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  1. People, just remember. Before any of you blow a gasket because something doesn't look or seem "right" on this forum, it'll never leave these confines. A way to pass time, absolutely, but nothing to get upset or argumentative over. Be well, be a good friend and family member, and go Sioux.
  2. source please. this is huge.
  3. It’s a pain without a doubt. Incredible season with many accolades that our men have to call their own.. hoping it serves as a catalyst to come back next year and make yet another mark on our program’s history. On another note, I did receive this last evening. Old rivalry at work. Joking or not, at least there are other ways to humor each other amongst all else going on in the world around us.
  4. I work for SAP. Offices in SEA/TAC suburbs and the Bay were urged to work from home as of last Friday, with exception to personnel that need to be in the office, but even then asked to exercise judgment. Offices in MPLS and Virginia received word in the last half hour to follow suit. Could not agree more that things are being blown out of proportion by some but the question still remains, no matter what the trends or infection rates are, both in and out of comparison to other known diseases or epidemics, would we rather take too many precautions so as to mitigate its spread, or let this doubt/skepticism overrule and actually end up with a humanitarian crisis? Gonna err on the side of caution. That said, if people choose to inform themselves on COVID-19 in its current state and how its affecting everyone, which I strongly believe a simple 10-15 minutes of research will make a world of difference, then this sense of hysteria will start to dissolve.
  5. Michigan had its first two confirmed cases yesterday and both are considered metro Detroit, as reported by local news sources post-news conference with their governor. If there are implications for the Red Wings game at Little Caesars on April 4th, which might not be determined for weeks, many would think the same of the Frozen Four. It'll be interesting to watch this develop.
  6. Got your message; I hope everything is okay good sir. Thank you for the update, but know that there are many circumstances to which this can be moved to the backburner with full understanding.
  7. Don't see anything wrong with it. Manpower with travel is limited until NCHC tourney
  8. Need two wins this weekend. Can't accept anything less. 3-1 tonight for the good guys
  9. They've been saying that about the yield every day for the last week.
  10. Might be helpful to post what that is unless you want this response to be labeled a redundancy. @Zypher per the post in the 2021 thread, Marriott in Aksarben sounds like it's been the one historically. Best of luck to you both, and have fun this weekend if attending the games!
  11. Although I support the idea and like where your head's at, my guess would be.... there's no chance. Quite a big jump and well-deserved, at that.
  12. Their President, Dr. Nido Qubein, was the keynote at a higher ed tech conference that I attended in Orlando last summer. I'm having a difficult time locating the picture he used in his presentation about the constructive expansion (likely not public-facing), but man, it is INSANE. The main theme was around building a community and driving inclusiveness. Their campus culture has improved incredibly and he said that every facet of modernizing their campus was done with students of all backgrounds in mind. Athletics is high on the priority list for expansion, but I can tell you that, at least at the time, hockey was not a priority. Maybe things have changed now that they've officially announced the $1B investment. Excited to see what the future of that institution will bring. Qubein is genuine and very charismatic.
  13. Big part of the problem while Kelley was here and has been a lame duck since he left, besides playing host to big names that visit our campus. Also was a yes-man to Kennedy on a number of occasions. Questionable hire at best with the number of votes of no confidence, starting during his days at UAB. Common reports of hostile work environments and creating rugged relationships. Paul Lindseth, who is one of the nicest and most reputable leaders on campus, even had a tiff. Right there with @Kab and @SWSiouxMN. This is going to be very, very good for the new administration having TDL gone.
  14. While Westgate isn't anything to write home about in my opinion (having lived a short walk away), the entire entertainment district would play as a great host if we were to play at/in Gila River for a weekend. Plenty of bars (including a Fat Tuesday), 5 hotels within walking distance, Tanger Outlets right across the street, and an ever-improving Desert Diamond Casino a couple blocks north. I would be a big fan of this proposal if it came to be.
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