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  1. Well since the licensing and sales of the products have such a large impact on the university and the programs ability to generate revenue....it does matter what they jerseys look like... Thinking that a jersey is "just a protection from blood spatter" is ignorant....and foolish. There is a reason thought goes into this process....there is a reason that a sweater is critiqued and yes athletes most deffinetly want sweaters that protect them and perform without concern but if anyone tells me that athletes completely don't care about what they are wearing ....it's just not the case. The program and team will be very very professional and I do not believe they would let something as a sweater version keep them from focusing on the task at hand, that is professionalism......and they build pros in ND.
  2. I think the real lesson here's that the big mistake was I keeping them in hidingns long. UND should have been out front on revealing the jersey,,....be proud of it and just brought it out and said here it is ....it is what it is. By trying to be so MI6 on the secrecy of the thing you ended up looking kinda bush league in having ugly blurry photos pop up on some half mast blog...Ultimately a fail for the PR department on this one The jerseys are going to be interesting to see in color........ They are Reebok and remind me of the Boston jersey.... The stripes are spaced to widely.... Ditch the front numbers......it looks like its trying to hard.... Put the NorthDakota wordmarck in the same font as is used already and I'd would be fine.... Whatever I guess I just want to see this thing flow Down the ice and score a ton....
  3. First impression is that those are fuglier than I could have possibly imagined............ I hope the poor quality of the pic magically looks better In person..... Shame shame on you hypocrites in INDIANapolis that the true beauty of the Sioux jersey has given way to this ......uhhhgg. That being said........I'll buy one......of each.
  4. Interesting....I wonder if that means a similar circular crest .... Is be odd to see a similar striping pattern as the women's sweaters came from Gemini and I thought the men's were being done at Reebok. I hope they are not too simular....the women's jerseys are hideous......
  5. As per a gfherald article they had all three colors made, green, white, and black...... Only the whites will be in st Paul.
  6. Does anybody have a picture? there has to be a few pics of this. I just asked Kfan on twitter if was true and if they also support racist pranks as well? Wonder if they will acknowledge...im thinking not. If this is true and KFAN or PA has the drunk loser or for that matter Cardinal on it should be a ton of calls to their advertisers asking if they support racism of Native Americans?
  7. id say the best rebuffs to make up would be "DAKOTA = SIOUX" same thing. What next we can't play unless the state changes names too? As far as showing the jerseys. Yes if u show them today there will be copys made prior to the game although there will be copies made prior to any retail availablity so a few days does not matter. And yes almost every reporter will ask about how the players and coaches feel about the new gear...because no reporter is above that question.
  8. ESPN is terrible at best It says ESPN syndication/ESPN 3 does that mean...... It could be sold out to FSN or other outlets?
  9. More rest is ok but I've always put more stock in keeping with a normal gameplay routine
  10. A run could mean Western mich. - UMtc. - BC. - Michigan A daunting task but to think after the Bermidgeeee game??........to even be here with 17...... One helluva job by Hak and the boys.... Anybody on this board that says fire Hak if they don't bring home trophy should be banned from the site, the Ralph, and holding property and voting for life.
  11. Uffda...I missed that Shouldnt the 1 seed get the later time?........o god the gooferfaithfull would whine like pigs if thathappened
  12. Nobody picked the SIOUX Underdogs...just the way I like it
  13. God I hope BU bounce the goofs.....for many reasons One end of the spectrum wants to see the goofs watching more hockey at the excel The other end is that I don't like the thought of a good quality pissed off UM team....... Plus if they possibly could get us the mindless masses of gooferville would hang a banner and pop their jerseys about it for years
  14. Full bracket is up at the NCAA frozen four site
  15. Looks like the Sioux play at 1:30 The gophers at 5 And the championship is at 5:30
  16. The bulldogs went Mohawks.... The gophers dyed blond....... Maybe they should worry about hockey instead of hair??.....just a thought.
  17. They called the dude out on Brett hull not going to ND.....
  18. St Paul Sioux v western Michigan Goofers v bu
  19. Bridgeport Union v Michigan state Miami v mass lowell
  20. So far it appears again that $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Is mor important than true bracket integrity.......why they even to pretend to have a PWC is beyond me
  21. Green bay Michigan v Cornell Ferris state v Denver.
  22. Spelling and proper grammar will not be included with updated.........
  23. Worsted mass Bu v air force UMduluth. V maine
  24. I was wondering if the NCAA would make them blur the logo out of the highlights
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