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  1. Needs to do a better job of holding. Turner still almost got to the QB
  2. I did not see the pic but Im hoping those two were at that game. Would be huge gets for the program. Anyone have the pic?
  3. Was it more USD forcing these turnovers or ISU just making terrible mistakes with the ball. Probably a little of both but some of those INT's were bad.
  4. 7 turnovers is correct. 4 picks and 3 fumbles. Not saying USD didn't play good but ISU just made waaaaay to many mistakes. ISU was up 17-0 at one point and let it slip away. Came back in the 4th and threw another terrible pass that was intercepted. USD had 7 (yes SEVEN) turnovers and only won by 7 points. South Dakota vs #7 Illinois State Highlights | 2021 Spring College Football Highlights - YouTube
  5. UND was lucky against SIU that a few passes were not intercepted. Obviously in every game there are passes that can be intercepted. But I don't remember any of Shusters 7 incompletions that were a sure handed INT that the defense dropped or anyting?
  6. Didn't go to Tav because online said it didn't open until 11. If you leave game a little early you wont get a table after because the place fills up. And playmakers didn't open till 5 I believe someone had told me. Which I think they are wasting a huge opportunity for business not being open.
  7. But its hard to beat Jack "Holly Cow" Was at this game and the Alerus Center was wild when Harris picked that ball off. UND football - Cinematic Highlights vs USD 9/17/16 - Leave No Doubt - YouTube Min 2:30
  8. UND football - Highlights vs NAU, Big Sky championship - 11/12/16 - YouTube About the 3 min mark
  9. "Shut your mouth Ryan Kasowski" is one of my favorite ones of his! Think it was on one of Noah Wanzeks crazy catches.
  10. Seems to me that JMU would be the best one
  11. SIU Football | North Dakota stranger to MVFC, but not to league teams | Salukimania | thesouthern.com
  12. First game is finally here! What's everyone predictions on this game?
  13. Looks like you can watch the game on Denver Athletic website for around $10. MBB v North Dakota (5 FEB 21) - Video - University of Denver Athletics (denverpioneers.com)
  14. Has had some attention from K-State
  15. Anyone else get the email? Valued Season Ticket Holders, Thank you for your patience and for “Staying the Game” for more information on Football Season Tickets. We are ready to seat our football season ticket holders. We are excited to announce that we will be able to award you season ticket for this season and we are able to award you the same number of tickets that you originally purchased. You may not get the exact same seats this season, but we will do our best to seat you near your current seats. If you no longer want seaso
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