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  1. Eight stars on the side of the helmet. Add a ninth after this season.
  2. It'll be interesting to see Ryder Donovan's stat line next year whether or not Berry makes room for additional incoming players.
  3. More akin to funeral attire than business suits these days.
  4. Any chance you can get your boys to adopt this as their mantra for the weekend? We'd appreciate it.
  5. So Stanford's had the most athletic success of anyone despite notorious infighting among alumni, fans, and administration about their school's Indian nickname and logo . . . Hmmm
  6. Yup. And suggesting that internet message board banter is the reason UND does not have successful athletic programs is the most illogical thing I’ve heard this week.
  7. He meant that merchandise sales help fund all athletic programs, not that merchandise sales “alone” are enough to fund all athletic programs.
  8. Right? Now the victims are complaining about REA’s management! Ahahaha.
  9. Actually, I read on here earlier that the football team paid for the hockey locker room renovations and all of the scoreboard. So you need to go educate yourself, my friend.
  10. And UND either failed to renegotiate a favorable contract for itself; or more likely Realized the benefits provided by REA far outweigh the athletic department keeping 52% of ticket revenue for six football games in 2018.
  11. Yes, the news that UND was unable to renegotiate what it claimed to be a favorable contract for itself.
  12. I think I'm following you, but its still not REA's fault that UND perpetually fails to renegotiate a favorable contract.
  13. The bigger crime Bucci should investigate is how the women's team managed to win not a single playoff game in its entire history.
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