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  1. GoHawks

    Time For Some New Blood

  2. GoHawks

    Time For Some New Blood

    Something has to change! Period! What bubba is doing now is just not working (obviously). I don't go tailgating every home game and get season tickets to watch a terrible football team. If bubba wont change things then why should I support him and his football team. Why would I renew my season tickets and tailgating spots next year if its going to be the same result?!? Bill Chavez is getting an email from me and I hope a lot of people because if bubba isn't going to do anything then the AD better. This is unacceptable!!!!
  3. GoHawks

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    Sooo to help UND's chances some of these teams need to win today??? Montana Weber State McNeese Maine Missouri State WIU
  4. GoHawks

    Non-UND FCS Thread

    The sad part is that bubba would be happy with this stat even after losing by 51 points. Glad UND didn't play EWU this year.
  5. GoHawks

    FCS Football Polls

    After Nicholls state won last night I thought I saw one of the Hero sports guys say that that will probably the only southland school in?!? Incarnate Words las two games of the season (which one was last night) was cancelled against North Alabama (Independent transitioning to FCS) and then Iowa State so that means they finish probably 6-5. Lamar, ACU, and McNeese are all 6-4 which Lamar and McNeese play each other next so one of those two are out. One of ACU's wins is against a Division 2 school so they're out. McNesses' only good win is against Nicholls and Lamar played an NAIA school so I don't see either of them getting it.
  6. GoHawks

    Day By Day

    Couple positive things I noticed were Maag and JJ both were practicing. One negative thing I noticed was that Rudolph is still there...
  7. GoHawks

    Day By Day

  8. GoHawks

    Time For Some New Blood

    I still would want Rudy to go. He has had what 5 years to prove to the fans and UND that he is the guy for the job and he just isn't (Wasn't even qualified to get the job). If UND was at 9-2 you could say the argument that we're two plays away from being 7-4. And him or Kostich would most likely be the guys to blame (which they pretty much are at this point). HE NEEDS TO GO...plain and simple! UND will be a bottom feeder in the MVFC if we continue to keep doing the same things we're doing.
  9. GoHawks

    Senior appreciation

  10. GoHawks

    PSU @ UND Predictions

    PSU - 34 UND - 21
  11. GoHawks

    PSU Queens

  12. GoHawks

    2018 Season

    Ways to beat the UND defense 1.Quick passes 2. Zone runs Idaho State did it and Weber saw that and did the same thing. The coaches for Weber did their homework.
  13. GoHawks

    Day By Day

  14. GoHawks

    2018 stats

    If he could do this and the coaches told him not to. The coaches shouldn't have a job. PERIOD!
  15. GoHawks

    UND-WSU Predictions

    UND 21 Weber 27