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  1. A friend of mine who will be voting Trump this Fall made similar remarks about Harris, and he literally said he could not support someone with that "lifestyle". After I reminded him that Melania was wife number #3, the silent look of embarrassment on his face that followed was priceless. Harris is indeed "yet another hypocritical politician" with so many flaws to point out. I don't understand why then folks even bother bringing up that aspect of her life.
  2. I don't care for Kamala Harris at all, and her appointments to insurance appeal and medical assistance boards in the 1990s by her sugar daddy politician don't help that opinion. But DAMN---now I gotta give her credit! Did not realize that's what she had to do to get 140,000 people to elect her District Attorney in 2003; 4,500,000 people to elect her Attorney General in 2010; and 7,500,000 people to elect her Senator in 2016!
  3. I was in Duluth the night before. Watching Wilco and Jacket covering Neil Young---that would have been quite the trifecta!
  4. Wilco is far too underrated and incredible live. Via Chicago blows my mind every time. I've been to the My Morning Jacket festival in Mexico. Helluva time; probably no other band I've seen live as many times.
  5. Exactly. "Recollect your thoughts, and don't get caught up in the mix, 'cause . . .
  6. Any artists out there who want to be an artist and wanna stay a star, and who don't wanna worry about the executive producer trying to be all in the videos, all on the records, dancing, then come to Death Row!
  7. 2pac's more prolific, especially if you include all the posthumous releases---so probably gotta lean that way. But Biggie's two albums easily stand up against any two 2pac albums, in my opinion.
  8. Holler if Ya Hear Me, Hail Mary, All Eyez on Me Disc 1, Troublesome '96, so many more . . . .
  9. Sentencing someone to death for last week's pot use. Sorry, dude. Your new proposal just lost all constitutional muster by the time your fingers left the keyboard.
  10. Right. But I asked about the person who used marijuana last week, not someone using pot behind the wheel.
  11. instead of a war on poverty, they got a war on drugs, so the police can bother me.
  12. What blood test do you use to confirm that the driver was actually under the influence of marijuana before you put him/her to death? If the driver's positive blood test was from last week's marijuana use, putting him/her to death might be a bit Draconian no matter how tragic the car wreck was.
  13. Yikes. But we won’t know for another 39 years whether it was his black half or his white half that was nominated.
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