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  1. Wow I bet saunders is daily thanking the hockey gods he found the magic ticket out of Huntsville.
  2. Uffda Alabama is making Wisc look ok .... The throngs of sconis' must be off getting ready for a ttree day pacqker bender up der in green bay cause those seats at the kohl center are empty.
  3. My entry is two parts not only will one happen but both scenarios will occur. Kristo - knight, Simpson Drake - Rocco
  4. See just the thought of a good bender...and he scores. Grimaldi 1-1
  5. I have a feeling Rocco officially has a case of the yips, shanks, whatever. He needs a three day bender to clear the mind.
  6. Took the kids to the Bismarck Bobcats-Minot Minotaouros game last night . Tried to take notice of Morreli. He didn't see a ton of ice and truly wasn't noticeable. We shall see, he's got lots of hockey left before he sees a D1 sweater.
  7. The guy in the ticket office told me these tickets were so close to the ice you could smell gopher tears.
  8. Disagree play was solid passing efficient, d was good ...just couldn't bury the biscuit... I don't recall to much sloppiness.
  9. 87---? That was just in yhe OT.......or fourth period as he calls it.
  10. Denver didn't deserve a point,.... olkinuora deserved a point But the Sioux need to bury chances.... By far the best showing of the season. Solid
  11. OkiNOra But shots on center mass really sneak through
  12. Grimaldi is the "almost" most exciting player in organized hockey right now. If he could close the deals...the NHL would sign a deal just to get him in the league sooner.
  13. There's another enthusiastic mention of the Fargo Force from hammer.....god he has to go
  14. This feels wierd like one of those games dominated all game and then a bouncy fluke goal or a flubbed clear gets batted in to lose... Oops slipped into debbie downer mode there
  15. If okinora was having a bad night it would be 14-2 right now,,,,,,wow Sioux just dominating play.
  16. Actually he got pretty lucky shot was right into the glove.
  17. That's a save that'll be remembered for eons.
  18. Dan Hammer has NO IDEA what a onetimer is or means. It's like he's guessing.
  19. So I was never able to afford to go in the past but I'm heading there this year. Come heck or high water I've got a couple questions for those that have gone. I put down the reservation through ticketmaster for $75 a seat a while ago and today they called me to select my seats. Never been to the x. The gave me two options Upper deck ends of exel for $80 total ($5 more per seat) Lower level corners or the club level for $165 total ($90 more per seat) 1) anybody know what section you are in yet? Where is the best area for other SIOUX fans. 2) Is it worth it for the lower level? Darn that's spendy but I can't wait. I will always regret not going to last years. I was planning on going to the series @marriuci cupcake palace but this might eat all of my road trip budget for the year.
  20. Repeat these truths 10 times and you will feel better. Ice is cold Beer is good Teams have ups Teams have downs Tight pants and high boots are in fashion but only appropriate for 30% ofbhose that wear them. It will snow The Sioux will win and contend Gophers whine 7>5
  21. My dream was the swifts now my dream is dead.
  22. It's a shame this series isn't broadcast nationally.. Good lord NHL network should pick it up, god knows we are all sick of replayed rangers games by now.
  23. The games are choppy and fragmented... Not worth paying for
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