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  1. Disagree. I think we will dig down and find a sweep at home on senior weekend. WMU/Miami played two one goal games in January and those were at WMU. Crazier things have happened. While probably unlikely, I would say "virtually non-existent" is a big exaggeration.
  2. And that would be a bad rationalization as the most recent GFC/EGF game was by far more lopsided in both score and game play than the first meeting. So it actually appears the gap has gotten wider as the season has gone on.
  3. One of the crazier Central stats: EGF & Orono are both the #1 seeds in their respective section tournaments this weekend. Central beat those two teams by a combined score of 23-3 this season.
  4. Not much you can do but keep scoring when a team is this bad. The kids still want tournament goals. I don't think they're intentionally playing in a way to run up the score, but when you have a shot you still have to take it. Mandan is literally just standing around watching at this point. Thank god the clock is running.
  5. I would just kind of use all of the games from the last three seasons as proof that Central plays well outside of GF.
  6. Mandan needs to get their 2nd shot on net before the miracle can begin in earnest.
  7. No school today or tomorrow. Not technically for the hockey tournament, but unofficially it is.
  8. Guys, there isn't going to be a miracle this afternoon. Mandan beating Central wouldn't be a miracle, it would be some alternate reality. Central will likely score more goals than Mandan's shot total. A miracle could happen later in the tournament, but trust me it's not happening today. As for Central's zero goals allowed tournament in '04.......the stuff this year's team has done is light years beyond that. Beating the defending MN champs 10-0, outscoring a good EGF team 13-3 on the season, obviously the undefeated season, but none of the game's even being remotely close (the RR OT game wasn't close), the depth of the team, etc. They could easily have a shutout tournament, probably won't, depends on goaltending, but I'll wager they will allow less shots on goal over the course of the tournament than the '04 team did anyway.
  9. Central will score a minimum of 25 goals in this tournament. Nobody is going to outplay them in a game. Any result other than them winning the title would require some miraculous combination of unbelievable goaltending against them and terrible goaltending for. Similar to what happened in the second game against RR that went to OT. I was at that game and despite the score it couldn't have been more lopsided. RR didn't even get to double digits in shots until late in the 3rd period. RR scored on a dump in. Was just an oddball game that isn't going to happen again.
  10. <Hopefully this post will be allowed to remain in this forum> I'm sure most of us know or are at least aware of who Al is, but he's pretty much the undisputed #1 Sioux hockey fan of all-time. He's been organizing Sioux hockey bus trips for the last 46 years. He and his daughter Joanna are running one for this weekend's series in Omaha and Joanna has stated it's possible it could be the last one ever due to Al's declining health. They are still looking for more people to sign up. Joanna stated this morning that the bus will go no matter what, but as the numbers shake out right now the Pearsons will have to come out of pocket for the breakeven shortage at significant expense to themselves. If anyone is on the fence about going to Omaha this weekend or is going but was planning on driving, get in touch with Joanna ASAP and get signed up for the bus instead and help them out.. Link to the info on her FB page is below. Feel free to share the info with anyone who might be interested. https://www.facebook.com/events/1992162090859976/ Thanks.
  11. 1.) They need to start dropping the price of general admission tickets and/or running ticket promotions every damn week if need be. If they have to sell those upper level tickets for $10 then do it, youth ticket free with purchase of an adult ticket, whatever. It's better than having entire sections empty up there. If they're going to capitalize financially when we have great teams then bad teams should have financial consequences too. It's easy to put butts in the seats when we have exciting teams...Parises, Toews, Oshies, Boesers.....people will pay a premium for the tickets to see those teams. It's embarrassing what it costs per person for a night at the arena with the teams we've had the last couple years. Everything included $100+ per person to see them get swept by Western Michigan. Where do I sign up? 2.) If season ticket holders aren't going to use their tickets for a particular game be a fan and get them to someone who will. You don't have the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, stop trying to get $75-$100 each for them. 3.) Get off your damn phones and watch the game. How about some 20 sec. public service announcements on the video board about putting the phone down instead of encouraging people to be on the UND app or whatever. Voting for the player of the game on your phone adds zero to the overall experience and just encourages distraction. There's nothing like a critical moment in the game and the announcement to get on your phones and vote for the POG to really get the fans mentally checked out of the game and focused on getting the stupid app to load. 4.) As far as the team, it's nut check time. Well actually nut check time was last Saturday, but they reached down and didn't find any. Time to check again. It might be time to send a message to some big names with a night off on Saturday if the effort and result isn't there on Friday. We've got nothing to lose at this point. Maybe some of the guys that aren't getting ice time will be hungrier. Sometimes there's nothing like a little reality check for guys who think they're locked into the lineup every night to stir the pot a little. It'll be interesting to see what the crowd looks like tomorrow night especially when a more exciting team will be playing a couple miles away at Purpur Arena that night.....
  12. Has Jason said when the last time was we had 15 or fewer shots in a winning effort? Has to have been decades.
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