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    Picked up a few on the Engelstad auction with aim to frame a jersey with every logo/every decade-ish. Got a lot of vintage memorabilia to go with it. But really want a white nike dazzle that I can have EPS fashion into a Toews. Let me know if you have an extra for sale---my wife says I over pay, and might also have a gemini geo or two if a trade could help get the deal done!!!!!!!!! Also happy to take any old, vintage memorabilia (pins, patches, etc) off your hands. Go Sioux.
  2. With the 2020 NCHC title, Engelstad will be hanging 27 championship banners next year. Let's not start hanging participation banners now.
  3. Right on. I think 82-83 through 85-86 seasons were especially a hodge podge of uniforms.
  4. Frozen4sioux's moniker is a good example. I think that is what the Sioux were using in 80, 82. I like the Boston Bruins banners. The logos/B's on those banners show slight variations over time and history, but those variations are consistent with the actual logo the Bruins were wearing.
  5. May not be the exact, current blackhawk logo, but those logos are absolutely 100% not the logos on UNDs jerseys in the 70's/80's. The easiest way we know this is that the logos for the 80 and 82 seasons were different than in 87, but every blackhawk-style banner in Engelstad has the same logo.
  6. I like them too. And hate to be a stickler, but really wish they had the actual logos UND was using. Every time I see 1980, 1982, and 1987 now, I think modern day Chicago Blackhawks. It might be a trivial distinction to most, but UND's never had that logo on their jersey.
  7. I want to say, "Exactly" for this one, too. Not taking anything away from Ryan Miller's incredible season, but it pains me that Jeff Panzer's jersey is not hanging in the lobby of the Ralph. What other player with 81 points in the 2000s didn't win a Hobey? Panzer had more assists that year than the third hat trick member (Brian Gionta) had points.
  8. Exactly. Is there any precedent for a CPOY (Perunovich) losing the Hobey to the runner-up CPOY (Kawaguchi)?
  9. Probably. Way, way too many Duluth Hobeys though. Will this be 6?
  10. Sell and put advertisements on their free online articles. Also disappointed to see Tychonick go.
  11. Right. Hate to see the #48 pick in the draft leave for another college after two years. But maybe with those who are staying and those coming in, playing time could be tight next year. I’m hoping this is a sign Kierstad and JBD are back.
  12. Come on, man. Your trolling us, right?
  13. January 13, 1996. North Dakota 7, Alaska Anchorage 6. OT. I wish I had a box score. Was sitting right behind Anchorage's goalie, and I think we're down 6-3 with about 5 minutes left in the third. Sioux score 3 straight to tie it. Ian Kallay wins it in overtime. Sioux Gophers 1998 was incredible. One of my favorite memories as well. Thanks so much for that third period video! Holy Cross Minnesota was outrageous too. Intense energy for a non-North Dakota game!
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