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  1. Thank you so much midco for the pathetic blurry exposure you provide for the program. Omaha and CC are in beautiful HD on NBCsports with the amazing Doc Emerys' soothing pipes serenading the action. We have hammer , Dan the high school volleyball hammer. Whoever signed the deal for this crap and to ENSURE we can't be on NBC needs to be fired and banned forever from Grand Forks.
  2. I think minnesota would push hard for a wisco or michigan outdoor game at twins ballbark
  3. He's a winner plain and simple... There is a great pic in the new pone goal book with Dave in an elevator and Eades walking outside.... Eerily foreshadowing the eventual separation.
  4. Hammers' hockey knowledge ends at the cheesy one liners he got from NHL '94 on sega genesis. He's a godd@mn disgrace to the program and the sport of hockey.
  5. What I mean by Jones could have been better served by UND was in the fact that his feet looked slow and not quick.....and that the schedule and regime of the college route could serve those players very well in the more time for training and I'd say Seth will be a good player but he has not looked good on this stage. He Will go high in draft.
  6. Hate to beat this horse but Jones is really having a tough nite.
  7. Jeez those poor Pom Pom pink pant girls really need a break....
  8. He has looked very slow in his feet and it's been exposed quite a bit. I bet a year or two with time to work on it in the Ralph woulda helped a lot :/
  9. Uffda the Canadian depth really showed on that double minor kill
  10. At least a strong few chances in the last minute.....
  11. Yep this looks pretty ugly... That save by Gibson was very fortunate
  12. On a complete random college hockey note. The coaches from Army Hockey where at the Bobcats game in Bismarck tonight.
  13. Grimaldi is an amazing team player...and miller is just too damn selfish to develop any chemistry...but hopefully miller figures it out and Rocco shakes of the yips and goals start dropping for him
  14. I think they can get away with it in that it isn't spelled correctly and the last part was just made up.....They just keep on screaming it in blisfull ignorance But really it's total hipocracy .....which completely fits within the guidelines of the INDIANapolis INDIANA based NCAA
  15. The levels of hipocracy and delusional thinking that comes out of the goofer fan is epic. I can not imagine what the world must look like when viewed through the glasses of maroon and gold.. I watch hockey, a lot of hockey. when u watch the gooffers the level of chippy crap cheap cheap shots , diving, is epic...it's not just against the Sioux it's everybody. Watch some hockey east teams and most ofthe teams in hockey you just dont see it. There is a huge difference in playing physical though the whistles and the arrogant crap you watch from the UMtc, and the Homeristic howling of their presentation exasperates it ten fold. So when I hear seethingly jealous comments about Sioux being (fill in the blank....older, Canadian, drunk, too tough, hicks, ) or cracks about the handshake, or whining about losing a recruit......it makes, as others said literally sick. I don't understand it. I guess I wouldn't wish Ill will to a JT Miller, Seth Jones, or someone who chose the U over the Sioux. But to slander , defame and ridicule a kid.....fifteen....twenty it doesn't matter...it's disgusting......and it's ugly. Sometimes I like to slip up behind a goofer fan and softly whisper in its ear........parise......just to watch it squirm seeth and foam at the mouth.
  16. If they all show up this is quite the reload. Love it and tip my hat to the staff on these commits... Awesome!!!
  17. Criteria.... Records Conference records Tourney appearenes National titles Pros produced All go into the conversation, Then set a frame of time. If we are talking 70s then no UND isn't in the top our But the PAST TEN years is the time frame. 1: BC It just is what it is. 2: UND 3: Michigan Minnesota doesnt make the cut... Now if we throw in to the criteria, Throwing limp wristed punches from behind officials, diving , and blond hair dye well then they can be considerd. Toss in whining and they go #1, or counting hundreds of wins over amateur town teams in in the 1800s
  18. Was thinking about this today before i saw this post. I go 1: BC 2: UND 3: MICHIGAN 4: DU
  19. What happened....i infer rodwell needed 25 stitches from being cut by jimmers skate.....
  20. Ill also ad a..... Nuts and bolts I got screwed.
  21. Server wont respond cant llog in tonight wasnt bad last night.............good bye $12
  22. Santa hats on the ice tonight. Grimaldi with the hattie.
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