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  1. I honestly hope everyone involved can understand that.
  2. This is true. Not saying its right, but it is true.
  3. What people dont realize is that distribution centers for USPS have super strict coevid rules. If an employee tests positive the entire facility SHUTTERS for 14 days. I Had a package tracked to this issue that took over 25 days due 1)the facility locked down, and then 2) the backlog in resuming service. I wouldn't trust them with a 2nd grade valentine card let alone my vote.
  4. I really think thats a stretch... a far far stretch. Suspiciously far stretch.
  5. This loses its power over time, in reality. Especially if UND can and does support his true redemtion. Right or wrong it does. It will be easy to sign the kid quietly to an AHL deal then ease into it, there isnt nearly the publicity of the NHL draft. But ultimately this kids future is in his hands and how he handles himself. Rights or no rights he was an NHL draft pick. No one can take that away from him. * Disclaimer for every post on this subject. - The actions of Miller where disgracefull disgusting and evil. I hate them. It angers me physically. - I do not know this young man's heart now. - I respect Berry's ability to see potential in redemtion and forgiveness for him Nd to mold him to a decent himan being. However the situation is entirely owned by him and UND at this point.
  6. The coyotes blaming this on coevid difficulties with this draft is absolutely over the top pathetic. That AND throwing their entire scouting department under the bus. Pathetic. Own the situation and make something good out of it.
  7. Understand this as well, sure the kid may not have his rights owned right now. But this makes it easier for him to get to the NHL. Play a year maybe two, show redemtion, and have 30+ clubs able to sign with as a free agent.
  8. Never has it been more true... #PollsAreForSingleMoms They are useless, I have a good friend who is a very respected very LIBERAL proffessor at a major university out east and leads the election night war room of a major (top 2) cable news network, and he has said the current state of polling has redefined the world of political science.
  9. This thread has truly reached some dizzying heights of greatness. Wonder where it ranks in all time page counts. - That look that forever describes finding out someone actually believes the libral crap they post. #bewilderment.
  10. If he used his real login maybe it would be too much. But it matches the level of respect the account deserves. He uses a shell login and handle to keep the complete nonsense up. Can his shell account and hold his antics accountable to his "normal" username. Although that would make it difficult to reach the lofty page count goals that have been established. #1k
  11. You lost the entire world of 80+ IQ when you referenced a cnn poll. I cant imagine the level of stupidity (both sides mind you) that it takes to actually accept, stay on the line, and complete a random political phone poll. I don't do a survey without being paid and the ones I do pay very very well usually $10 - $30, some higher for about 10 mins of my time, but those are usually industy specific. I never respond to a political polling call.
  12. Dang you spazz out when facts get you in a box don't you! Maybe time for another mandatory time out, there bud. Might be best you prepare your mental state and line that basement with safe soft pillows for next week.
  13. Stormy Daniel was/is a whore who's job was selling sex for money. Kamala Harris was/is a whore who sold sex for a job thats pays her money. It's literally apples to apples. Both were affairs outside of marriages. Morally and monetarily equivalent.
  14. He did over pay, hell he could've had your mom for $159,979.80 less. VOTE TRUMP $20.20
  15. I honestly dont think voters will matter in Wisconsin. Its all about the procedural counting of votes.
  16. Wisconsin is going to be very difficult for Trump to repeat. For one reason, Scott Walker. For so long Walker held on to reigns againsy the insanity of Madison libs but now that he is gome and the libs control the ballot counting, (i.e.harvesting, cultivating)...... theres just no lengths they wont go to deliver Wisco back blue.
  17. And that drama begs the question of authenticity as well to an extent. Good lord, it's a mess. Really unhappy to have the program involved in it, but Im sticking to my conclusion. *I'm hurt and angered to read these details. I feel for this bullied kid. *I dont know this Miller kids' heart today. *I trust Berry, coaches, athletic dept, school, has more info and knowledge about him, his heart, and his potential as a human. *I expect the all of those parties to present a better messege than what has come out so far.
  18. Its tough on practice jerseys to find much value. I have what could only have been Grimaldi's Sioux, red non contact, but really theres no way to tie it back to him with a LOA or anything. I think the siouxshop sold them for $50... And I've picked up about 3 or 4 more, post "Sioux" for $10 each. They're great cheap shinny jerseys, thats about it.
  19. Im really getting more and more pissed that UND is being drug through this reactionarily and not proactively.
  20. The muppet dances..... and the mountain of stupid advances.
  21. Just an absolute beast, What a mountain we have climbed so far.... Greatness
  22. Yeah, im not going to move anything away from the kids actions because the bullied kids dad's past. Nothing the dad did makes being forced to lick a urinal sucker ok.
  23. You're finally correct, in the grand scheme, 4 years and 3 months isn't a long time.
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