone mentioned dropping football. This may not be as crazy as some think, although I am sure it would burn for a while. If UND were able to redirect all of the football funds to the hockey program I think it would put UND in the very best possible position to absolutely dominate in hockey. Overall, that may be best for the university in the long run. In either case, I hope something positive happens to get things going in the right direction again. Flame on....
  2. SlowHand

    EWU Game Day!

    !@#$ call.
  3. SlowHand

    EWU Game Day!

    That was one of the dumbest things I have seen in a while. Line up quick and snap the damn ball.
  4. SlowHand

    EWU Game Day!

    No kidding. This is ridiculous. Watch them go to OT.
  5. 1. Nobody beat NDSU last year, so UND is in that group right now. Dont sweat this loss, it was unfortunate but expected. 2. Next week is critical to the rest of this year. 3. Bubba may not be the answer. 4. The mascot/hockey picture is real.
  6. He hit him right in the chest, it was a weak call. If the hit was not as big as it was no whistle would have been blown.
  7. At least Moo U has a factual origin.
  8. Do you ever read the garbage that YOU post on here? Talk about not being raised right.
  9. No worries. Kind of wish I would have laid some down money on UND and the points when it was -31.5.
  10. 5 Dimes says -26 NDSU 53.5 U/O. You are looking at the first half odds.
  11. Butler beat NDSU in TOP and special teams.
  12. In other words: Nothing you post should ever be taken as even remotely factual. Got it.
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