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  1. That being said in the WCHA that's called everytime.....
  2. Biddish burdish. bjugish?.....it doesn't matter it's tough to see numbers when they're diving like phelps after a starting pistol...hip to hip checking is not a penalty unless it's oscared up. But you stay classy minnestota.
  3. Classy and Gopher are not possible to be put together ....ever.
  4. Not throwing anybody under any bus but when a team plays the way this team played tonight and last Saturday a message MUST be sent. To target a guy and go after him like that just cause you get taken out of a play is immature and was EXTREMELY costly, not what a leader does,..what is the consequence for that....it's just ok cause you are awesome... NO. Consequences need to reverberate through the lineup, maybe sitting a game in the stands would light a fire under it all...god knows they are going to need it. Minnesota next weekend is built on slashy chippy crap that tries to sew people into a penalty....can't have STUPID penalties against mediocre teams....they are destructive against quality teams and next weekend they will go into a QUALITY teams barn.
  5. I'm pretty pissedup and workedover after this one. l just can't understand how the intensity is not there for a Friday might WCHA matchup in your own barn? Something is missing.
  6. Sometimes I think refs today just feel the need to call something after a monster hit...clean or not..it's happened before a bunch of times this year. I liken it to Father Pat's foul call after the discovery of Coffe Black's alli-oop.... And yes I just went there,. ...ignorance of understanding leads to errant action
  7. I'd like to go back and look but I believe the arm went up momentarily prior to the secondary contact.
  8. Rocco seemed like a fireplug at times tonight but out of sync I think he tried three wraparounds...going nowhere, bad past cost the GW goal. What is it going to take for this amazing talent to start dropping goals and syncing again....he's got to be frustrated
  9. Pukstad scores now to tie it... Funny how the CFB had NO effect whatsoever on him? .....huh. I hear he's also doing the 10meter at the swim meet this week, also on BTN.
  10. Alaska up 1 with 5 to go gets a 5 min major CFB on pukstad......dive hit was hip to hip.
  11. Poor zebras aside the play was just unacceptable, a continuation of th sat Holy Cross game....
  12. . CC player was playing the puck contact was both legal and proper. Ref was again the problem Stupid Kristo penalty was very costly and honestly I'd sit him tomorrow night, he circled and went almost entire length of ice to make a run at the CC guy..unacceptable.
  13. Rocco owes them a goal Kristo still owes a goal Needem quick boys.
  14. Picture is good tonight and Scott seems to have loosened up a bit..good things.
  15. "Mark Millan meet sportscenter!"........ Good lord the fargofailure even had time to think about what to say and still bombed it on the replay call.
  16. Kristo owes his team a goal right now and I have a feeling he will deliver it.
  17. Why the hell was hammer f-in up knights pregame routine.... never mess with the Pregame.
  18. This reff crew is ridiculous in their decision making ability.
  19. That Kristo penalty was officially listed as 2:00 for Stupid. Immature and he needs to be called on it.
  20. Grimaldi feeds off emotion....nice rush
  21. 3:42 mark we get yet another Fargo reference..., the FargoFailure is going for the First period hat trick
  22. Wow just what CC needed.....Saunders can't be to pleased about that one.
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