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  1. Read the Port article again. The two girls do not contradict each other.
  2. I hope you’re right. While the players were being dragged through the mud, UND sat silent on pertinent information, and let the volleyball coach lie to the public about how the young women left UND. Inexcusable.
  3. No. The term you’re thinking of is affirmative action.
  4. This is ridiculous. Heads need to roll. Those who hacked the accounts need to be gone from UND as well.
  5. Did long deceased Dave Thomas of Wendy’s pull the trigger here? I’m confused why the restaurant had to be burnt down
  6. I think instead of busses the city should use hay trailers pulled by zambonis.
  7. This writer has no information from the schools and no idea of what’s needed to go FBS. He just picked teams that have been pretty good in FCS.
  8. I hear the buzz words systemic and institutionalized racism thrown around constantly by the left. But ask one of them to explain what that means and give an example and you get no facts. Just emotions based on false narratives that they have all bought into..
  9. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/21/police-kill-more-whites-than-blacks-but-minority-d/?utm_source=GOOGLE&utm_medium=cpc&utm_id=chacka&utm_campaign=TWT+-+DSA should provide all the data needed to support my statement.
  10. No, I’m not wrong. Compare the total number of arrests of white people to the total number of white people killed by police. Then compare the total number of arrests of black people, and compare it to the number of black people killed by police. That is my statistic. And it is correct.
  11. Yes, it’s true. Being a white criminal, you are more likely to be shot and killed by the police during an arrest than a black criminal during an arrest. (But don’t let that statistic rain on your violent riots)
  12. Actually, they do matter. If you use facts and logic, a lot of the time nowadays you are considered racist.
  13. What were they doing in the video? Was there a racial tone to the video, or was it the word alone that was solely the issue?
  14. Latrell Sprewell couldn’t feed his family on 3 years 21 million. I don’t know how the baseball players could survive on 283k minimums.
  15. I believe the answer they are looking for is Trump is wrong for golfing, and it’s racist to accuse Obama of being wrong for golfing.
  16. I wonder if they were spaced 6 feet apart on the ice when they heard the news
  17. Fighting Norsetrans might’ve had a chance in our completely effed up society
  18. The headline should read Oregon staves off sidewalk urination.
  19. I hope they use the green version of the hawk at midfield.
  20. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I don't ever recall getting horny opening a container of margarine.
  21. Yes, but I heard they’re giving away free rectal thermometers to the first 1000 fans.
  22. Rest In Peace Joe Diffie
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