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  1. GoHawks

    On to the Griz

    UND's OC doesn't know what that means....
  2. GoHawks

    UND-Griz Predictions

    UM - 31 UND - 17 UND defense plays well but gets tired and UM pulls away UND offense shows up for 1 qtr
  3. GoHawks

    Da Griz Look-A-Likes

  4. GoHawks

    Best Chance To Play In NFL

    I vote geaux_sioux to be the OC starting now! This is exactly what should be happening. Why arnt we seeing this??? The only thing that Rudy does to get the opposing defense's off their game is before the snap (formation shifts). Then its the same 15 plays he does all game. UM big star linebacker is gonna have a field day with UND's offense.
  5. GoHawks

    2018 attendance

    Not possible
  6. GoHawks

    UND - University of Northern Colorado Game Day Thread

    You can watch UND games on UNDSports website. Think they have all of them on this year where in years past I think they only had home games.
  7. GoHawks

    UND - University of Northern Colorado Game Day Thread

    Was listening to this on the radio and was wondering why the h#$% you would call that play there. Then I remembered who our OC is and made sense.
  8. GoHawks

    The Nickel Trophy

    I agree with this! Lets just make a new trophy with SU and start a new one with SD
  9. GoHawks

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Was talking to a NDSU fan the other day and he mentioned the Bizun graduate 26 players this year?? If that's true that's good news for the 2019 matchup against them.
  10. GoHawks

    On To UNC

    Your gonna need the whole bottle if your gonna watch UND play anywhere....
  11. GoHawks

    2018 Season

    Isnt he out for the year? Same guy that's been injured for the year the last 3 years right?
  12. GoHawks

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    Agrees. Lets see Izzy, McKinney and Greibel out there and see what they can do with the speed they have.
  13. GoHawks

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    I didn't want to say this but I feel the same way. This is the time for Rudy and the offense to show all of us something.
  14. GoHawks

    ISU @ UND Predictions

    UND 31 ISU 17 UND has a strong running game even with the predictable toss play being run 15-20 times. ISU has little success in the air with quick passes but not enough against Eric Schmidts defense. Harris with his first INT this season.....
  15. GoHawks

    2018 Season

    I totally understand that. But when a dummy like myself can call that play (which I almost called it every time last Saturday) a DC with experience can easily see that to. Rudy just might have to turn to the 2nd page of this very difficult offense and shake things up a bit....