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    The Herald

    If you're referring to the "third period", the NCAA rulebook for college football also refers to the first, second, third, and fourth periods.
  2. Thanks. I'm probably not recalling correctly, but I thought there was reporting about two years ago during the department cuts that showed both programs ran a loss. Hockey very slightly, but football very far in the red like you said.
  3. Is UND hockey really a "cash cow"? I thought the hockey budget breaks about even.
  4. How would I describe the results since then? Still hitting home runs: 17 consecutive winning seasons, 8 frozen four appearances, 5 league titles, and, as you know, their 8th national title just three years ago.
  5. You're confusing Penn State/ASU with UND. "Given every advantage their is". What on Earth are you . . . ? The history behind UND's hockey program is about as grassroots as it gets. UND hockey started at home plate and hit a frickin home run. 7 national titles before their $100+ million gift.
  6. Benny Baker


    Dare I suggest it, but what about replacing the front numbers with the logo, albeit an obviously smaller one with the North Dakota script still surrounding it. Too soon? Bad idea overall?
  7. No worries. Good on the coaches/staff to be mindful of the big picture, “off the ice” things when making recruiting pitches.
  8. The lack of blue chip recruits or first round, elite talent on the roster so shortly after a natty must’ve had the fan base bewildered.
  9. Good to hear. Can you elaborate on how, why, or what UND did that was better in its recruiting pitch? Just an honest question I’d be interested to know more about . . . Thanks.
  10. Yes. Exactly!!!!!!!! It was on their jersey. Just like the Blackhawk, geometric, and ND shoulder patch on the 2016 banner; or, just like all of the other national championship banners. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  11. The Blackhawk logo was neither the official logo nor on the ice any of those years, but it was on their jersey, like Sammy.
  12. Sammy Sioux was on their jersey when they won their first national championship, there is no better point in using it than that.
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