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  1. Correct. Rowe committed to UND in October 2018, when Scheel was a freshman at UND. You may also be right about Scheel replacing Karki.
  2. Scheel left early; his original replacement, Cameron Rowe, is now at Wisconsin; our current recruits are still developing; and Driscoll is a superior option.
  3. Agree that Sandy had some growing pains in the 2000s . . . . But, he also had Duluth in the Frozen Four in April 2004 just a month before Blais left for Columbus that May.
  4. If NCHC replaces WMU and Miami with Mankato and Bemidji, can we all agree the "National" was a huge mistake? It's literally the old WCHA minus Minnesota, Wisconsin, Anchorage, and Michigan Tech. At this rate, might as well ask MTU to come back, bring the McNaughton, and we can right this wrong by renaming the league the WCHA.
  5. For those who follow the rig count: https://www.dmr.nd.gov/oilgas/riglist.asp
  6. A 23/24-year-old Canadian skating for the gophers next year. Thought that was against their rules! #prideonice
  7. And ... 1958-59 1962-63 1979-80 1981-82 1986-87 1996-97 1999-00 2015-16. What other program has had a NCAA championship winning-team play play games in seven consecutive decades: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s? Don't think you'll find anyone else with more than 4. Pretty impressive continuity for UND.
  8. Sour grapes from Bob Motzko. What he's "really not happy" about is his choice to leave his alma mater and better program that's playing in the Frozen Four next week.
  9. 3 NCAA championships last decade and going for #4 in the last 11 years. The real University of Minnesota hockey team plays in Duluth. From now on, the team 2 hours south needs to adopt the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Golden Gophers moniker.
  10. Truly incredible effort by both teams last night. After going toe-to-toe for 2.5 games, anyone could have won it. Heartbreaking watching UND lose twice last night. Terrible feeling knowing that a 48-11-5 record the last two seasons produced one NCAA playoff win against college hockey titans, the American International Bumblebees. Sandy 12-1 in last 13 NCAA playoff games. One Massachusetts team between him and Duluth's shot at a fourth straight title game. Had really anticipated the Fargo, North Dakota Regionals in 2015 (UND), 2017 (Duluth), 2019 (Denver), and 2021 (Duluth) to be a bigger boon for UND's frozen four chances. Every player has eligibility next year, right? Unfinished business??
  11. Third period is ours. Through These Doors Walk Champions.
  12. Right. Unlike Michigan 2011, its a lot more even tonight, but still not sure we're been playing the better game.
  13. Right. We were clearly the better team. Shots were, what? 40-20 Sioux. Not sure we're the better team tonight.
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