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  1. Robbie Rouse was.....wonder where he went?
  2. O ok, Well then yeah he committed to Youngstown. Hope they're still looking for a speedy wideout, safety and if they can get Bohle to sign that would round out a pretty good recruiting class.
  3. Who is the WR that got offered? Zeke Blake was one but he committed to Youngstown. Did see that Danny was following a speedy slot WR on twitter but forgot the name. Had a bunch of D2 offers but I didn't see that UND offered him.
  4. Did see that he got another offer from Sac State
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing this. We all know this is going to be a down year so why not get some experience for these guys for the future. And If they are better than the upper class than they should be playing anyways.
  6. If he is coming in at CB then they have a definite need at Safety.
  7. I guess today it said DB but for some reason I thought he was coming in at S.
  8. As of this morning. Out of the 764 FBS transfers only 123 have found a new school. That leaves 641 players that are still looking for a new home. Maybe UND can find a good fit for one of them?!?
  9. Not a bad 2022 recruiting class with some transfers mixed in. RB: Would have liked to get one of the others they were going after but I like the size of Tucker at 5'11" 225 lbs. WR: NEEDED SPEED! Caden Dennis has it but I still would like to see a transfer come and contribute right away. OL: Seems like we are always talking about the OL. Cade Borud 6'4" 315 lbs has the size and was a 3 time first team all american (Some saying the best OL in Iowa). Braden Bryant from Butler CC 6'2" 310 lbs had many offers and could contribute right away. Still would like another transfer here and I think we have 1 or 2 offers still out that I know of. OLB: Was a huge need for this team and they went out and got some. Transfer Arron Cooper is going to be contributing right away possibly starting. Jack Baretz had many offers including 3-4 PWO to Big Ten schools. CB: After being what seemed like a loaded position it got pretty weak after the season. Was worried Dixon was going to leave after Ottis did but he stayed and Im excited for his future here. Maybe another transfer here if possible? S: Another huge position of need. Got a transfer Devin Hembry who had some other good offers. I see him contributing right away as well. K: Though we had a good one finally but got away from us. Going to need someone for next year. Some other recruits I'm excited for Paine Parks, LB- Hometown kid with nice size and huge potential. Jack Teiken, DE- Think he'll have an amazing career here Luke Schweigart, DT- Instate kid had a nice high school career. Couple years could be starting NG Seth Anderson, OL- Just because he left NDSU. Needs to add weight Looks like they won't be getting anymore signees today but I would still like to see a couple Transfers come in. OL, Speedy WR, and possibly a CB.
  10. Think Freund is going be the new HC. Mainly because it's the easiest decision for Chaves and the cheapest. UND HC doesn't get paid all that well. That being said maybe he'd bring Landry in as the QB coach/assistant OC. He did have some success as OC at UW-La crosse (D3). I See Freund keeping the offensive play calling duties if he is promoted to HC.
  11. Unfortunately after watching most of the games I don't see this team winning more then 10 games this year (hope I'm wrong). The talent level just isn't there. I see a bunch of D2 talent playing D1 basketball. There isn't a leader that can take over a game, there isn't a post threat or a 3 point threat. Bruns seems to be turning out the way we were all hoping but that isnt going to be enough. In Sathers 3rd season (?) I would have thought we'd be in a better position then this. Yes, he can coach but the recruiting part is starting to be a question. Like I said I hope I'm wrong and they can have a good season but what I've seen so far I'm not feeling to good about it.
  12. His playing time the last few games was getting less and less because he wasn't playing as well and the word was he was going to be splitting time with the backup qb next game. Must not have liked that. Still don't agree with the way he is leaving.
  13. I'm sure he had many HC offers just didn't like any of them or wasn't a good fit at the time.
  14. Looks like no espn+. Fightinghawks.com/UND insider will have live coverage.
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