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  1. Can you explain why other plants in other states not run by Republican governors are also experiencing outbreaks in their large meat processing plants? Could you point me to the scientific study proving that cutting capacity to 50% would’ve prevented the spreading of the virus? I’ll hang up and listen.
  2. Hopefully the industry can work together and reroute to other plants that can hopefully handle the extra workload. I've heard slaughter weight piggies are in limbo in many barns right now, getting a little fatter. Unfortunately it's creating a bottleneck on piglets heading to those barns.
  3. Again Nostradamus, you have all the answers now. Where were you before the outbreak began? Why didn't you specifically warn everyone that out of all the food processing plants in the United States, Sioux Falls Smithfield was going to be the one to get hit hardest with corona, forcing a shut down? Or are you naïve enough to think all food processing plants across the nation could've cut down to 50% production to protect against a corona outbreak without causing severe food shortages?
  4. 50% production...what do you plan on doing with the other 50% of cattle and hogs 20 hours off feed, standing in line at the slaughter plant waiting their turn? Let them tip over in line and end up being destroyed instead of slaughtered? Think it through man. Some jobs, some industries can't just stop on a dime as you suggest.
  5. If you are indeed a fortune teller as you suggest, your time to shine was two months ago; not now. The really sad part is even now after the fact, your ideas still don't make any sense. Choosing corona protection over food. Once again, brilliant.
  6. You are correct; when weighing the “value of human life,” as in this case comparing the possibility of getting corona vs dying of starvation, we should choose starvation. All food production should have halted at the first whiff of the virus in the U.S. As you suggest, people should’ve just stopped eating food altogether, eliminating the possibility of getting corona from anyone involved in the food industry. Brilliant.
  7. You gotta fight! For your right! For a haaaaiiiiiiiirrrrr cut!!
  8. Would be a great idea. But the time, money and risk involved to figure out the logistics of how to reroute these perishables, and the unknown timeline of how long the shut down will last is unfortunately resulting in a lot of wasted raw food products.
  9. So now your argument is that food is not essential, and that darn South Dakota governor should’ve shut it down? Why don’t you ask your question of the livestock producers that are now sitting with full yards and pot loads of slaughterweight livestock already heading to market. Or the end users who now are suddenly unable to secure product. You remind me of the type of person who might think that milk originates at a grocery store. Or that the brown cows produce the chocolate.
  10. Interesting. I just assumed they threw people in jail who ate ice cream too fast.
  11. Love ice cream, hate the brain freeze side effect. Maybe this is an opportunity to shut down the country for months on end until we finally develop a vaccine for ice cream headaches.
  12. Yeah those Germans have proven they’ll do anything they’re told.
  13. Why is it always the same people on the same side who despite the rules here, always choose to go political? I could say 83% of all corona deaths in the U.S. thus far have occurred in the 24 states with democrat governors, therefore, they must not care at all about their citizens. But I won’t, because despite that statistic being true, it’s an inaccurate characterization of the efforts and the situation. Happy Easter one and all!
  14. Having almost 6 times the population of Italy is a pretty important factor I would think.
  15. I thought some were still saying 3.7% will die.
  16. Yes, but I heard they’re giving away free rectal thermometers to the first 1000 fans.
  17. D.L. ….does that stand for Don Lemon?
  18. Sorry to hear! Wishing you the best as you navigate through this.
  19. interesting view on the ventilators https://www.yahoo.com/news/rethinking-coronavirus-some-doctors-question-how-we-use-ventilators-123733204.html
  20. Ever since this thread started I can’t get this song out of my head-
  21. I can understand how difficult it would be in getting a completely accurate count in the midst of any pandemic. Your links spell out some good reasons as to why. Just look at how the swine flu numbers changed after the fact: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-swineflu-idUSBRE85O1DF20120626
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