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  1. My question is: Why was this not discovered prior to playing? Did he hide his injury or did the coaching staff not notice? As for the separated shoulder, no way does anyone play with that. Sorry but I call BS. Either answer will be a bit concerning.
  2. Its on espn3 midco. Line now at UND +8.5
  3. If these are windows in your world.
  4. I see that the tents have those clear plastic slats on the openings so I think its safe to assume that they have A/C.
  5. My Grandma would so pinch those cheeks.
  6. They are the same person.
  7. I like Bubba and think he has done a good job, but I think UND needs someone new and hungry to take them to the next level.
  8. Look I am a NDSU fan, but nobody should ever have to deal with a tent as a locker room. I wonder if the NCAA would relent if UND protested this. Its absolutely ridiculous.
  9. All he does is put out stupid !@#$ to get clicks. Just ignore the idiot like everyone else does.
  10. SlowHand


    Ask UCF fans.
  11. SlowHand

    Weber State

    The crazy thing with Weber this year is luck. Everything goes their way in a very crazy way. They may have made some kind of deal with the devil. Unverified, but I am pretty sure.
  12. SlowHand


    I am not here to rub salt in any wounds so lets not go there. I am really not sure how UND gets the train back on the rails or even where to start. Its tough enough recruiting football talent with NDSU an hour away. UND seems to recruit decent players, but they dont seem to improve/develop them. I am not sure how many people here understand the value Jim Kramer brings to the NDSU program. He is a huge part of their success and UND would do well to find out whats going on with their S&C program. Bubba is a likable guy, but I think its time for a change. I think you guys need a new HC, DC and OC. Wipe the slate clean and rebuild from scratch. I am not sure financially if that is doable or what funds are available. I think its going to take a big change to restart the football program. With the new MVFC schedule maybe the shorter travel will free up a few bucks. Someone mentioned dropping football. This may not be as crazy as some think, although I am sure it would burn for a while. If UND were able to redirect all of the football funds to the hockey program I think it would put UND in the very best possible position to absolutely dominate in hockey. Overall, that may be best for the university in the long run. In either case, I hope something positive happens to get things going in the right direction again. Flame on....
  13. SlowHand

    EWU Game Day!

    !@#$ call.
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