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  1. Not focused on the stadium really but what's behind..... my kids are absolutely going here if the university ends up getting THIS big of a facelift. Much better use of the parking lot. Unreal concept
  2. Moe's is awesome- probably an unpopular opinion if it hasn't been mentioned yet. Been twice - last year a couple weeks after it opened and again for graduation back in May. Second visit was much better than the first, but only food wise. They were waaaaay understaffed, to the point where I was empathetic for the server only being able to come around once every 20 minutes. The offering is unique much like the Frog's, giving the restaurant a lot of potential- just seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot in the way that they're trying to establish the brand.
  3. It's too hard to tell if this is serious or a joke.
  4. It goes without saying that their endowment could influence, if not support the transition, "academic focused" or otherwise. Not to mention, this prospectus has a possibility of creating quite the buzz among its alumni base and the greater Twin Cities area as an already prominent household institution. Solid education supported by one hell of an athletic experience. Maybe not right now, but the idea is attractive long-term. I wouldn't let your definitive pessimism get in the way too much. I was reading last night- very exciting development. Even if it's a number of years down the road, it would be a welcomed move in an opportunistic expansion market.
  5. Any idea on the state of operation/accessibility for the building that's currently standing? Plenty aware of the other workspaces that can be utilized in MU's place (Columbia Hall, Law School, CFL, most other buildings)...throwing a complete halt on the project seems unnecessary. $336/yr means a lot more to college students and their parents than it does us alumni and/or community members, but there's a reason the vote happened AND passed.
  6. Taco Tuesdays, 6 pack and a pound, Ole's... tough to remember a good experience at the Grand Forks TB. Taco Johns is pretty consistently on their A-game up there.
  7. I can't wait. How exciting for the city!
  8. Not sure anybody said your activity was "illegal" at all, because it's not. It is deceptive and dishonest, and we're holding you accountable to that so people aren't misled going forward.
  9. Holding somebody accountable is much different than cyber-bullying.
  10. You're disgracing the logo and tradition that we all love so, by ripping people off with fake product. It doesn't get much deeper than that. Among everybody that even seldom posts on these forums, I can confidently tell you that most every different variation of the jersey worn by the team at whatever point throughout history is owned by many, hence why this topic exists. People want to own genuine Sioux apparel and memorabilia, and when production channels become limited and lesser, we go to greater lengths to acquire. You try to establish credibility elsewhere to undermine the intelligence of not only those you're marketing to, but others who care much more deeply than you with MANY years of expertise and the ability to call out authentic vs fake. Save yourself, along with those here and your [unfortunately] misled customer base, the trouble, grief and embarrassment. In my relatively short time on this earth I've learned the greatest weakness is covering weakness up. It's always nice to make a quick buck, sure, but we refuse to do business with somebody clearly lacking integrity. Nobody's going to stop you, but we would suggest (and respect) that you approach in the future with a hell of a lot more honesty than you have in the past.
  11. SiouxSherm94

    The Herald

    Dude.. you're annoying. A notorious troll wherever you can find a fire to light, for absolutely no reason or basis. Do less.
  12. Pizza and quite the spread of merch for a townie dive. Atmosphere hasn't changed a bit since Oxford took over.
  13. There are few things I agree with what he did/has done as our president, and this is one of them. As a grad from the last handful of years, it became clear that the university needed a ridiculous amount of modernizing and I'm glad he was aware enough to allocate spend for all of these projects, given consideration to attendance/student body numbers being in limbo over the last decade. Really looking forward to all of the face-lifts coming in the next few years, especially to the CFL, Union and Gamble.
  14. @MafiaMan Put me down for one Green and one Grey. siouxsherm94 on the Green. Thank you for heading this up again!
  15. SiouxSherm94

    ITS OVER!!!

    I'm not calling them kids nor do I defend the argument behind that group of thought. I'm also not sensitive to and for them either. They aren't boys anymore and they came to college to pursue hockey now above all else, whether or not hockey ends up being their forever. All I'm saying is the guys are aware of what the fans think and the criticism (again, along with praise) is taken to heart.
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