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  1. Thank you, Blackheart! That 98 game is also a favorite of mine!
  2. You missed the part where I literally said "wtf" to disrupting the nuclear family. I agree with you both; you don't need to disrupt the nuclear family whatsoever. In any event, I was merely pointing out that quoting half the sentence suggests that BLM is indifferent, perhaps hostile, to the concept of families. Just putting it in full context.
  3. I don't agree with BLM's use of "disrupt" either (wtf?), but you forgot to include the second half of the sentence where BLM's advocates supporting each other as families and collectively caring for another. I'd like to think that most of my fellow Sioux fans have also lent a hand to an extended family member or friend.
  4. Since we're in the middle of a global medical crises, I found this link in Hayduke1's list to be most alarming. No bias or spin here--Trump's own words. Good grief.
  5. Very much hope so, considering we already had an option here (Tychonick) and another that we turned away (Luke Reid) seemingly in favor of Miller.
  6. "The media is full of dirty tricks." - 2pac
  7. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/mock-u-18-team-who-would-have-made-team-usas-hlinka-gretzky-squad Hobie Hedquist and Jackson Blake make the hypothetical cut.
  8. No. Regarding Confederate generals: not tossed into the garbage can of history, but not memorialized on the steps of courthouses and government property either. Remove them and put them in a museum with the rest of America's unsavory history. After all, these were the generals who helped lead the secession from the United States of America, breaking up our country with the aim of continuing slavery. For those supporting the statutes of these traitors, I can't wait to see you also support the statutes memorializing the leaders of CHAZ/CHOP when they attempt to seceded from and break up our country as well.
  9. Not minimizing the severity of suicide or suicide attempts at all. AT ALL. I agree the lockdown is not good for mental health. However, Dr. deBoisblanc's full quote was: "I mean we've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks." Unfortunately, the Washington Examiner shortened that (and actually misquoted him) as saying he's seen a "year's worth of suicides" in the last four weeks, which better fits the Examiner's misleading headline that there have been more suicide deaths than coronavirus deaths. Go to the actual source; don't accept the media's spin as truth. Take care out there and be kind to one another.
  10. Love how Leipsic's penchant for cocaine/MDMA use is the buried story here. Hope it was just him and not the other members of that group . . . . Also, funny how "locker room" talk gets you booted from the locker room in DC these days but it won't stop you from taking elected office in the White. . . .
  11. My same concern (among many in general right now). If the season is delayed and/or in a precarious spot later this summer, do we see JBD, Kierstad, Kawaguchi, etc. sign pro contracts or look elsewhere to play. To Tychonick's point, you gotta play to keep developing . . . .
  12. I want Duluth hobeys to stop too. Lessard's trophy may also have to do with having more goals and points than Parise. Also, Lessard didn't have another hobey finalist (Bochenski) on his team. I agree Parise's a better player though. Interesting stats about the NHL games. Good thing for Ryan Duncan, the hobey is based upon a season in college, not a career in the pros.
  13. Me too! I was most excited to see his ranking, and he actually dropped a spot! What da f. . . ?
  14. Not sure I like the US-18 game on Dec. 12. End the first half with an exhibition game and come back cold a month later straight into league play.
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