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  1. Where did you see only 1000? Champion club members will get priority depending on what status they are. Then they'll go by season ticket holders.
  2. I did see a photo on Twitter and Quinncy was in at QB. Guess he's not getting moved to another position
  3. https://undfootball360.com/news/historic-memorial-stadium-to-live-on/
  4. I know its been said before but dang that MV logo is terrible.
  5. Do you have a list of all their offers? I'm guessing they have a few.
  6. Signed on at Texas State I believe. Same place where that QB commit switched on UND.
  7. Think I read Montana is like the 4th team this guy has played for. Good luck with that.
  8. Wasn't Cam on the track team also? Maybe he will just do that...
  9. Q and A with SC Baukol and more https://undfootball360.com/news/qa-with-sc-coach-nate-baukol-and-more/
  10. Sounds like there is one walk on spot and one scholly spot left. A big would make the most sense to get.
  11. The NCAA board of directors voted to give all spring/summer athletes another year of eligibility yesterday. Maybe that's what you are thinking of.
  12. Heck of an athlete. See him making some big plays this year.
  13. He wouldn't be making these comments if NDSU won. Lets just put that out there.
  14. Well looks like we need a new RB coach. Agnew going to Sac State.
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