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  1. SiouxSherm94

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    He was committed here through late November.
  2. SiouxSherm94

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    As it still stands, you would be correct. Thank you for that!
  3. SiouxSherm94

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    A guy in the pipeline is not all out. Effort's been there already. Coaches are trying to remedy a tough situation and they did that with a kid who has the character to potentially give up a semester/half year of eligibility by coming in right now. Not sure about you guys, but that's a guy I want playing for us any day.
  4. SiouxSherm94

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/hockey/4557265-und-goalie-peter-thome-out-longterm-fighting-hawks-bring-new-goalie You are correct; published 11 minutes ago.
  5. SiouxSherm94

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Feeney will probably be a Bob. Not a super impressive stat line. Johnson will likely cycle out Thome and Rowe with Scheel.
  6. SiouxSherm94

    Time to Boo Berry?

    I remember hearing this as well. I also remember not hearing much, if anything, from Dane after the decision had been made to replace Hak with Bubs, nor have I had any doubt in their working dynamic/relationship. It's a solid pair. Not sure what's being asked here but if you're asking for his official role, it's associate head coach.
  7. SiouxSherm94

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Then your argument would suggest the same for Bubs, although our campaigns YoY were (and still are) relatively much better than theirs (Maine). I don’t think anybody is going to stand for 4 more seasons of this. Especially with the disappointing results these last three seasons. It’s not North Dakota tradition, and that’s influenced by the culture set forth by our bench bosses. Two words we hear almost too often from BB. We can’t keeping hinging on these “exciting” incoming classes of recruits to make a fundamental shift in how we approach the game. That’s not a knock on their talent at all, sincerely. It’s just that if you can’t make the most of the product you have now, that’s an everybody issue. Too much at stake to let that mentality continue to exist.
  8. SiouxSherm94

    North Dakota at Canisius January 4-5, 2019

    Dave, great read as usual. I have a good feeling about this team in the second half and believe that the 19 wins this senior class needs to reach 100 could come, even if it appears to be a stretch. The fact that we have everyone back, along with a potential appearance by JT tomorrow night, is reassuring. We're coming off a big win last week against NTDP, and if we follow up with a much needed sweep this weekend, it could be the spark to a dangerous 2H. 3-1, 4-2 good guys.
  9. SiouxSherm94

    Max Marvin

    https://www.warroadmnnews.com/2018/12/30/max-calvin-marvin-age-19/ Tough news from a great family, especially after Lisa's accident a few years ago.
  10. SiouxSherm94

    Dave Hakstol out with the Flyers

    He noted almost immediately after accepting the job that the pace of being an NHL bench boss was going to take a lot of adjustment, but it seemed to have come pretty quick for him. Don't think he had much of a choice on that front. He had access to the highest level everything for three years and that's what he knows now. This is one of so many grand assets that a college team would have bringing him back in maximizing time during the week between practices and workouts.
  11. SiouxSherm94

    Hextall out in Philly

    Frank Seravalli at TSN reporting this morning that the Flyers have fired Ron Hextall. The man who made the move to bring in Hak is officially gone, and things seem to be pointing in the same direction for our former head coach as well. Thoughts?
  12. Hi all- I know it’s a gamble, but looking for a couple lower bowl tickets for the UND/Badgers series early November. Both nights.
  13. SiouxSherm94

    Jim Murphy

    UND counselor who was very, very popular on campus, passed this past Saturday.
  14. SiouxSherm94

    President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Couldn't agree more, besides Andrew Haffner's POTY article coming into the new year. Made mention of this last week in the Engelstad article thread.
  15. SiouxSherm94

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    So Mark Kennedy, The Grand Forks Herald's 2017 Person of the Year as printed on December 31st, 2017, is probably the most hated man in Grand Forks and the Greater RRV at this point. Anything to push newspapers. His unpopularity across the UCF interview, clashing heads with Ray Holmberg, and now this article speak to my claim, even though we all know it lasts far longer than that.