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  1. Grimaldi feeds off emotion....nice rush
  2. 3:42 mark we get yet another Fargo reference..., the FargoFailure is going for the First period hat trick
  3. Wow just what CC needed.....Saunders can't be to pleased about that one.
  4. First Fargo reference at the 1:11 mark of the first period......sadly not a record.
  5. I'd say UNH is a legit competitor come tourney time, speed, move the puck well, fun game to watch..
  6. Vote vote vote.......the Calgary leFlame rubes are pushing hard for jonny G in the voting but they don't know the tenacity of the Sioux fan!! Vote like a dead democrat in chicago..........multiple times a day.
  7. Not an AnderShep weekend!! 12 min penalty calls anybody?
  8. ...just trying to capture the spirit of the thing..........
  9. It's not even that they didn't look, they interviewed people and they told them no and went with the FargoFailure. The people they did not give the job to we're MUCH MUCH MUCH more qualified, and wanted the job.
  10. HD is not the problem with the Midco broadcast.it is needed, but its not the real issue. You can polish a turd, it looks better, but its still a turd.
  11. HD is not the problem with the Midco broadcast.it is needed, but its not the real issue. You can polish a turd, it looks better, but its still a turd.
  12. I have been screaming this for a long time now...more and more people are really seeing the difference in the quality of the production that is done by the current midco/hammer failathon and what other college hockey has the benefit of being exposed with. The signing of the deal that literally BARS a quality telecast of the program should be a fireable offense . Many fans can not tell the difference and are blissfully ignorant of the quality and presentation. But what will matter is that the exposure, nationally of the program has taken a monumental shift in reverse, and in the next year there simply will not be a national exposure for the program, however there WILL be national exposure with QUALITY productions available to other teams either through their own doing, their conference, or by a NBCSports.....which will be barred from showcasing the Ralph, the program or UND. Think about it you're a high school prospect kid from someplace that sees a Minnesota, BU, Notre Dame,. And others with awesome national exposure in glorious HD.....then if they would care to pay $70 or so they coud maybe get a flickering buffering feed from the Ralph with some yahoo blurting out "one-timer" everytime somebody passes the puck. Which would impress you.
  13. I really don't have much of a favorite, really just love watching hockey.. Grew up going to jets games in the Peg.....sitting under the queen. But I will certainly watch a lot of wild this year.. Chicago would maybe be a fav I guess. I love playoff hockey and really this year it should be quasi playoff from the start. Even though the coyotes left me dry in Winnipeg I do respect their organization....to bad it's destined to doom in the desert, I think it will flourish in Hamilton or Quebec. I do know I hate the Rangers.....and I'm not sure why....I just do.
  14. Just got my tickets! Im taking my dad whos a bit handicapped and cant do stairs so I was able to call up the goofer ticket office and they were able to get us a few ADA tickets for him. Face value, they didnt make us buy SRO and then convert as some areana do. So now i get to take my dad to Mariucci...last year it was to Madison....I just love being able to take him now as he took me to games in the early 80s...., BTW hats off to the folk at the goofer ticket office as they were very helpfiull, pleasent, and nice. Now i just need to figure out how a bunch of us can smuggle in bullhorns to blast out Chelsea dagger and FIGHTONSIOUX after yhey score!!!!
  15. Flip over to another game and then back both in digital of course can't compare HD to standard but apples to apples ther is a significant difference. I'd be ok with Blurry if the pxp wasn't embarrassing.
  16. Credit where credit is due....these intermission spot features are very well done for the most part. Still I'd prefer to not have to stare at the wiggling neck ; babbling "koober" all night
  17. I hope you are wrong on the final but you called the 2-0 lead
  18. Anyone in the athletic department that is still denying or dismissing this crap needs to go too.. Mediocrity is UNACCEPTABLE for this program.
  19. The work before that Knight goal to keep the puck in the zone was epic... And the pass was awesome from Kristo... I was thinking how it would have sounded with Doc calling it........if only.
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