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  1. So after this last commit how many more spots on the roster are there?
  2. But remember the fargo media and fan base saying UND couldn't compete and would be a bottom feeder in the conference........
  3. Looking back this was a great season for the program! Many highs and lows but the highs outweigh the lows for sure. Excited for the fall and to be back to normal with full stadiums and TAILGATING!!!!! That said there are some thoughts on the game yesterday and the season as a whole the needs to be addressed this fall if UND wants to take the next step at beating the teams like JMU and NDSU. Geaux sioux pretty much said it all. What we knew before the JMU game was that they were gonna run the ball and we needed to stop it. That did not happen and it didn't seem like UND was prepared
  4. Ryan Boehm, DL transfer from Cal Poly will play for coach Schmitt at Fresno State.
  5. Except when they said UND looked like a bunch of tiny high school players
  6. Couple things I noticed from watching highlights. QB- Tommy had a great game. No turnovers and no sacks with a couple touchdowns. What else can you ask for from the young man. RB- We saw more Gee then Skokna? Is he a little banged up? Seems like Danny has a lot of love for Gee but skokna has had the better year. Mitchell is going to have a bright future here if he stays healthy. From the few plays I saw his acceleration and speed are going to be dangerous. Happy he is here! WR- Nice to see Maag get a touchdown pass early. Wish Richter could have came down with that ball when he
  7. Like these highlights! Nice and long so you get more of the game.
  8. See Hergel picked up an offer from Texas State.
  9. Pretty much every Idaho QB has done that to UND. Are those numbers right for JJ? If so I am not to worried.
  10. All MVFC Team 1st: Nguon and Ottis 2nd: Shuster, Holm, Krzanowski, Walezko, Skona, Maag and Tobin Ottis runner up OPOY Krzanowski runner up DPOY Shuster runner up FPOY & NPOY Great accomplishments for these guys! One thing I don't understand is how does Krzanoskit get runner up DPOY and not make 1st team???
  11. Youngstown State vs #15 Missouri State Highlights | FCS 2021 Spring College Football Highlights - YouTube Some thoughts after watching MSU didn't score until a minute left in half against a 1-5 YSU team. Slow start just like UND usually has. YSU executed terribly on a trick play in the 4th. Were down 21-10 at that time. If Johnson starts he's going to be moving a lot in and out of the pocket. Designed runs and tuck and runs with him. UND needs to contain him and watch the play actions (two passing TD's were play action.)
  12. Wow I didn't even realize it was him. Now the comments make sense.
  13. According to their message board they don't seem to worried about this game. Corners are so good they won't need help. Fans on this site are in full meltdown over Hergal leaving. UND throws those "Silly" 3 yard routes that don't do much.
  14. Should call one of the hotels across the road there and see what they say about tailgating?
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