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    Dare I suggest it, but what about replacing the front numbers with the logo, albeit an obviously smaller one with the North Dakota script still surrounding it. Too soon? Bad idea overall?
  2. No worries. Good on the coaches/staff to be mindful of the big picture, “off the ice” things when making recruiting pitches.
  3. The lack of blue chip recruits or first round, elite talent on the roster so shortly after a natty must’ve had the fan base bewildered.
  4. Good to hear. Can you elaborate on how, why, or what UND did that was better in its recruiting pitch? Just an honest question I’d be interested to know more about . . . Thanks.
  5. Yes. Exactly!!!!!!!! It was on their jersey. Just like the Blackhawk, geometric, and ND shoulder patch on the 2016 banner; or, just like all of the other national championship banners. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  6. The Blackhawk logo was neither the official logo nor on the ice any of those years, but it was on their jersey, like Sammy.
  7. Sammy Sioux was on their jersey when they won their first national championship, there is no better point in using it than that.
  8. North Dakota hockey fan problems* Not many fan bases out there have the luxury of complaining about where to hang all 8 national title banners.
  9. 1. Love the concept. 2. They should have consulted with Big A HG and put up Sammy and the Blackhawk specific style logos. 3. Liked the location better over the ice.* 4. Assume conference banners will have same concept? *as I think about it more, they banners are now positioned right next to the bar video screens, which will pull in a lot of eyes, so maybe not a bad spot.
  10. R.I.P. Greg Johnson. One of the greatest to ever wear a Fighting Sioux jersey, and an even greater person. Our thoughts and sympathies are with your family.
  11. Were stratton’s numbers that poor? Just under a point a game. Or is it more his age?
  12. This^^^ A big cause of the nickname controversy are those who get unreasonably triggered by the sight of a Sioux logo and can't let it go. "OMG, there's a Sioux logo hidden away, underneath our new $6,000,000.00 scoreboard!!!" Why is this even an issue? These people would probably also turn down a free $6M mansion merely because the seller wanted a bathroom closet to remain painted green.
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