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  1. those have to be the fastest basketball players I have ever barely seen.
  2. Dickinson was the Coyotes at the time. But the midget name caught on and they gradually changed over to the Mighty Midgets.
  3. We’ll have to see if it grows legs
  4. Isn't that Adam Schiff's motto? I know I know....no politics.
  5. Not an indian nickname in the news....but a nickname that has endured its share of controversy, under fire once again: https://www.thedickinsonpress.com/4815350-Dickinson-asked-to-drop-‘Midgets’-team-name
  6. uhhh….how do you propose they go FBS in other sports?
  7. It's probably close to that. To break it down: Noise is certainly a factor for the opposition. I'd put that at 12 points. Smell of bison fans. Hard for visiting teams to catch their breath amidst the flatulence and BO. I'd put that at 7 points. Size of bison fans. Seeing people this large, especially for the first time, can be a distraction to young players. 6 points. NDSU team juice bar. Team exclusive formulations and sideline injections of mountain dew and folgers crystals that get their players to the edge of breaking banned substance rules. I'd put that at 10 points. Hey what do you know, we agree. 35 points it is!
  8. Nice to see you’ve started to diversify by not only arguing over every comment about ndsu you disagree with, but also disputing the level of humor enjoyed by others.
  9. Appears the refs are giving them just enough calls to assure another bison victory.
  10. In a day and age when a man can choose to identify as a woman, and all of society is expected to ignore biology and social norms to foster his delusion....I think I can let it slide if a young man chooses to identify as part of a proud hockey culture that still exists, even if it no longer “officially” exists on a jersey.
  11. Hey now...you’re assuming these people are identifying as being white...can’t do that..
  12. All 22k of course! (I had to look up the amount )
  13. To be fair, he does have the word “slow” in his nickname. So there is that subtle hint anyway.
  14. Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen ?
  15. Nah. What you actually come here for is to argue. It’s gotten old.
  16. I didn’t realize a short paragraph was too long for you. Rather strange that you responded to that comment of mine yet couldn’t read the whole paragraph. The water must’ve been choppy
  17. And probably some NFL teams as well. We'll have to wait for confirmation of this from Bison06 once he gets a chance to respond from his canoe.
  18. Everyone knows every player who ends up at ndsu was ranked #1 at their position on all the other schools' boards.
  19. Maybe he could get a job promoting the NFL’s Punt, Punt, and Punt some focking more program for kids.
  20. Plus, I imagine you have nothing else to do while sitting in your canoe.
  21. Wow less than 2 minutes. How's the water? And no, Sherlock, you were the one demanding answers to your stupid question.
  22. Pathetic that you have to monitor this site, and then respond and defend, anything said that might trigger your fragile psyche. Not even half a day after our season ended you're on here demanding people answer your questions regarding when will UND beat NDSU again. The river is freezing over; so get out of your douche canoe, come on shore, and walk yourself over to Bozoville.
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