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  1. Well looks like we need a new RB coach. Agnew going to Sac State.
  2. Does anyone see Orlando getting his shirt pulled? Or maybe they're still looking for a drop down NG. 265 lbs seems light for a 3-4 defense.
  3. Rebraca's 3 second call and letting the offense get a rebound on a free throw with under a few minutes left. This team cant let that kind of stuff happen especially towards the end of the game. Definitely let that one slip away.
  4. Would be nice if UND could get at least one name on that top 25 list also.
  5. How many schools actually use the 3-4 defense?? If it works so good why aren't more schools using it? Yes, Schmidts defense has won many games for this team but it has been so inconsistent. Bubba moved on from his crap offense and hired Danny so maybe he'll realize that this defense isn't working either. We will see.....
  6. Why?? Just Why would you do that???
  7. I agree. All you have to do is look at the yard line and know if its backward or forward. Right?
  8. Start watching around 1:08:00 mark
  9. Or the Illinois St RB. He is a bruzzer
  10. Ok yeah I wasn't sure about the seniors. Thank you for clearing that up
  11. 6-1 225 lbs ILB, sophmore. 72 tackles, 4.5 sacks, 1 INT for the 2019 season. All NCIC second team All Conference. Their best defensive player it looks like. Other huskies to keep an eye on Robert Kraklow, Junior, 6-3, 304lbs OL, All NCIC second team Graham Miller, Senior, 6-3, 225 lbs, ILB, All NCIC First team Anthony Carver, senior, 6-4, 233 lbs TE, All NCIC first team Johan Solberg, senior, 6-2, 192 lbs, WR, All NCIC second team Huskies went 4-7 in 2019
  12. The head coach is in charge. He tells Danny what he wants. Danny goes out and gets it.
  13. Lets get rid of that god awful outdated 3-4 defense!!!
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