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  1. From the main camera No chance to make out most numbers on the shoulders......sometimes the back numbers are clear enough.
  2. D is starting a bit shaky again...just had open winger they left in front of the net.just missed setting him up. Then Grimaldi with a good chance
  3. Wow that rock and roll intro thing has as much excitement as an eigth grade English class lecture on dangling participles.
  4. Very concerned about the reputaion of the conference with a guy like Don Adams at the head of the officiating crew.
  5. i agree with you about that the problem is on the transmission feed from midco out to fcs or how fcs uses the feed. The CC wisconsin game was a brutal picture as well last night. Im not griping about that, where i think there was a bit of culpability on the UND athletic depatments part is the production value of the broadcast in the first place. some things are good ideas and it is improving but i see many facets of it that are truly negative and i think cast a bad light upon the program. And the responses initially received truly did deny any issues existed, until I started making a stink a huge stink about it, then we started hearing from people that they are working to fiix them. very much like alot of other things unless a problem is brought to light, it is not acknowledged. i believe it is here where my critisism is warranted and overall benefitial in the long run. ....................That and the fact that i hate Dan Hammer with the burning passion of a 1000 suns
  6. I have been reapetedly told that the signal looks fine in the press box and that there doesnt seem to be a problem. that is denying the problem.
  7. I don't know if a "hockey for dummy's" book would help, maybe go to a few midget practices, rent a video anything but it appears in every way that he has no idea what he is seeing. My biggest frustration is that everytime a puck leaves a stick in the offensive zone he thinks it's a shot. The concept of passing, chipping in dump and chase all seem lost to him. IT IS NOT A "SHOT ......WELL WIDE"..... Dan. Open.your. eyes........its a pass to the winger crashing the net. And very five minutes a mention of Fargo hockey....or football YOU'RE NOT IN FARGO..... And every time I hear "Kuuuuber". I just imagine punting his head clean out of his headset.
  8. I wonder if after a piss poor performance like that if there is any embarrassment or self realization of how big a fool you just proved yourself to be. I mean what dies one feel when they realize that they have been played by a euro-trash dive master after that goal. Good lord the NCHC has botched almost everything so far but if they do anything right it better by the officiating but that isn't looking good either
  9. The flickering and choppy video was visible on the midco feed as well, not as bad but it was there. The picture being put out to FCS it embarrassing,...and too keep denying the problem has an overall negative effect on your brand.
  10. If Saunders doesn't bail out the d in the first BU walks away with it.
  11. Hakstol will literally slay a zebra if they give a goal here
  12. Wow o my god how they agree to look at this one??
  13. A couple shots tonight on yawning nets just missing... If it were my beer league team Mac and knight would be skating a lap in sparkly spandex shorts before the next game
  14. Keep calling those legit ones right in front of you.
  15. Overhead view is extremely clear...... That was legit goal 100%. Not even delayed
  16. Euro soccer is the best way to describe that crap..... But a wcha ref will fall for it every time.
  17. Crap grimaldi with n awesome backand feed cross the crease. ....alas hammer thought it was a shot again.. Truly I know few people with less hockey knowledge than Dan hammer
  18. Percent of Sioux fans who give a S)($t about Aberdeen and their self proclaimed good people..... 0.
  19. Gosh they needed that goal A good power beauty goal
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