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  1. They usually have it on UND insider but its not there. Maybe give it a couple days and they will have it up.
  2. Can UND pull of a win at home after last weeks mess? I don't think so 34-24 UC Davis
  3. GoHawks

    Any given saturday

    About the same as the FCS facebook page
  4. GoHawks

    next up EWU

    That facebook group is a joke
  5. GoHawks

    Onto Sam Houston

    Just goes to show how pathetic that fan base really is.
  6. And the winner is Gundy
  7. The other two sports guys in Fargo are not much better.
  8. The real question is how much beer is going to be consumed tomorrow!?!
  9. I also did hear about this. I see students going to tailgating and then heading over to Johny Holmes.
  10. The smile on coach Schmitds face after seeing that,,,
  11. Mine also did come in this morning!
  12. Someone on another forum topic called the guy in charge of tailgating on Wednesday I believe and he was printing them out and sending them on that day. So should be here soon I would think...
  13. Good! I got my tickets 2 weeks ago and havn't got my tailgate passes yet so was getting worried.
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