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  1. Right? UND was so loaded at defense this year that Tychonick needed to transfer, there was no room for Luke Reid, and Rieger would need to play forward to see ice time. Now, Riegers slotted to play the next 9 straight games. JBD and Kierstad 30 minutes each game rest of pod. Get Frisch's minutes up there, too. Go Sioux.
  2. Right, Grieco only played his Freshman year, but he left right after the start of his sophomore season, 2007-2008. https://www.nhl.com/news/north-dakota-backup-goaltender-anthony-grieco-returning-to-ohl/c-373597
  3. Agree as well. I think UND started 2007-2008 with Anthony Grieco, who came in as a highly recruited 17-year old, but he left and went to the OHL shortly after the start of the year.
  4. I sent 6 regretfully, brutal, disparaging e-mails/tickets in a row to Sidearm. It finally started working on my firestick after the sixth e-mail. Don't know if they're related, but this company is still a joke.
  5. Just sent my first disparaging e-mail to Sidearm . . . Wtf. Year after year NCHC.TV continues to be a joke.
  6. Sanderson misses the first full Omaha series, too. So that's 9 games minimum. If Sanderson's a one-and-done, do we even see him in a UND jersey more than 20-25 times?
  7. For a fan base that routinely ignores and changes the actual lyrics (Home of the Sioux, amirite?), I'm surprised to see anyone's feathers ruffled by players choosing to take a knee during that same song.
  8. https://www.nchchockey.com/composite-schedule Sorry if already posted, but looks like game times have been announced. Go Sioux!
  9. I was charged once (so far) for the season pass at $95.
  10. https://www.uscho.com/2001/04/02/top-und-recruit-pleads-guilty-to-felony/ In light of recent events, would this future mayor even make it to campus in 2020?
  11. I know. I don't disagree. Just unfortunate that UND let Tychonick get squeezed out while allowing Reid (another NHL pick) out of his commitment for things to end up like this. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.
  12. Good grief . . . Is there still a spot for Tychonick or Reid?
  13. If the University of North Dakota can do anything right with this situation, my two cents is that it shouldn't abandoned an 18-year old who may need guidance; but rather, it should educate and guide that 18-year old into becoming the responsible, humane adult he needs to become.
  14. https://www.toledoblade.com/Our-Town-Home-Sylvania/Our-Town-Schools/2016/03/12/Bullying-of-teen-worse-than-thought-mother-says.html I haven't heard anything in October 2020 that hadn't already been reported in the Toledo Blade in Spring 2016. This is just one of a few articles, which discusses the length of the over three minute assault. (In fairness to MM, there's an article where he presents his side of the story with some potentially mitigating factors). Berry knew everything. If he didn't, he was derelict in his duties to find that out.
  15. Makes me wonder how Tychonick (Junior), or even Luke Reid, would have compared to Miller (Freshman) this season. Also wonder how long this will follow UND hockey around this season.
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