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  1. That's part of his job; try not to feed the fire here. The guys were down and out last night quite clearly. They'll come back with fire tonight and hopefully make it a wash.
  2. Good to have 25 and 26 back. Making their impact early. And there’s the goal.
  3. Great read again Dave, as usual. 6 points for the good guys between tonight and tomorrow! Let's go Sioux!
  4. Appears to be an issue with the app. Nothing on my end either
  5. Their fans are bizarre to say the least. Was also at that Saturday game and sitting in those rinky-dink seats behind the end-glass; two SCSU fans (heading families with young children, mind you) both got mouthy with some UND faithful and tossed before the game even started. Very one-sided and passionately unpleasant.
  6. Need a top tier team to show up this weekend. Two big ones we can't miss a step on.
  7. Great period. Glad to see the boys creating chances and playing proactively. We see this in the 3rd- no doubt we get the win tonight. Let's go fellas
  8. Man this kid is special. Size and talent remind me of Rocco. Exciting to see.
  9. Much better second period. Just need to find some twine.
  10. First thought brought me into the football mindset: defenseless and unaware. Initially appeared cheap and dirty, but after running it back a few times, it was just an unfortunate situation. Webster knew better.
  11. DC has to be less than pleased with their start. Couple of close games to start, but they got outworked last night, especially late and in the faceoff circle. It'll be a fun game to watch on Tuesday. Like you, expecting them to come with a vengeance.
  12. I'm sorry, the internet causes things to go tone deaf unless it's clear in context. Exactly what I'm trying to say. It's the same thing with its COVID response. Piss poor all around.
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