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  1. My dream was the swifts now my dream is dead.
  2. It's a shame this series isn't broadcast nationally.. Good lord NHL network should pick it up, god knows we are all sick of replayed rangers games by now.
  3. The games are choppy and fragmented... Not worth paying for
  4. Excellent point on the forwards defensive positioning. Im confident hak and crew will correct but unless the players work harder....much harder...its going to be muchnof the same results.
  5. 6) my god my spelling is terrible on the phone keyboard.....sorry
  6. What i saw at the game tonight was a lazy team and especially on defense....very lazy and just generallu unawatebof their surroundings.... A more talanted team would have throttled UND tonight. Other thoughts 1) pattyn .....again on multiple occassions goes for a hit instead of playing the puck, reultabin an easy transistion and they worked it down to a good scoring chance. 2) defence along the boards when UMD would go fornloose pucksbnear rhe line the dman could not step up and challenge as much as hey needed to because they didnt get any help falling back..seeemed very common and systematic....i think ir would have helped to keep more of those in and put more pressure on tired dogs in their end. 3) maybe toom much fancy dancy pass attempts going to the net.....thwy are unbelievable when thwy work i.e. drake to kristo tonight......but thwy arent getting their shots off. 4) the officiating........ Its not just the non calls then the ticky tack calls the five second delayed offside call but a general laxk of control and or composure over thw game... the unbelievable hit to grimaldis head and the two hnd lumberjack chop across kristos back....the dive on macwilliam interference call, its difficult to believe thwy are that incompetent and easier to beliece they call thw game for effect. 5) Still way way to early to panic but is like to be seeing some improvement on d instead of sliding backward.
  7. BC @ BU is on now in HD on FSN+ Fun game to watch but man if a guy sneezes on an opponent it's 2 minutes very tricky tack classic east coast hockey.
  8. the only this worse than my play by play.... is WCHA officiating.... ...signed Dan Hammer
  9. Although I agree and like the additional support and attention to the matter It been done, Facebook.com/bringbacksweeney
  10. Jacks play by play is decent, his talk shows..........wow they are bad. One of the reasons I hate hammer so bad is he left fargo radio and stuck everyone with Jack, kinda going from sinkhole to supersuckubus, and both interrupt Dan cole. I mean I used to think he was just hamming it up and trying to create excitement when he talks on his show about the cheeseburger the waitress brings over at wherever live remote they are at but hen I realized that . .that IS probably the most exciting thing in his day ... ..and he IS that excited about it .... And then I just get a little sad for him.
  11. And being he is a bit shorter, no bothersome shoulder to shoulder checks misjudged as contact to the head!
  12. Though series every year...fun place to go for a game always a good pile of SIOUX fans. Wish i was heading down.
  13. In the realm of meaningless....as meaningless as polls this time of year. The first PWR is out ... I beleve we sit 12.
  14. Fixed you post. Sorry I'm a realist viking fan
  15. I don't see any reason to panic. Of the games so far I see a very typical Sioux team that is able to make mistakes and will learn and correct them. That is a sign of an excellent coaching system developing players throughout the process. The BU team is a good team a tourney team and the Sioux beat them for five periods + this weekend, a split with a team like that this early is acceptable,...woulda been nice for PWR but it'll be fine. SCSU will be a good series next weekend too, should be fun, I wish I could make it down. Fun place to watch a hockey game.
  16. Pat Sweeney was dumped out in the trash along with 20+ years of experience, tradition and ingrained hockey knowledge, and replaced with a high school volleyball announcer who couldn't tell a one timer from a free throw. All this was done in a veiled attempt at bettering the production of games and exposure, an attempt that so far has only frustrated fans and caused many to take their tvs in for servicing or scheduling eye exams to see if their vision has gone blurry because the administration has repeatedly said there is no problem. If it had not been for the crews at WDAZ and Pat Sweeney all these years the fan base wouldn't be as large as it is to even try to get more money out of the broadcasts. This is the thanks they got, better dealed at the first opportunity. Sweeney and crew can now be found in a dumpster behind the ralph with the logo and the "home of the fighting Sioux" letters.
  17. Hambrained hammer must have a list in front of him for every night. 1) mention the Fargo force 2) mention the Vikings 3) if ever confused just toss it to koooouber
  18. Knight might have the curse of the 99 right now
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