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  1. You forgot to add Minnesota, Wisco, and Notre Dame because ...no matter what... but; This is exactly how it used to be and quite frankly a good reminder for anyone beeeyatching about the pwr system... maybe a few adjustments here and there.. (Kratch) but really. PWR is a godsend.
  2. Spring training is here, which means the annual declaration that the Twins have been officially eliminated from contention beyond the circle jerk central and a 1st round fisting by an east coast team. Probly looking at you NY... again.
  3. It's just sad. I kinda think a "high class" institution like DU or UofD or whatever could come up with something a little more creative. But then that may take away time from wasting mommy and daddy's money on those strenuous academic pursuits like Hydroponics 101, Gender thoery 1289, Social Justice whining 235, and of course Everything is Racist 280. I mean come on.... their most notable alumni accomplishment is Bryron Dorgan's world record for permanently unmoving hair.... and even he wasn't successful till back in ND.
  4. Look into slingtv or playstation or hululive....
  5. 1. Goophers: I mean really they embody everything that is wrong and evil in the hockey world. Historic performance earns a level of earned hate through their success. 2. DU: Just a disgusting ignorance of hockey knowledge, but again, historically successfull to be on thebsame page and scale of UND. 3. UMD: The diving, the human shitstains of desperation and wannabee fans is disgusting. Its so sad. The pathetic play and fan base elevates them even in the face of lack of historical success. Success only on the coatails of those associated with them. 4. BC/BU: Boston, East coast bias and arrogance. Lots of reasons to hate both ways in success and anguish. 5. Michigan: Fu*k Michigan. That is all. 6. Bison: cause I can. Unworthy of hate: St. Clown: good lord the place is one missed state payment away from being turned into a prison. Historically unworthy of elevation to the likes of the others. Fans need to know hockey to even be engaged, havent met many that can understand the game. Omaha hits a similar station here. Honorable Mention: Wisco.... love to face them in rivalry, always had great experiences with fans who after a few jabs are thrown back and forth, buy you a brat and I buy them a beer and we sing sagas of hate towards UMtc and Mich. Just cant hate Wisconsin though, just enjoy the intensity of the rivalry.
  6. Not sure how that wasn't golaie interference....
  7. Well no better than the present to start. The foundation has given generously to other entities in the community and region. Makes sense to appreciate the relationship and see what they would be interested being a part of building in the future. I just applaud an approach to the relationship that doesnt start from a public tone of ungratefulness and conflict.
  8. Exactly what was needed to be said, if he can massage the relationship into a positive and continued entity, we should all be pleased. Just saying, we have the Ralph, we have the Betty,....... but... the UND LEM HPC has a heck of a ring to it!
  9. they can have the rights to the extreamly overused and worn out "Bomba" expression. Nothing more.
  10. As was I... take a joke.. giggle a bit, its ok. The Gesthawko doesn't send you to the sthawkade for one little joke.
  11. Then a 4th... say... Western wins the frozen faceoff and to avoid 1st round matchups is sent tonthe fourth regional.... And sweeps its weekend there. = all NCHC Frozen Four. UND vs Western DU vs UMD
  12. So not something they've tried out on actual crowd yet... see how it goes I guess.
  13. His NHL has not been kind to the Drakes chiclets. ....Do the kids these days even know about Chiclets????. Are they still even a thing?
  14. The power of ss.com.... I hear they went with a recording of the shrill shriek of coeds as Boeser was tossing his golden locks of hair in the warm midday sun.
  15. Everytime i see a post in this thread... all i can think is it being narrated in the Oak Island voice... "Could it be?..... That brothers Rick....and Marty Lagina..... have unearthed a brick from the 1600s that once might have been a part of a 25,000 seat stadium?... And is it possible that stadium will be used by the local tech college in their D1 transition?"
  16. Unrestricted transfering would lead to a massive under the table kickback problem amplification. Think its bad with the CHL stuff now... thats nothing compared to the arrogant B1g when they look down theit noses to pluck kids from the mankatos and other schools theybwill deem as "feeders". Couple that with the paying of college athletes issue and its basically the nail in the coffin of collegiate athletics, especially hockey.
  17. Frozen4sioux

    The Herald

    Obviously.......... I mean that's basically like a headline that reads, "GF expects snow at some point"... i mean really talk about phoning in a story.
  18. I have a theory that Boston has realized so much flak... and the fact that its a terrible trade.. that they are now trying to use this as a way to blow it all up.
  19. Maybe they could have ya vote by choosing a snap filter of your face turned into the hobey pose with the teams sweater augnented in.
  20. But getting back to the horn thing..... Its terrible. we lose to Denver both nights if that horn is in play... say the boys have a tight 1st period.... Denver hears that weak limp bleating excuse of a horn.... they think..who are these people and come out inspired to toss up a beating. Cant let that happen Jody. For the sake of the season... REA.... Change the horn. but to what.... what fits from a local flair prospective... That sound your car make as it slams into a GF pothole?.... Hows about a tornado siren?.... or a beet truck horn, a buck grunt, a goose call, the whine of a fargonian without a daily dose of bison coverage? What sound encapsulates the region? My top two are maybe just recordings of someone saying "ope!... gosh we ran out of time there".... or a shouted burst of a dude behind the counter of the pepper ...."NEXT!"
  21. Frozen4sioux

    The Herald

    Literally was just about to just give them their damn online subscription.... Then I used a free click on the Bochenski hit piece, thankfully saved me money. Other than a delivery vehicle for Brads hockey writing, i consider it a dinosour that nobody needs anymore... Its a Dontneedasourus...
  22. 100% we have a game on St. Pattys day... Feeney starts.
  23. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/4884971-Columbia-Mall-redevelopment-could-see-action-later-this-year I count this as an incredible amount of BS. “We're going to have to bring some incentives to them,” he said. “And some of it might be a little bit different than what we normally do with straight property transactions.” Give them nothing, ever. These asshats have got the city right where they want them.
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