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  1. How do those screens work on farts?
  2. Lol. Those two would’ve been classified as covid deaths today.
  3. You must’ve missed the discussion on auto erotic asphyxiation in this thread about 200 pages ago.
  4. Reminds me of what the Horowitz report told us. 17 egregious errors and omissions by the FBI...all "coincidentally" falling on one side of the investigation. Hmm....agenda, maybe?
  5. Since such a large percentage of the corona deaths are the elderly and vulnerable, do these 12 month death predictions take into account a reasonable estimate of the number of people who were going to die within the next 12 months anyway? Or do these estimates operate under the assumption that nobody will die, ever, unless of course they contract COVID-19?
  6. I thought cookies crumbled, and chips fell where they may.
  7. I wonder if the beer trucks are allowed entry.
  8. Fighting Norsetrans might’ve had a chance in our completely effed up society
  9. You are correct, for years, reporters have asked stupid, biased questions. It’s refreshing to have someone call them out on it. reminds me of my favorite Bob Knight quote, regarding journalism. To paraphrase, We all learn to write by the second or third grade.... but most of us move on to other things.
  10. The question was moronic. (I hope I’m not going to be accused of being racist now since the reporter happens to appear to be of Asian descent). Day after day after day said reporter’s employer is constantly attempting to make the administration look weak by pointing out any statistic, regardless of how irrelevant or inaccurate it is, to try and show it’s gullible followers that the administration is doing a poor job regarding COVID-19. But then when it’s the president making the comparisons, the reporter asks him why is he making this into a competition. it’s really alarming there is a segment of the population in such a TDS mental state that it needs these things explained to them.
  11. From what I'm hearing from the left, all we need to do is get these people more tests and everything will be fine.
  12. Remember folks, Orangemanbad, Chinagood.
  13. We were supposed to stop eating, and stop using all utilities. And all 350 million of us were supposed to take a test once a day while not leaving the house, while some magical fairies created, administered, and graded said tests.
  14. I think it depends on whether or not the person ate Taco Bell recently.
  15. The headline should read Oregon staves off sidewalk urination.
  16. Go ask some small business owners how it’s going. Go to a restaurant tonight and see how not busy it is.
  17. You take such a narrow, shallow view of everything you post about that it’s difficult to respond without writing a book. Plus, every time I ask you a question that you cannot answer without admitting you’re wrong, you don’t respond at all. So I’ll just let you live in your fantasy land. #butthurt2020
  18. Agreed. However, there’s too many ‘the sky is falling’ individuals to allow that to happen
  19. Yet here we are, ruining the North Dakota economy.
  20. I saw a bunch of bison fans walking around in Fargo wearing football helmets, thinking the face masks were protective gear.
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