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Found 11 results

  1. Hey y’all I asked this last year but is anyone else on here a STH for the frozen Faceoff? I’m trying to decide if I want to stay in the section I was in the last two years or not. It’s a very nice section but I want to sit closer to UND fans. I’m thinking maybe the lower level upper corners could be good. Has anyone sat there at the X before? Thanks in advance!!
  2. It's time...and we always love newbies! Follow the link below to keep up on all the trips planned for men's hockey It's under my profile: Joanna Pearson (Pearson's Hockey Bus) and has a picture of the back of my Dad and me in our Sioux jackets. PLEASE NOTE: Keeping up with Dad keeps me pretty busy...texting me is always the fastest way to reach me: 701-388-9825 (in case the pictures of our card wasn't big enough ) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013733619173&lst=1101095953%3A100013733619173%3A1510675180&sk=events&hc_location=ufi St. Cloud - December 8-10, Bemidji - January 12 (there/back), Duluth - January 19-21 (starting on our 2nd bus), Omaha - February 16-18 Dad's 80 with progressing Parkinson's - if he can make it, so can you! *wink* If you have been putting off a trip with him, this would be the year to jump on!
  3. Going back over a half of a century from the first time University of North Dakota blades hit ice surfaces all across America it grown from the beginning to become this unique and special program we all know as Fighting Sioux hockey. As I have said before, a nickname which has reached the full potential of a nickname like none other. The official name for the school can be whatever it is, no matter, it has no impact on the reality of who we are, who this team is, or what the program is. Ask any player who has played for the program, current or past, ask any fan or any foe, hear it loud and here it clear, it's fighting Sioux Hockey and those that understand it are so very proud of what we all have and share. So Sioux Forever on ya! ...Let's have this thread as a place fans can post great statments or quotes from players, past or present, coaches and public figures who speak to this fact. I hear it all of the time and I have for many many years, long before the Sioux name was in the NCAA cross hairs. Being a Sioux Hockey fan or player has been a pretty special thing for scores and the Sioux name is central in that tradition. The Sioux name speaks to that tradition. It's very clear that the preponderance of those invested plan to keep the Sioux name as a predominant identification of said tradition. So when you hear it, post it. ...Let's not have this thread be another move on debate thread. All of the move on plants and cronnies can move on now,. The schools official name has changed and the settlement agreement with the NCAA has been met. Done! Whoo hoo!! (Applause) If you want to promote the new nickname do it somewhere else. This is about honoring our tradition and respecting our name. The name we choose to call ourselves and, its pretty apparent, want to continue to refer to ourselves as and as long as it is a free country we get to proudly declair ourselves as. Go Sioux!!
  4. I have one lower bowl ticket package (all four games) at Target Center which is ten rows(j) from ice in section 136 for sale $125. OBO Call (701) 739-4289 text (701) 203-1306
  5. I have 4 tickets for all games. Section 136 Row J Seats 11-14 These will be sold at cost, $148 per seat or 592 for the package Contact Randy 952-649-0085 mobile
  6. We are looking for 3 tickets in the lower bowl for the NCHC Frozen Faceoff. Please let me know if you have tickets that you would like to get rid of. Call or text (Seven 0 one - five 9 five - zero 2 one zero). Thanks, Dave
  7. 4 NCHC Championship ticket packages- Lower level seats - below cost. Plans changed and we can't attend. $500. 701-351-2856
  8. I am wondering where everyone is booking hotel rooms and what section of the target center will be full of Sioux fans. Time to plan the trip. I will miss Saint Paul. But anywhere full of Sioux fans will be a great time.
  9. I am so pleasantly impressed with the shoot-out after one OT period for the NCHC this season...Too bad this was not part of the college game a long time ago! I am wondering what the shoot out line up is going to look like if we ever have to go past the first iteration of 3 shooters?
  10. Where is this so called "huge" announcement that the NCHC was going to make at the Dogs/WMU game Friday night?
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